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Gambit's eyes widened in disbelief. His mouth dropped open and he tried to cry out to her. His voice was gone. Completely gone.

"Rogue.." His voice was low. He saw her look back at him in horror. Her emerald eyes were wide and her face was even more pale than normal.

"Remy!" She faded in a blast of fire and other lights. He tried to reach out to her but recoiled, afraid to get hit by the blinding lights.


"Rogue!" The cries resounded around him. "Rogue! Gambit!" He groaned and tried to move. The noises were slightly muffled and the voices sounded far away. He realized that his air supply was running low. He sneezed and only got a face full of dust. When he opened his mouth, he coughed and heaved. He had to get out of this place, where ever he was. "Gambit! Rogue!" Suddenly, someone's foot found its way right in front of his face. He sneezed again and caught the attention of Logan, who just so happened to be the one who lost his footing.

"Cajun?" He started pulling up rubble to get to Gambit. "Are ya okay?" The Cajun stared at him for a minute after he pulled him up and passed out.

"Looks like you work well with people, Mr. Logan." Kitty said, looking at Gambit sympathetically. Logan growled.

"It ain't like I hit him or nothin'." He said defensively.

"I, like, wouldn't be surprised if you, like, did, Wolverine." Kurt bamf-ed in and caught their attention.

"Did you find anyone?" He asked and Logan continued to pick up Gambit. "Man, he doesn't look zo good."

"No kiddin', elf. I found 'im under the rubble." Kurt put his hands on their shoulders and bamf-ed them to the others.

"Hey, any luck on finding them?"

"I couldn't find Stripes. I looked and just happened upon this under the stuff." Logan held Gambit out to Beast and they proceeded with the medical procedures.


Gambit stood up, his dark eyes glowing. He clenched his fist and walked through the barriers of light until he found her, lying almost dead on the ground. He could see the life draining from her. He had the chance to save her.. and he didn't. He walked away. The image of her burns and the bloody cuts continued to flash through his mind. The way her face seemed eased in death. A frown was on her face.

"Rogue.." His eyes glazed over and he fell forward. His eyes closed and he felt a stinging sensation on his face. One tear rolled down his cheek as he laid there. His red-on-black eyes literally took on a look that he could never make again. Pure anguish. Pure sadness. He never thought this would happen. He never wished that he could see the future so much in all his life, or travel back in time to save her. No, he just left her there to die.

Then all was black.


Remy woke up, gasping and sweating. He was hot, cold, then hot again. He was feeling extremely horrible and what was worse, he couldn't breathe. He felt worse than when he was lying under the rubble. He heard a faint beeping noise starting to tune itself in. He sneezed and jolted his body, which caused pain. He was sore all over.

"I see that you've awakened. They've been worried about you for some days now." He heard Hank say. His voice sounded so far away. Remy also realized that he didn't have a voice. He couldn't say anything. "Is something wrong?" The only thing Remy could do was pass out. He just went limp and passed out. "This is not good." Hank went back to work. Outside the room, however, it was chaos.

"Why didn't we, like, find Rogue?" Kitty asked sadly. Her eyes followed Kurt, who was pacing. She could tell he was worried about his sister. Rogue was practically MIA.

"I heard her cry out to Gambit." Jean said, looking worriedly at Scott. "What could have gone on?"

"I heard it, too." Logan grunted. "I ain't likin' it. What went on in that room?"

"The only way we can find out is from Gambit now." Scott said. He ran his hand through his hair. "Since Rogue is nowhere to be found."

"The professor said that he can't get anything from his mind. Whenever he tries to look, it's like a wall comes up and shields away his thoughts and memories." Jean said, her aggravation peaked.

"She might have, like, wanted help from Gambit." Kitty added as a thought. They considered that possibility.

"Zat could've been it, but vhy didn't Gambit help her?" Kurt asked, continuing his pacing. Logan picked him up by his shirt.

"If you don' stop pacin', elf.." He threatened but got cut off by Hank entering the room.

"Did he, like, wake up?" Kitty asked, standing up. Beast nodded.

"For a few minutes. He looked downright pale and he was having some sort of nightmare. I don't know what it was about." He shook his head and sighed. "He's unconscious again."

"This ain't lookin' good."


Gambit swallowed the lump in his throat. His eyes would not adjust to this darkness. He couldn't see a thing. Then an image came and faded away before he could see anything. He had a funny feeling in his stomach. A feeling that he knew well. The feeling that signalled that something bad that happened was his fault.

"Remy dun like dis.." He whispered. It echoed loudly in his ears, making him cover them. He winced in pain. A searing pain ran through his whole body until finally, it felt like flames had consumed him. He held his head and cried out. He would give anything to stop this pain. This horrible pain.

"Remy!" A voice he knew so well echoed through his mind. The pain in his heart was worse than the burning sensation.

"Chére!" He called. His eyes closed and he dropped to his knees, bending over in pain. This was much worse than he could've imagined. He never thought he had feelings this deep for her. Everything was black again. Flickers of flames and a burning light would cause him to lose his sight for a minute or two. "Remy didn' mean it.." He started shaking.


Hank found this new discovery with the progress of Gambit's health. His sweating and moaning in his sleep continued for hours. His heart rate was low and kept going higher then lower. He knew there was nothing wrong with the equipment, so it had to be him. His face contorted in pain a lot but other times he would be calm and composed. There was no telling what was going on. None of the telepaths could get through to him or look into his mind.

"I wish I could do something." Hank said as he lifted the cloth on Gambit's arm. He stuck a needle with a pain killer in it and emptied it. He then sighed, pulled it out, and went back to his computer. There was really nothing he could do other than keep him alive. Gambit had IV's, a breathing machine, and a heart monitor connected to him. The mask was strapped to his face, but he didn't seem to notice. Hank wrote stuff down every once in a while. Finally, he got tired and went for a break. He called Jean and Logan down to watch him. Wolverine didn't seem too happy about it, but it had to be done. Storm was next. Jean tried to get into his mind but it wouldn't work. It was just as the professor had said.

"Everythin' seems pretty bad on his charts." Logan said with a sigh. "At this rate, he'll never recover."

"Don't say that." Jean said, biting her lip. She wasn't as worried as she should have been. "He needs time."

"Stripes might not have time!" Logan huffed, sitting down and crossing his arms. He was very protective of Rogue, anyone could tell.

"Rogue is clever, she might be hiding or something."

"From us?" He asked bitterly. Jean sighed. She knew this was a very sensitive area she was stepping into.

"Maybe her powers acted up and confused her. Maybe she didn't know who she was again. Remember when that happened before?" She asked. Logan nodded gruffly.

"She had some help with Charles." His eyes narrowed as he glared at her from across the unconscious Gambit.

"This is no time to be fighting now. We're just under pressure. Don't worry, we'll find her." Jean tried to hide her true feelings. She really didn't care as much as the others did. She almost despised Rogue. Logan snorted.

"I'm sure we will. That's why we didn't find her last time."

"She probably wasn't conscious!" Jean exclaimed, frustrated. Logan thought she was acting like a selfish brat.

"I could've picked up her scent." He argued. His temper was starting to flare. He hoped something happened within the next few minutes or he was going to lose it.


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