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"A Fortuitous Blunder"

Chapter 11

Safe in Your Arms

By Kelly O'Connor

Rays of morning sun seeped into Kagome's window as she cracked her eyes open. Turning her head the other way, she leaned deeper into the warmth that surrounded her.


His arms were still wrapped securely around her form, loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough to make her realize that his protective side affected his actions on a very subconscious level.

Kagome didn't want to move. She'd never felt so safe, so content.

So loved…

Sliding her eyes closed, she placed her cheek against his chest. The light rhythm of his heart beat relaxing her once more.

I still can't believe he asked to sleep like this. I wonder how he managed to work up the courage to even ask? She felt a small smile cross her face as she reflected on his bashful nature.

Deftly, as not to wake the sleeping Hanyou- Kagome lifted her head and scooted her body up so she was closer to his face.

Fast asleep, I've never seen him so up close like this. She observed, her face mere inches from his.

There was something special about this, Kagome noted. Even in battle, InuYasha always looked to be just the young boy he was. When he slept, his face held the innocence of a child.

Up close though, she saw that it was more than just that. His eyes were closed lightly, eyebrows relaxed instead of in the slight cocked haughty position he held them in when awake. The near invisible lines on his face, ones created from spending most of his young life only knowing how to frown. Lines that only Kagome had ever noticed. They were gone, disappearing into the flawless peacefulness of his features.

I wish you could always look this content. Like nothing bad is on your mind at all, Kagome reached up and hesitated before brushing a few strands of silver hair out of his face. I wonder what he dreams about…

Smiling to herself, Kagome leaned down to capture the sleeping Hanyou's lips in a gentle kiss. Thank you InuYasha, She thought as she felt him stir below her.

His amber eyes cracked open groggily and he, rather instinctively began to return the kiss.

It wasn't until a few moments that he was awake enough to realize what was occurring, and inevitably- InuYasha found himself with a crimson blush staining his cheeks.

"Morning InuYasha," Kagome flushed herself as she pulled away.


"I'm sorry, I was just watching you and…"

"Watching me?" InuYasha raised an eyebrow.

Kagome reached up and ran her hand down his cheek. "Admiring you more like."

InuYasha flinched awkwardly. "You don't need to be sorry," He mumbled. "I was just surprised, that's all."

The dark-haired girl shook her head. "It's so comfortable… I don't want to get up do you?"

InuYasha's possible response was cut off as Kagome's bedroom door opened and Mrs. Higurashi peeked in.

"Shit!" InuYasha exclaimed.

"Mama!" Kagome blanched. The couple proceeded to uniformly blush bright red as they moved to detangle themselves from the comforter. InuYasha found himself on the floor with a handful of sheet, and Kagome on the far edge of the bed with a wad of the same sheet.

Staring at the ground in embarrassment, the two teenagers looked up when they heard an unexpected sound. Mrs. Higurashi was laughing.

"Good morning. You two can calm down."


"If you think I'm going to be upset that you two slept in each other's arms, you're wrong." She walked over to sit on the bed, then proceeded to motion InuYasha to follow suit. Nodding, InuYasha stood up and sat down next to Mrs. Higurashi, untangling himself from the sheet as he did so. Kagome scooted up closer to her mother, still somewhat apprehensive.

"You're not… mad?" InuYasha questioned, somewhat boggled.

"I told you two to display your feelings to each other through words yesterday, but that doesn't mean you can't continue to show them through actions." Mama glanced between the pair. "I realize it may seem odd, especially to you InuYasha that I don't mind this."

That's right… in the Sengoku Jidai; something like this is an even bigger deal. One wouldn't dream of even innocently sleeping in each other's arms unless they were… Kagome paused in thought, her face suddenly feeling very warm, unless they were married.

"But I trust you two. Neither of you have ever given me a reason not to trust you." She laughed lightly again.

Is InuYasha? There's no way! She peeked over to the Hanyou and suspected that her cheeks may be as red as his fire-rat coat. I wonder if he'll ever… Shaking her head vigorously, Kagome sighed. Stop it, we're only eighteen. That's just silly… right?

"If you two feel that you're ready to sleep like that, if that's what makes you comfortable, if that's how you want to express your feelings then… I trust you on that." Mrs. Higurashi finished. InuYasha nodded, but then glanced over in confusion towards Kagome.

"Kagome, you okay?" He inquired, curious as to why she appeared so flustered.

Gesturing with her hands in front of her face, the dark-haired girl let out a nervous laugh. "I'm fine InuYasha!"

"You're acting weird," The Hanyou grumbled.

"You always act weird," Kagome retorted.


"Now, you two!" Mama interrupted good-naturedly. "I assume you'll be heading back through the well this morning?" InuYasha and Kagome nodded. "Okay then why don't we go downstairs and eat some breakfast. Then you can explain to me how you were able to sleep like that anyway with the curse on you."

"I see, so you are able to neutralize is by touching each other at the exact same time." Kaede clarified. The Miko and the Hanyou shook their head in the positive.

They'd arrived back in Sengoku Jidai just a short while before. Breakfast, explaining the situation to Mrs. Higurashi, and bathing in Kagome's era being what had stalled them. Luckily for InuYasha and Kagome, Miroku and Sango had returned to the Taijiya village. Shippou had gone with them as well.

"That's how it works Kaede-baachan," Kagome replied.

"Keh, doesn't mean we aren't in a hurry to get the damn thing off though." InuYasha griped.

"Yes, I'm quite sure you still are." Kaede chuckled. "So, how exactly did you figure out you could neutralize it?"

"Well we were in my room last night," The dark-haired girl began. "InuYasha and I had just had a discussion and then I moved to…" She blushed. "Kiss him."

"K-Kagome, don't tell her that!" InuYasha berated, flustered.

"Of course we fell on each other, although luckily we were on my bed." She continued. "So when we got up, I told InuYasha the idea I had about neutralizing the curse by touching at the same time."

"And it worked?"

"Oi, of course it worked. It worked all night." InuYasha explained. Kaede felt a wry smile cross her lips.

"All night?"

"Hmph, yes. As long as I held onto her…."

"You held onto her all night?" The elderly Miko inquired.

"Bah, yes. We slept together of course…" The silver-haired boy flushed crimson when he realized the words that had just left his mouth.

"And you went after me for the kissing comment?" Kagome squeaked out, embarrassed herself.

"InuYasha, Kagome. When I made the comment about the spell being removable by intercourse… I was not being serious." Kaede remarked dryly.

"That's not what happened!" InuYasha stuttered, face becoming redder by the moment.

"Kaede-baachan, you know we wouldn't…" Kagome squeaked.

"I know, I know." The older woman laughed. "I am happy that you found a way to neutralize the spell. Now will you be on your way today to look for that cure?"

Mostly recovered from the 'moment,' Kagome answered in the positive.

"Very well then you two… good luck." Kaede stood up and patted each of them on the shoulder individually.

"Trip to Shuurei-sama's number three!" Kagome remarked as they walked along the now familiar path through the woods.

"Keh, and it better be the last." InuYasha countered sourly.

She shrugged. "It will be. Once she tells us where the village Miko is, we'll go straight there."

"I wish everyone would leave us the hell alone about this."

Kagome sighed, exasperated as they continued to walk. "It's not that bad InuYasha."

"Keh, it's none of their damn business!"

"Mama, Kaede-baachan, even Miroku-sama, they just get involved because they care." She paused. "I know it can be annoying and embarrassing sometimes, but they do it in our best interest."

"Oi, are you trying to say making jokes about… stuff that we don't do is helpful?" The Hanyou grunted in retort.

"Okay, you got me there." She cracked a smile. "But it's not like you don't ever tease Miroku-sama, Kaede-baachan, Shippou-chan or anyone else."


"I'm serious InuYasha. We're two teenagers in a relationship. Of course people are going to get involved." Kagome reasoned.

"You act like I'm supposed to know this." He grumbled.

"Well I guess I thought it was common sense…"

"How the hell am I supposed to know what people act like?" InuYasha cut his question off there and turned away.

Of course, sometimes I still forget. I'm InuYasha's first experience with almost everything. Not that I have other romantic experience but…

"I'm sorry InuYasha…it was wrong of me to assume." Kagome stated softly after a few moments. "But it's the truth, so… even though it's irritating at times. Just learn to deal with it. Would you?"

"Oi, fine." He agreed.

Kagome beamed a smile towards him, and there was a brief silence before she continued. "Neh, InuYasha."


"Can I take your hand?"

InuYasha nodded mutely, and after a countdown from Kagome- the two touched fingers simultaneously.

"Perfect!" She exclaimed as the neutralization took effect.

The couple walked in a content silence- hand in hand, for several more minutes before Kagome spoke up once more.

I should bring it up. It needs to be discussed…

"Umm, about last night." She began awkwardly. InuYasha's cheeks tinged pink, as did Kagome's. "I—I want to thank you for that."

"Thank me?"

"It was very special to me… to be able to sleep with you like that." The dark-haired girl explained. InuYasha made a sound in the back of his throat.

"Me too…"


"It meant a lot to me too, Kagome," He elucidated in nary more than a whisper.

She grinned at him, gaining the courage to continue. "I'd love to do it more often…"

"You would?" His eyes widened in innocent hope.

Kagome looked down to her feet and lowered her voice. "I've never slept so well… never felt so safe, warm, loved."

At the mention of the word 'loved,' InuYasha grabbed Kagome's sleeve with his free hand and pulled her to him in a cautious embrace.

"Never?" He asked hoarsely.

"No one could make me feel that way but you InuYasha…"

"Then… then I want to sleep that way from now on." He whispered, voice rising to a timbre as he gained more confidence in his words. I can't show her well through words, but I know now that… those actions told her the same thing. Thank you Kagome…

"Whenever we can, I'd be more than happy to." Kagome pulled out of the embrace and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

I'm glad Kagome… I'm glad.

Next chapter- One uneventful visit to Shuurei's later, InuYasha and Kagome are on their way to find the village Miko. Chance encounters, confusing feelings, awakening hormones, confessions, and… baths. Okay, that's actually the next few chapters.