Title: Love in Splinters
Author: Night~Mare

Archive: Sure, just give me a heads up. ^_^

Type: Humor

Pairings: 3X4

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Limey dialogue. ^_^

            Duo was bored out of his mind. There was absolutely nothing to do. Heero was gone, probably making out with Relena somewhere.  Wufei was locked in a room with a drunk Zechs. Duo chuckled. It had taken him a while to set that one up. That had been fun to watch for a while… That was until Wufei threatened to dismember Duo if he ever got out of there. The braided pilot had decided to beat a hasty retreat. Just in case. But now he was bored again. Maybe he'd go see what Trowa was up to.

            Trowa's door was closed and he could hear voices inside. One voice was Quatre's Curious; Duo put his ear against the door. Quatre seemed out of breath for some reason.

            "Trowa… I can't," the blond Arabian breathed.

            "Just relax," Trowa said.

            "I can't relax. It's so hard."

            "I'll pull it out slowly."


            "Quatre. I have to. It was more painful going in then coming out. I promise."

            "O…okay" There was silence at first. Then Quatre gave a low moan.

            "I haven't even started to take it out yet," Trowa said, patiently.

            "I know. I can't help it." Quatre yelped, then gasped.

            "Ooh Trowa. It's really long!"

            "It's amazing how it even go into you at all."
            "You're so good at this Trowa!" Quatre said cheerfully.

            "I have something to give you," Trowa said. Quatre gasped again.

            Duo stumbled away from the door, dazed. That had been way too much information. Far more then ever needed to know. Maybe…he would go back to Wufei watching. That was safe…relatively anyway.


            Quatre smiled at the smiley face band aid on his finger. If he ever got a splinter again he'd always go running to Trowa.



Notes: What did you think he was doing? Perverts. *gryn*

Disclaimer: I do knut own Gundam Wing. As it is, I'll probably be sued for slander… Or really tasteless humor fics. ^_^