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Adam snuffled slightly as he rolled over and buried his face in the chest of the person he was sleeping with, wait a minute, sleeping with?! Opening his eyes and squinting in confusion he looked up at his bedmate. Terry? Adam thought, his mind working rapidly then remembered the events of the day before and nodded to himself. However he froze when Terry moaned softly and began shifting around in the bed, "Adam...hmmm," the big man murmered.

Smiling wickedly Adam propped himself up on one elbow. "Yes Terry?" He answered in a sing song voice.

"Want you...so bad," Terry wrapped his arms around Adam's waist and pulled him closer causing their bodies to be pressed together. Adam whimpered softly feeling the heavy heat of Terry's erection against his own hardness.

Adam closed his eyes allowing himself to submit to this small inch of pleasure. "Sweet Jesus," He whispered to himself.

Terry bucked his hips and moaned once again the throaty sound making Adam shiver in delight, the man known as Rhyno began rocking back and forth grinding himself into Adam's warmth not even waking up.

Eyes rolling back in his head Adam let out a soft groan of his own as he met the other man's movements feverishly. Needing the release he had wanted for so long from Terry. Possibly since the day he had met him. "Please, oh god, Terry please," He mewled, begging.

Gripping Adam's hip Terry pulled him impossibly close quickening his movements. "Adam, Edge, Adam," Terry whimpered the desperation in his voice shocking the blond man.

"C'mon Terry for me," Adam pleaded into his ear, hot air ghosting across the skin, raising goose bumps.

Throwing back his head Terry moaned loudly, so loud that Chris Jericho, asleep next door woke up with a start. Warmth spread across the big mans groin as he found completion.

Adam dug his fingers into those huge arms and he cried out sharply bucking one last time. "TERRY!" He then collapsed half against the other man.

Eyes snapping open Terry looked around in confusion before his sight rested on Adam. "Wha?" He muttered sleepily then glanced down horror growing. "Oh god, oh my fucking god!" He leapt out of bed and landed on the floor.

"Calm down Terry," Adam attempted to soothe the beast. "Please just calm down."

Terry glared at him. "Calm down?! You...me,...we! GAH!" He yelled in frustration pushing himself off the floor and walking towards the bathroom to clean himself up.

Adam climbed out of bed grabbing the man and pushing him into the wall. "Yes we did, and we both enjoyed it. At least I did, and you were the one who started it." He smiled his eyes locking with Terry's.

"I did?" Terry squeeked.

Nodding Adam's grin widened. "Yes you did. Do you know how hot it was to hear you moan my name in your sleep? To have you grind yourself into me, not knowing what you were doing," He panted slightly at the memory, wondering vaguely when he had turned into a bitch in heat, shrugging he pushed that thought aside.

Terry's eyes darkened. "I don't remember to much," He leaned forward brushing his lips gently against Adam's. "I need a shower though, and the lady at the front desk did say something about conserving water, so it would be good of us to listen and obey what she says," He smirked slightly.

Adam raised an eyebrow. "Oh is that so? Well if the lady at the desk says it then it must be so." Reaching over he opened the bathroom door, "After you kind sir." He gestured gallantly.

Smiling Terry nodded. "Why thank you Adam, you're too kind," He purred pulling the tall blond into the bathroom behind him....


Hearing moans coming from next door Chris Jericho rolled his eyes in frustration. "Fucking animals," He muttered to himself. There was no way he was going to get anymore sleep....unless...he looked over at the door that connected his room to someone else's. He walked over knocking and waited patiently.

The door swung open quickly and Shawn Michaels squinted at the blond before him. "Something I can do for you kid?"

Chris gaped at the legend then nodded reminding himself that he had beaten HBK and that he was on the same level. Or something along those lines. "Well you see Shawn, I can't sleep because of..." A moan split through the air. "I'm sure you can figure that out."

Shawn looked vaguely shocked then shook himself. "I have an extra room in my bed, c'mon in." He moved away from the door.

Looking towards the bed Chris gasped softly. "Extra room?" He had never sounded so high pitched in his life.

"Yeah, why do you have an aversion to sleeping in the same bed with other men kid?" Shawn arched an eyebrow smirking.

Chris shook his head rapidly. "Oh no of course not," He smiled a little. "Thank you a lot Shawn, I appreciate it."

"Oh it's no problem no problem at all," Shawn closed the door a big grin on his face....