"Mom? Goten?" Gohan walked through the door. Dust covers draped the furniture, and many of the pictures that had hung on the wall were gone. An envelope with his name on it was propped up on the mantle. He crossed over to read it.


I'm sorry you were too busy to take my call this morning. I had something important to tell you, but maybe you can see that now. I've gone to live with Trunks. He's going to try to stop abusing me, and I'm going to try and stop letting him abuse me. Father and Vegeta are very happy together - in case no one got around to telling you that Kuroichi is who our father became after that fight with Mother about our adopted sister.

As for Mother, you'll find her out by that old oak she loved so well, beneath the rose arbor. I wish you could have been here for the funeral. I wish I knew why you wouldn't listen to what I was trying to tell you when she was so sick, why you never came to see us, and why you cut me off when I tried to let you know she was gone. But, it's too late now to matter.

I won't try to contact you again. I know you're busy. So I'll just leave this letter here, where you will find it when you have time to visit.



Yes, dears, that is the end.

Gohan: spluttering

Goten: Uh, okay.

Trunks: But what happened with us?

Jewel: blinks Oh. Truten got together, didn't you see that part? points to appropriate line Details are in Forgiven, which isn't written yet.

Vegeta: But who beat Kakarot?

Goku: Yeah, who was beating me?

Jewel: Well, for anyone who didn't pick it up from the hints, the answer's in Kuro's Escape. Err, will be. That part isn't written yet either.

Gohan: icily Do you have any idea what a jackass I seem to be?

Jewel: Of course. Muse hates you, I think.

Gohan: Does Muse plan to explain why I've been a jackass or missing throughout the entire story?

Jewel: …… goes to check

Jewel: comes back Possibly.

Goku: looking around nervously Is he still with Sephfy-Muse?

Jewel: Yep.

Vegeta: Good, then he won't see this. kisses Kakarot

Goku: mrp???mmmm! kisses back

Everyone else: . nosebleeds, passing out, etc.