Alternate Universe

Harry Potter fell to his knees and then collapsed onto the floor, dead. His beautiful green eyes were glazed lifelessly and a trickle of blood dripped from his split lips. Someone had obviously beaten him before using the Killing Curse to finish him off.

Peter Pettigrew stood over him, smirking in a deranged, triumphant way. He had watched the damned boy for so long, living with Peter's mother, living in Peter's house, masquerading around Peter's bedroom as if HE owned it! Which he didn't! How could his mother have allowed such a nuisance into Peter's house and given him everything that rightfully belonged to Peter?

Well, the stupid Potter boy had seen who had had the last laugh now hadn't he? Peter smugly transfigured the boy's wretched body into a pile of wood and set them ablaze, staring with morbid fascination as the wood burned. Peter walked away, completely secure in the fact that he had not only killed Harry Potter but had also completed his mission for once. The Dark Lord wouldn't be able to punish him this time!

Author's Note: hey everyone! I'm co-writing this story with a friend. We'll try to update every Friday unless we have a test or paper or something big at school. Enjoy and please review!