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Day one: First Project of 5

Joey Wheeler walked into the hallways of Domino High on a Monday morning. He never did like Mondays. He sighed and walked towards his locker. He stopped about half way there because he noticed a tall, brown haired, skinny boy. He knew who it was without seeing the boys' eyes. Joey smiled. He loved the color of Seto Kaiba's eyes. They were a deep sapphire. They were truly beautiful. Kaiba didn't know, but Joey had always admired him.

Kaiba seemed to have everything Joey didn't. Family, money, happiness, and a multi-billion dollar company. Okay, so Joey did have family, but he didn't consider it anything special. His father was a drunken deadbeat who beat on him whenever he came home late, mentioned his sister or whenever he was bored. Kaiba was lucky. He had Mokuba, his younger brother to take care of and love. Joey had Serenity, but his mother took her to live with her when they were younger. The money thing was obvious. Kaiba was the CEO of a major business, while Joey had to support his father as well as himself with the job that Yugi's grandfather had given him. Joey was lucky that they weren't living on the streets. Joey was only really happy when he was around his friends. Since Kaiba had money and power and family that loved him, what wasn't there to be happy about?

Joey coughed back a sob as he looked at his pathetic life. He wanted to be friends with Kaiba, however Kaiba was Yugi's rival who was his best friend. Kaiba always went out of his way to insult Joey when he ran into him and his friends. He usually ignored Tea, Tristan, and Ryou. Hell, he even ignored Yugi a couple of times. Joey never understood why Kaiba had called him mutt or puppy. Joey didn't even resemble a dog. He wished Kaiba would stop though. The 'nickname' brought up bad memories.

The bell rang to symbolize the start of the first class. Joey sighed and hurried to his Comparative Civilizations class, which, coincidentally; Kaiba was in as well. He sat at the back of the class, like he did with every other class, while Joey sat in the middle. The teacher came in and started rambling about an end-of-the-unit project that was to be done in pairs. They had just finished studying Ancient Egypt so they had a choice of researching a God or Pharaoh. Joey sniggered to himself. 'I could always pick Pharaoh Yami. I'm sure Yami wouldn't mind helping me with it.' He thought. 'Although, it would depend on who my partner was. If I am somehow partnered with Kaiba, Gods forbid, then he wouldn't help. He can't stand Kaiba. Well at least I don't think he can stand him. He might just be putting on a brave act for Yugi.'

"I will be partnering you as I see fit." Mr. Kyoto said. "I will pair the stronger students with the weaker ones." Joey and the rest of the class moaned. "I am only doing this to help everyone. They won't be marked that hard. In fact, they will probably be marked fairly easily, but don't hand in a piece of poster board with the name of your God or Pharaoh and a picture and expect to get an A." He looked around before continuing. "Does anyone have any questions?" Silence, "Alright then, let's begin." He began to read out names. Two by two people were moving to sit beside their assigned partners and begin to discuss what they wanted to do.

Joey had a gut feeling that he was about to be paired with Kaiba. 'Please don't pair me with Kaiba.' He thought, 'Don't pair me with Kaiba.' He kept saying this, however it didn't work. "Mr. Kaiba and Mr. Wheeler." Both boys groaned, but Kaiba made no move to sit beside Joey, so Joey went and sat beside him.

"Well Kaiba?" Joey asked, "What do you want to do?" Kaiba closed his book, which he had been reading the whole time the teacher was talking, and didn't say anything. 'Gee, this is going to be fun.' He thought, then pressed. "Well?" Joey honestly didn't care what god or pharaoh they did.

"Doesn't matter to me, mutt." Kaiba replied without looking at him. Joey did his best not to retort, because that would only satisfy Kaiba, like it always did. Instead he remained calm and told Kaiba what he would like to do. "Fine, I'll tell you the Gods I would like to research; Anubis, Seth, Horus or Bass. Pharaohs; Ramses, Nefertiti or Cleopatra." Joey waited for Kaiba to decide.

When Kaiba didn't answer for a bit Joey tried again. "Well, I gave you the choices I would like to research. What about you?" Kaiba finally turned around and glared at Joey. He returned the glare with his honey colored eyes. "I said it didn't matter, mutt. Just pick one or two and I will decide if I like the choices."

"Fine. Seth or Anubis." Joey snarled. Kaiba looked away from Joey and thought about it. After about 5 minutes, a small grin spread across his face. "Alright puppy. We will do Anubis." Once again Joey refused to retaliate, but instead asked curiously, "Why?"

"Well," Kaiba began. "If we study Anubis, we might actually figure out where you came from." That had done it. In a low, threatening sort of voice Joey retaliated, "Look, moneybags. I am not in the mood for insults, nor do I have the patience to deal with this." A smirk played its way across Kaiba's face, "Gee puppy, you don't want to get to upset. I might have to call the vet to get you put down."

Joey couldn't stand it, instead he said a little quieter, with his head down, "Why don't you, my life would probably be better."

The smile faded from Kaiba's face and he just looked at Joey, not knowing what to say. Which was a first. 'Why would he say something like that?' He thought. 'Usually the puppy puts up a bigger battle before losing. And he has always seemed happy no matter what.'

He didn't know what it was, but being around Joey always made me feel like the world was a fun place to be. He always found a way to encourage his friends, even when their situation seemed impossible to get out of. That is probably how Yugi, or should he say Yami, always wins his duels. Sure, Kaiba would love to have friends like that. Yea, he had a great little brother, but Mokuba could only do so much. He looked away from Joey.

'Insulting Joey is the only way I figure I can talk to him without letting him know my true feelings.' He thought. 'I call Joey a puppy because he resembles one in many ways. Mostly Golden Retriever X Yellow Lab, because his eyes were the color of a Golden Retrievers, his hair resembled a Yellow Lab's, although he wasn't sure if it was as soft, it sure looked it. He was always happy.' Kaiba glanced back at Joey, then added, 'At least when he was at school or around his friends.'

Joey considered nearly everybody a friend. Least, that was what it looked like to Kaiba. 'I wonder if he would ever consider me a friend.' He doubted that would ever happen and he sighed. "Well, we have decided to do Anubis, now we have to decide where and when." He said, trying, but failing to ignore the puppy's last comment.

Joey looked up at him with somewhat moist eyes. He looked like he needed to be hugged and comforted. Kaiba would have to figure out why he said what he did later. "My place is out of the question." Joey said quietly, not looking up from where he was staring.

I sighed, "I guess we will have to do it at my place, or the library."

Joey looked at Kaiba and he looked back into his honey eyes. "Are you sure you want a mutt like me in your mansion." He said sarcastically, "because I know dogs aren't allowed in the library."

'What is up with him today?' Kaiba thought, not caring about how concerned he felt. 'He never referred to himself as a mutt or dog, even after I insulted him. Something is up, and I intend to find out.' He continued to look at Joey, then replied, "I'm sure you won't make a mess." Kaiba said.

Joey looked up just in time to see Kaiba attempt a sneer, but failed. 'Hmm, I wonder what's up with that. I guess there is something else I have to find out then.'

"What time then?" Kaiba asked. "I'm good for anytime after 6pm."

'Great,' Joey thought. 'I'll come over to your place looking like a giant plum.' He sighed at the thought, then replied. "Ok, that is fine by me. Tonight then?"

"That sounds fine by me, pup." Kaiba replied. Joey didn't know why, but he wasn't in the mood to try and keep anything bundled up inside. It was lucky for him that at that moment the bell for the next class rang. He quickly gathered up his stuff and left the room, heading to the bathroom before Kaiba could see the silent tears starting in his eyes.

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