'Ello! This is the project I've been working on for quite a while, and I'm finally ready to start posting it. Anyway, this Fic is non-alternate universe, post defeat of Naraku—InuYasha/Kagome. The "prologue" is from Kagome's point of view, but the rest of the story will be from third person.

Genre: Romance/Humor

Japanese guide:

Inu-no-niichan- What Souta often addresses InuYasha as. Literally means "older dog brother"

Kagome-neechan- Elder sister Kagome.

Nani?- What?(I'm not big on using Japanese words outside of honorifics and terms like "youkai," but I've used "Nani?" for InuYasha in this chapter because it comes out less harsh in my mind than "What?" Since InuYasha's replies often do come out rather harsh, I wanted to emphasize the curious questioning tone he has in that part, and the lack of that harshness. )

Read, review, and enjoy.

A Fortuitous Blunder

By Kelly O'Connor

Prologue Remembrances

The summer break of my last year in high school was… in a way the most eventful time of my life. It's not as if my friends from Sengoku Jidai and I were fighting some kind of horrible youkai… and I mean, Naraku had long been dead. It was actually a fairly mellow summer in that sense. Nonetheless, it was very memorable.

Naraku had been defeated three years before; Kikyou had been put to a peaceful rest after extracting her share of vengeance on him, and InuYasha and I… Well we decided to protect the completed Shikon no Tama together.

And hardly anything came after it that summer; it was like all the youkai were on vacation… then again there had been other down times as well.

My summer in Sengoku Jidai consisted for the most part of being sent on various missions with a reluctant InuYasha to go get herbs and materials for Kaede. We visited Miroku and Sango-chan as well; who were living their life together with Kohaku in the rebuilt Taijiya village. I can't deny it still made me feel warm and fuzzy inside to see those two with each other. They had been married a year before, and I couldn't wait for Sango to have her first baby. Well… not that she was pregnant yet, but I was sure she would be soon! For the moment I suppose taking care of Kohaku was enough for her. He'd been revived with Sesshoumaru's Tenseiga, but still retained the painful memories of his life as Naraku's servant.

As for InuYasha and I…We uhh… Well I suppose you could say we were "going out." After Naraku's defeat I began to attend school more in my time, and InuYasha decided he was free to come through the well any time he desired and stay with me. It was nice, it really was. I'd often gotten the impression that InuYasha didn't like my time all that much, but I suppose he was just a bit overwhelmed. Understandable, considering dealing with things in modern Japan when you are from five hundred years ago would be a bit of a shocker.

Mama immediately took it to her head when he started spending more time there that we were a couple, and thus, decided to act on it. Now my mom can be quite gung-ho about things in her own way. She tries to make it appear subtle, but I've learned to read her pretty well. And to tell you the truth some of the things she set up were not all that subtle. My mother consistently leaving the room with "something to do" whenever InuYasha and I were alone together, or setting up weekends out of town where she absolutely insisted that he and I watch the shrine together would tip most anyone off. Well--- I don't think InuYasha caught onto it, but he isn't exactly the most perceptive when it comes to the romance department. He certainly couldn't miss Souta's constant questions though. Having your little brother ask the guy you like "When are you going to really be my older brother?" or "Have you told Kagome-neechan you loved her yet?" in front of you can be very embarrassing. Both InuYasha and I usually ended up bright red and sputtering after such occurrences.

I suppose those situations really helped move our relationship forward in the end though. Those "weekends out" were some of the only times InuYasha and I were truly alone during. After all--- back in the feudal era it seemed that someone was always spying on us.

It was during one of those weekends about a year and a half ago that InuYasha and I really got to talking. It's immensely hard to get InuYasha to open up at all; even for me… but every once in awhile I can crack him a little bit.

Anyway, I had been sitting at my desk doing my homework while InuYasha sat behind me on the bed… staring at my back. I used to get very distracted by this, but though I still can't stand him looking over my shoulder while I work, InuYasha sitting on the bed behind me had become something I was used to. I'd just resigned myself to it, and to tell you the truth, it made me feel kind of nice inside to know that InuYasha wanted to be my side that much. After all, it wasn't like before when he just wanted to go back to the feudal era and just sat there impatiently waiting. He wasn't waiting for anything now though. There was nothing to go back for now that our quest was finished, so the fact that he would sit there watching me like that just made me feel… good.

After about an hour, I put down my pencil and paper and smiled, all finished with my algebra homework for the night. "InuYasha?" I had said and turned around to see him still sitting on the bed. He darted his head up quickly and I creased my eyebrows. "Uhh what were you thinking about?" I asked, as I had clearly startled him out of some deep thought. InuYasha just "Keh-ed" in reply and I sighed and plopped down on the bed beside him. Tentatively, I took his hand in mine and smiled to myself when he didn't pull away, but instead squeezed it back after a few seconds. "It's different now isn't it?" I finally asked.

"Huh, different?" InuYasha inquired and cocked his head.

"It's different, now that our quest has been over for so long, things are different with us aren't they?" I questioned bravely.

"Wha—what do you mean?" InuYasha sputtered, flustered at the implications of my last question.

"InuYasha," I sighed, "Why do you stay here so often? You're here as much as you're in the feudal era."

"Keh- do you have a problem with that?!" InuYasha snapped rather weakly in return. I shook my head.

"No, not at all," I blushed lightly and continued, "I… I like it." I paused momentarily, "It's just that, with the Shikon no Tama completed and Naraku defeated why do you---"

"Because I feel like it!" He exclaimed before I could finish my statement. "I mean I---" He quickly began trying to correct his last exclamation. "I mean I uhh--- Keh." I smiled lightly to myself and squeezed his hand a bit tighter, then proceeded to slowly lean my head onto his shoulder.

"I like to be with you too InuYasha," I said softly and gently as I placed our clasped hands in my lap. There was silence for a moment, before InuYasha took his free arm and wrapped it hesitantly around me.

"Kagome…" He finally said, "I uhh… I uhh…" He struggled to get out his words, and I stroked my thumb over the top of his hand.

"You don't need to say it InuYasha… I know, I know." I exhaled deeply and gathered my courage, "I—I like you too InuYasha." I felt InuYasha shift a bit under me and I heard a bit of a strange sound in the back of his throat. I couldn't quite make out what he meant by it, but a moment later I turned my face to find him giving me a rather bashful look.

"Keh—No Kagome I---," He averted his eyes quickly and bit his lip, "I—I," InuYasha cut himself off, and he slowly pulled his hand out of my grasp. I winced to myself. Have I said something wrong? I thought fearfully as my hand dropped limply in my lap. InuYasha then proceeded to retract his hand from my back and placed it beside him on the bed. I sighed to myself, knowing I shouldn't have said anything. I should have known that--- I interrupted my own thoughts when I looked down to see InuYasha cautiously replacing his hand on my back and turning me a bit to face him.

My cheeks tinged bright pink when he then placed his free hand on my cheek and seemed to lean in, but quickly pulled his face back. I heard a nervous murmur before he leaned in one more time, pulling his face toward mine and catching my lips in a kiss. I gasped lightly and slid my eyes shut, placing my hand on his shoulder. My head was reeling with thoughts, but the two most predominant ones were, Finally, and, Well I guess I didn't say anything wrong after all. After a few moments, InuYasha pulled back from the kiss, blinked his eyes open, and quickly averted his gaze away from me as a crimson blush stained his cheeks.

"Inu…Yasha," I managed to get out finally, and found myself looking away as well, no doubt the same blush was prevalent on my face. "I---,"

"Keh," InuYasha finally uttered quietly as he continued to look everywhere but at me. Silence permeated throughout the room for a bit longer before I heard InuYasha shift to a standing position, "I'm going outside," He stated simply and walked towards the door. I scrambled to my feet after him and quickly caught up, catching his hand in mine again. InuYasha turned to me and gave me an inquisitive look. "Nani?" He questioned. I turned him to face me and then found myself staring down at my feet.

"I uh--," I lifted my eyes to meet his, "InuYasha," I smiled and reached my arms around his middle, wrapping him in an unsuspecting embrace. He was silent for a moment, before placing his arms around me in return. "Thanks InuYasha," I whispered into his chest. InuYasha hesitantly reached up and ran one of his hands through my hair and down my back before resting his hand on the small of my back and clasping his arms around me once again.

"Keh- you're welcome… I guess," He finally said without any of the arrogance or harshness of his usual tone, although I could tell he was trying to sound a little bit aloof. I grinned and closed my eyes as I continued to hold him.

"I think… Mama's matchmaking attempts have finally paid off," I laughed nervously.

"Eh--- What do you mean?" InuYasha inquired. I shook my head.

"Nothing InuYasha… Nothing," I pulled away from him and took his hand once again, "You said you wanted to go outside?" InuYasha nodded lightly. "Well then, let's go... together."

Together… I had told him, and from then on we were together. I didn't expect much to change between us now that we had shared our feelings in a way, and it didn't really. There were differences though, things I suppose my family and friends back in Sengoku Jidai quickly picked up on. Physical contact was more common between us, whether it was holding hands, hugging, or just simple touches. The barrier was down I suppose- InuYasha and I didn't feel the need to hold back around each other as much anymore… not now that we knew for sure that each other's feelings were reciprocated.

So I suppose what I mean about "things didn't change" was well--- we didn't change. We still fought like always, InuYasha was still as stubborn as he had been before. I'm glad that remained the same however, that's the InuYasha I came to care for after all. If he wasn't like that… I would be scared.

I was consistently attending school now though, and InuYasha was still spending a great deal of his life in my time. He'd learned a lot about how to live in my time… how to work things as well, and I was actually pretty proud of him, but I really missed seeing my other friends, as it had come to the point where I only saw them about once every weekend for a few hours. The Taijiya village was quite a walk from the well, and even if I was traveling on InuYasha's back, usually by the time I got there a great deal of the day had passed already. This was my last year of high school, so I was almost always busy with essays, projects, and exams. Hence my decision to spend my break 500 years in the past where I could relax with people I hadn't spent a lot of time with in a great while. Besides, I think InuYasha kind of missed Sengoku Jidai and his friends there as well…. Not that he would admit it.

But-- It was all too peaceful, and for the first two weeks of it we were slightly bored. It's one thing to have a bit of down time. However to spend the majority of a fortnight laying in meadows cloud spotting while your companion goes on about how "stupid looking for shapes in clouds is." Then trying to stop the same companion from getting into childish fights with Shippou-chan (Not that that was out of the ordinary) was a bit of a drag. InuYasha and I could have used some excitement, and we got some… just in a way we certainly never would have expected.


Next chapter: Kaede finally comes up with something for InuYasha and Kagome to do--- too bad it's as boring as any previous attempts at entertainment. However- this little mission turns out to give our couple more than what they bargained for…

Some end notes- So some of you don't think I'm just throwing this in here without development. Regarding Miroku and Sango's marriage, those of you who have read chapter 292 of the manga will know why. Due to the change of their relationship there, and the fact that because Naraku had been defeated--- they could fulfill the promise made then I felt that it would be appropriate for them to be married three years after his defeat.