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Well, here I am writing the same thing I dismissed as total crap. At least it's angst. If it ain't angst, then you'll see me vomiting, specifically projectile vomiting, right on my computer monitor.

Stupid fan fics! They get into my head and won't leave me alone 'til I've written them! I'm beginning to think it's some kind of psychic intervention on my brain by someone in the spirit world because it's not my style to write this kind of crap!!!

Author's notes: This happens right after the first OVA, where Kurapika fainted at the end. (Geez! What a weakling!)

Legend: - own thought; {words} - some freakishly weird voice


"Kurapika! Get a hold of yourself! Kurapika!"

"What happened?! Oh no, Kurapika! What happened to him?"

"I don't know... he just fainted..."



"I can hear... his heartbeat... it's... it's..."

Darkness. Kurapika was suddenly engulfed in darkness...

"His heartbeat's fading..." Senritsu whispers. "It's fading..."

He opened his eyes. Nowhere. He was nowhere. "Oh, God, am I dead?" he asked himself. "If it's true, then where are all the flashbacks one is supposed to have when he dies? Is this my punishment? My punishment for..."

{Kuroro...} The name echoed in the darkness. {Kuroro...}

{Liar!} He heard many voices scream. {Liar! You said you will avenge us!!!}

"I did..." he whispered feebly. "I destroyed him, didn't I? I destroyed the Spider. I ended their reign and I will continue on my quest to regain the red eyes that-"

{Traitor! Traitor!} The voices wailed. {You let him live! You set him free! And the Spider... the Spider isn't dead!!!}

"The Spider will die... it will not last long. And he, he should suffer in life more. That's why I let him live, without his Nen. So that he will suffer a life without power, helpless. He shall feel the bitterness of my hate."

{Hate? Was it hate or was it compassion?}

"i hate him." {You love him... that's why you didn't have the heart to...}


{Liar! Traitor!} The voices shouted in unison. Then the darkness was broken, by images of the past... Images of a young boy throwing rocks at the river.

"This... was me... back then... before..."

{That's right, before we died. Before they killed us... Before you led them to us...}

"That's a lie!"

The voices don't answer, and he heard his own words echo into the fading darkness. "A lie... a lie... a lie..."

"I hate them," Kurapika said to himself as he angrily threw a rock on the river. "They expect too much from me! Study, exercise, tribal rituals... the same routine everyday! They say it will make me a better person, but I don't care! Perfect! Ch! I'll never be perfect!"

"It's tough, isn't it?" he heard a voice say. He turned around and saw a beautiful raven-haired man. Raven hair and deep blue eyes, almost black. Sign that he wasn't a member of his tribe. Kurapika instinctively placed his hand on his kan. "Who are you?" he asked, glowering at the newcomer.

The man calmly sat down beside him and smiled. "Such a judgmental person, aren't you? Are you going to strike me just because I'm not one of your tribesmen?" he said.

"Why should I trust you?" Kurapika asked, not taking his hand off his weapon.

"And why should I trust you?" the man asked back.

Disgusted, Kurapika stood up and started walking away. "It's tough isn't it?" he heard the man say. "When everybody wants you to be perfect. But what's the use anyway? Why study when the most ignorant men in the world are the happiest? Why exercise when you know your body is just going to be another pawn in our warped society? Why perform those tribal rituals when your just lying to yourself thinking that it would make life better? And what's worse that they're striving hard for your perfection. You don't want it, but you take it anyway, because it's your duty to them..."

Kurapika stopped in his tracks. Now here was a man that understood him, even though he's not one of them.

"Good," said the man. "Does that mean I can talk to you, now?"

Kurapika sat beside the man and asked back, "Why should you talk to me?"

"Hey! Answering a question with another one is my style!" the man said, pouting childishly. Kurapika laughed.

"That doesn't prove anything," Kurapika said. "Just that I've known him before the attack. So what?"

{So what?} asked the voices. {I wonder what happened next? Hmmm... you were always happy since you met him. I wonder why?}

He bit his lip and clenched his fists, mentally readying himself for the next taunts.

{Isn't it great to be in love? Such a warm and fuzzy feeling enveloping you all over! Were his kisses warm and gentle? Or were they hot and passionate? Either way, it was fun wasn't it? And it was sooo nice... so nice that you bared out all your heart and soul to him, causing our destruction!!!}

"SHUT UP!!!" he screamed, not being able to take the taunting any longer. "How can you say that when you don't even know me?!"

The voices laughed. {Don't know you? Oh... you're wrong, Kurapika. We do know you, much more than you know yourself. Much, much more...}

Looking outside from the window of the airship, Kuroro could see the bright lights of the buildings of York Shin standing out in the darkness of the nighttime sky. He saw another airship, a white one, going in the opposite direction. "Chain-user..." he whispered, clutching his chest. He felt the cold steel wrapped around his heart tighten. He bit his lip to ignore the pain.

Again he stared out of the window. But the lights were gone, so was the white airship. The only thing left was the darkness, in the innermost depression of his mind.

{Chain-user? Is that the only name you dare call him now?}

Kuroro looked around him, but saw no one. "Who are you?" he asked.

{I am the Spider.}

"The spider?" he thought. "Wait a minute. Aren't I the..." His thoughts were broken by the change of scenery, white replacing the darkness where he once was.

{Dancho... Dancho...} Shadows danced around Kuroro, whispering these words. And then they stopped... and began to take form...

Three figures, one short... two tall. One of the tall men stood forward and knelt down. {Dancho...} he said. {You know we're always ready to serve you. Just say a word.} The other two just stood in silence, their round eyes staring inanimately at him.

"Phinx... Coltopi... Bonorewolf..."

Then the shadows changed again, this time into a purple-haired girl and a short man wearing a scarf.

{Dancho, what are we going to steal now? Old books?} the girl asked. {You like old books.} {No, I think it's a game } the man said.


{The world's most expensive game, also the most dangerous. It will be auctioned off this year.}

{But it's just a game... Hey, Dancho what are we going to steal now? Books? The game?}

{It doesn't matter anyway. As long as we're in your command.}

"Machi... Feitan..."

The shadows danced again, forming a larger figure. A figure of a large man dressed in furs.

{What?! All the items in the underground auction?! The entire mafia will be on our trail if we rob them... Rage can be seen in the man's eyes as he clenched his fists. I'm so excited, Dancho! Give me the orders! NOW! I want to kill them all!} The man gave out a triumphant roar and vanished.


{Dancho?} A blonde teen-ager stood in front of him, holding a cell phone. {The preparations are ready for tonight's heist.}

A large scarred man stood behind him, with a raven-haired girl by his side. {Dancho,} the man said. {Don't worry, we'll get those items back for sure.} The girl smiled.

"Shalnark... Franklin... Shizuku..."

{Dancho!!! } A crying samurai stood before him. {He killed Ubo!!! The chain- used killed my friend!!!}


The shadows danced faster... faster... and then slower... slower, until it took up it's next form.


The woman walked towards him. {Dancho... I'm sorry if I disobeyed your orders. I know the Spider always comes first but...} She placed her hand on Kuroro's cheek. {It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you hate me after this. It doesn't matter if you don't love me back. What's important is that you're safe, Dancho.}

Kuroro closed his eyes to keep his tears from falling. {I love you, Kuroro... }he heard her whisper. He felt her lips brush against his. He placed his hand on top of hers and opened his eyes... but instead of Pakunoda... he saw...

"Kurapika!" he said in astonishment, not believing what he was seeing. The boy smiled sadly at him... and then... the once tender caress on the man's cheek became an iron grip, the once smiling lips became a devious smirk... the once gentle eyes blazed an angry red... The shadows dispersed... and disappeared...

"Are you sure it's alright?" asked Kuroro as Kurapika led him by the hand towards the Kuruta village. "The people are avoiding me like a plague."

"It's okay," said Kurapika with a smile. "Our tribe is just suspicious of outsiders. I'm sure they'll welcome you warmly once they get to know you."

A shadow crossed Kuroro's face. "Oh, is that so..." he whispered.

"What's wrong Kuroro?" asked Kurapika.

Kuroro stopped walking and raised an arm. "Attack," he whispered.

Kurapika was confused. "An attack?! What's that all about? Kuroro, tell me!" Men suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and started massacring his tribesmen in front of his very eyes. He saw his brethren's eyes turn red... he saw them being torn off from their sockets. "Kuroro, what is the meaning of this? KURORO!!!"

Kuroro smiled sadly as he gently kissed his young lover's lips. "I'm sorry, kid..." he whispered in his ear. "But this is the way things are supposed to be."

"This is the way things are supposed to be..."

These words lingered in Kurapika's mind as he remained in the state of paranoia.

His heart was beating fast as he raced through the dark hallways.

Darkness against darkness. I Kuroro... standing by the stairway, as if waiting for him, knowing that he'll come. He stopped, confused. He shook his head. But he just stood there, numb. For some weird reason, he can't seem to get the chain jail to shoot out from his hand.

"What are you waiting for, Kurapika?" Kuroro asked.

"Why?" he whispered back.

The same gentle tone, the same haunting words. "This is the way things are supposed to be."

"Yes," he nodded in agreement. The chains found out that they were free again, as they wrapped themselves around the loathed leader. "The way they are supposed to be..." They tightened themselves, giving Kuroro a full idea on Kurapika's feelings for him, an intense blend of hatred and love... the former stronger than the latter.

"Why?" The damned question... echoing in Kuroro's mind...

New moon. Alone in a hotel room. Alone with him, his blonde angel, his sweet avenger. Alone with his death. "Why?" he heard the boy whisper again. "Why?"

Silence. Complete silence. Well, unless you count the traffic jam outside, the blasting music from the nearby casino and the drunken people in the bar below. But it doesn't matter, right?

"Why?! Dammit!" screamed Kurapika in total frustration. "Tell me why you killed my tribesmen!"


A punch. But it didn't hurt, anymore. He's been punched so many times by Kurapika during the car trip that his cheeks were already oblivious to pain. Kuroro just stared numbly at Kurapika.

"Why?!" He flinched... expecting another punch. Instead he was surprised to the boy plop down the floor and break into sobs. "Why, Kuroro? Why?"

Kuroro felt his heart break. Funny, the thought didn't console him the way it used to.

"Kuroro?" Again, looking at that beautiful helpless face. "Please," Kurapika whispered gently now, as if speaking any louder would just make him burst into tears. "Please tell me..."

"Kurapika..." he said gently, relishing the way the name felt on his lips. How he longed to wipe away the boy's tears, to comfort him, to tell him that this was all just a nightmare, and nothing more. But he couldn't, he shouldn't. Doing so would just make matters worse. Instead, he just smirked. "You're still just my pawn, after all these years, still just my pawn..." he whispered mischievously.

"Liar!" Kurapika screeched. "LIAR!!!" Kuroro couldn't help but laugh. Kurapika had always hated liars. Who wouldn't after what he did to him? He shook his head. "But it's true Kurapika... it's the truth this time..."

"No... no..." Kurapika shook his head in disbelief. "I don't believe you!"

"It's true..."


"Just my pawn..."

"NOOOO!!!" Kurapika woke up from the nightmare, to find himself lain on a soft white bed. His clothes were changed, a glass of water was on the table beside him just incase he woke up and wanted a drink. And on the couch on the other side of the room sat Leorio.

"Kurapika?" Leorio sat down on the side of Kurapika's bed. "Are you alright?"

"Leorio..." Kurapika said, tears pouring down from his eyes. "Leorio..."

"Are you alright, Kurapika?" Leorio asked again, as he ran his hand gently through Kurapika's soft blonde hair.

"Leorio!" Kurapika cried as he flung himself on the older man's chest. "It was horrible!" he sobbed. "Horrible!"

Leorio wrapped his arms around Kurapika and whispered into his ear. "Yes, I know... I know..."

"I want to forget, Leorio!" Kurapika begged. "Please help me forget!" He closed his eyes as he felt Leorio's lips press against his. I want to forget... I want to forget it all....

The door closes silently.

Kuroro stared at the nighttime sky from the window of his airship. The nighttime sky, where it was supposed to be dark and the whole city was supposed to be asleep. Instead, the sky glittered with unnatural stars, and the city never rests. While looking at this aberration of nature, a thought crossed Kuroro's mind. Somehow, this wasn't the end he had hoped for. And what happened, it wasn't the way things were supposed to be. This really wasn't the way it was supposed to end.


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Oh, and I'm also prone to adding freaky symbolisms like the new moon, the darkness against darkness thing and the aberration of nature part. These words may seem like nothing to you, but they do so have a meaning! Well... I dunno why I keep adding these symbolisms. Maybe it's just my arrogance getting the best of me again.

The part where Kurapika and Kuroro were talking by the riverside... I was supposed to revise the ending. Never did. Too lazy. The slight/corny humor part seems a bit out of place in this angsty fic. Or maybe it does have its place after all. Without it, this fic would be just too angsty.

Too many unanswered questions. Why did the Geneiryodan kill the Kuruta tribe? What the hell did Kuroro mean by the way things are supposed to be? Why is Kurapika still just Kuroro's pawn? Why did I leave these questions unanswered? Well, that's because I don't have an answer. I just added them to make the plot... err... weirder.

Kurapika ended up to be a bitch, a weakling, a pathetic fairy princess. Yeah! Let's sing the "Fairy Song"! (to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel") He doesn't go round with the girls anymore! He doesn't want to play! He just stays at home and plays with himself! Whee! He's a fairy!

Okay, fine. I remember F. Sionil Jose (some Filipino writer) saying something like once you made a character and you gave him a soul, you sometimes can't make the characters act the way you want anymore because they already have a mind of their own. Ohh... so that's why Kurapika became a fairy princess.

Yeah, and about Kuroro. Somehow I'm using him as an outlet of my own psychotic views on life. What he said on his conversation with Kurapika... the one about studying and exercise... just change the words "tribal rituals" into "religious beliefs" and you've got my view on education, religion and people who want you to study. Oh yeah, I'm psychotic!

About the Leorio and Kurapika part... (smirks) I was supposed to add some more... err... spicy stuff... NO! No bed scenes, you idiot! Although, technically this is a bed scene, they were on the bed. But they weren't doing anything! Oh no no no! Anyway, about the spicy stuff, I decided not to add it. I don't want this to end-up R-rated or something.

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