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Note: One hundred words exactly. I was going to wait at least a week before posting this, but the reviews I've gotten have been absolutely heady, and since one such outrageously complimentary reviewer (good-author- likes-my-stuff-happy-swoon) asked how Sanzo looks to me, I thought I'd answer with this by way of thanks to everyone and to hir in particular. My stepping up the planned schedule has absolutely nothing to do with flattery going to my head. Nope. Nothing whatsoever.

Hangs in the Sky

(a drabble)

by Nightfall


It's all right to be the sun.

The sun declines all comfort--provides none. It goes its own way and accomplishes self-assigned duties for its own reasons. Some organisms learn to take advantage. That's right and good; everything should create itself strong. It's not the sun's doing. Rainforests may exist, but so do deserts.

It's safe to be known as the sun. Just let no one know despairing kindness and cheerful ruthlessness connected only by the shadowy line of a smile, a bad joke, know that Two-faced Three-eyes, dead-eyed distant man-in-the- moon, sets the rivets to heaven and kindles the stars.