Chapter 3: A strange, but beautiful love

Two weeks after, the Swintons were invited to Amanda (Henry's cousin) wedding. Monica was getting ready in her room, humming a soft lullaby as she applied herself some perfume, Henry's favourite one.

"Hey, mom" Martin asked "Are you done yet? Dad is waiting for us" he added. He was wearing a black coat with black pants, a white shirt and a red tie. And he leaned against the wall, with David by his side.

"You look pretty, Mommy" David said with a smile.

"Aw, thanks David. You look lovely too" she said, looking at David, who was wearing a blue coat with a white shirt and a blue tie. Then she turned to Martin "Just a moment, Martin" she added.

Suddenly, the door opened and some footsteps reached them. Monica looked, and there was Darlene in front of them. She looked just lovely with her long blue dress, and her blue shoes; like an angel coming from the sky.

"Mommy?" Darlene said "What are you doing? You smell pretty"

"Oh, Darlene! Come here, honey" Monica said, and Darlene approached her, sitting besides her. Monica took the bottle of perfume, and showed it to her Mecha-daughter "This is perfume, something we as women use to be more pretty"

"So if I use that, I'll be more pretty?" Darlene asked innocently. Monica smiled at her.

"Well, we can check it out" she said, and started applying some perfume to Darlene, who was smiling all the time. Then, Monica looked at her hair, saying "We'll have to do something with this" and started combing Darlene's soft, long brown hair. When she was finished, Darlene's hair was loosen, and she had a wreath of flowers and greenery on it.

"Women" Martin sighed from the door.

David looked at him, then at Darlene.

"Don't say that, Martin. They look pretty" he said, and smiled.


That afternoon, they went to Amanda's wedding. The ceremony started as usual, and when the bride entered the church, everybody complimented how beautiful she looked. But all compliments reached their earnest when and David and Darlene entered, carrying the wedding rings.

"Aw, how cute they look together!"

"They're such a lovely couple!"

"Look at the little boy!"

"The girl is so pretty!"

David and Darlene smiled all the way. They gave the rings to the priest, and sat down in their seats. David saw how Martin crossed his arm around Natalie's shoulders (the typical snuggle in the movie theaters), and he saw Darlene, who was besides him, looking at him with her most innocent smile. David looked away, like he was blushing, not knowing what to do.


"Now you may kiss the bride" the priest said, and Amanda's husband kissed her.

Everybody, specially David and Darlene, smiled.


After the wedding, they had a party in a park nearby. While the other kids were playing, Darlene and David were helping Monica and Amanda with the gifts, the cake and other chores.

"Now we're done here" Monica said, and turned to her 2 Mecha-Childs "Why don't you go play? You've done a lot here"

"Is there anything you need, Mommy?" Darlene asked.

"No, Darlene" she smiled "Go play with David"

"Okay, Mommy" David said, taking Darlene's hand and they walked away.


David and Darlene were walking in the backyard, and it was cold. But they couldn't remember how to go back with the rest of the family. They kept walking, trying to find Monica, or Teddy.


"We have to go now" Henry said, an hour later.

"Wait" Natalie said "Where are David and Darlene?"

"They went to the yard to play, I guess" Monica said.

"We'll go find them" Martin suggested, and he left with Natalie.


"Where are we, David?" Darlene asked.

"I don't know" he answered.

"Are we lost?"

"Maybe Mommy is looking for us. Let's wait here" he suggested.

They started walking towards the bushes, looking for a bench where to sit in. When they found one, they sat down.

The cold caused Darlene to shiver slightly, so David put an arm around her to keep her warm. She looked at him and smiled.

"Thank you, David" she said, and hugged him.

David just smiled.

Due to the cold, Darlene huddled herself closer to David, and he smiled at her, although it felt really strange for him. Of course he liked Darlene as a friend, but there was another feeling that he couldn't easily name. And that feeling scared him.

"I'm scared" he said. Darlene looked at him.

"Why?" she asked.

"I...I don't know" he answered. How could he explain her the problem he was going through? But Darlene seemed to know the answer.

"It's about me?"

"No...not at all" David said stubbornly, and looked away, a little confused.

Suddenly, Darlene remembered what happened in the wedding, and talked to David.

"David, do you know what Amanda's husband did to her before they finished the wedding?"

David was caught distracted with this question, but he didn't know what to answer.

"No, but it's the same thing Martin does with Natalie" he said.

"And why do they do that?" she asked again.

"I don't know. I guess that's something that real people does"

"Are we real, David?"

"I guess so"

"So if we do that, we'll be more real?" she asked again.

"I don't know"

"And that you know what it's called?" Darlene said. David thought about it for a second, but he gave up, because he had no clue.

"Ummm...nope. I don't know what is called when their lips are together" David said.

Darlene smiled, and took David's hand. He looked up at her, and he didn't know why he was feeling so strange around her...

You're the piece of gold

That flushes all my soul.
Extra time, on the ground.
You're my Playground Love.

He put his other hand on Darlene's, and smiled at her. Then approached to her, trying to remember how Martin did it, put his hand on her cheek, and gently let his lips touch hers. She stood still as she received his kiss, her eyes never blinking.

After a little while, they separated. They looked into each other's eyes.

"I...I know what it is" David said "I love you, Darlene!" he shouted, as if that short sentence would heal him from a disease.

"David..." Darlene said.

"I love you" he whispered, and they kissed again. Then they separated, looked at each other, and they shared a sweet smile.

"David! Darlene! It's time to go!" Martin's voice was calling them.

David stood up, and took Darlene's hand.

"We're here, Martin!" David shouted.

They walked together, where Martin and Natalie were waiting for them. Martin looked at the two kids, and saw their hands interlaced. Natalie smiled.

"I told you they look really cute" she said.

"Did you guys have fun?" Martin asked.

David and Darlene looked at each other, and smiled.

"I'll take it as a yes" Martin said "Well, c'mon. Mom was very worried about you" he added, and they left.

The two Mecha-kids walked with him, their hands still linked.


Time passed by, and Darlene had been living with the Swintons for a year. Needless to say that she and David were the best of friends, and it was common to see them always together.

David had, at last, found a friend of his own kind. A friend to love. An innocent, beautiful love.

Anytime, anyway,
You're my Playground Love.

The End.

"Haven't you tired of this toy yet? You have had it for three years. You must know exactly what's going to happen to that silly little elephant."

"We just like what's going to happen, Mommy. I bet if we watch it again Elly will roll right into the river. It's so funny."

"But we won't watch it if you don't want us to,"

"You'll never grow up." -- Monica and David Swinton with Teddy. "Supertoys While Winter Comes"

Author's Note: Okay, this fic is done! Well, I'd like to make some things clear here...

First, did you notice that the lyrics of the song "Playground Love" were included here? Let me tell you why. "Playground" is the place where children play, isn't it? And David and Darlene are children, right?

Secondly, the song's content is slightly sexual, but it has an innocence very deep within, and that's why I used it to write this story. I mean, this story has no sex on it, but the lyrics fit it very well: the guy falls in love with the girl, but he's a little afraid of admitting it, but when he finally does, the relationship turns to be beautiful. And so it happens to David and Darlene. And, as I said before, there's no sexual stuff here, just a pure, innocent love.

I hope you liked my story, and I'd be thankful if you leave a review!