Snapshots of Destiny and Love

(for Aison)

I have an image of you in my mind—

almost a snapshot, really.

You're scratching your head, grinning,

your broken-innocence dreams

not as broken as we thought.

There is a twinkling of laughter in your eyes

            even as you blush,

            even as your leg cramps up.

You were the luckiest man alive,

having loved, having lived,

            having lost and learned and dreamed.

Your naïve moments like a

candle lighting the way down

a long and winding road

not of your choosing.

And your moomba magic

managed, somehow, to communicate all of

            the important things…

like how a man can live with this much love,

and how another man can live without it.

August 30,2003

~Banshee Puppet~