Hey! Its me again and i am writing another story on Draco and Ginny. As you can tell i am a Draco and Ginny SuperFan!!!!! YAY!! ::dances on stage:: But now to the real business. I am working on this story and i wanna know how you guys feel about it. Well here it is! Read and Review!

Title: A Perfect World

Author: ShaneWestLover126

Summery: Draco and Ginny want to take a break for the cold city world and decide to take there kids to the Virgin Islands. But on the trip they have 3 surprises. One, 2 people are following them. Two, 1 person is having a freak attack. And three, Draco and Ginny both have old flames who come back to restart everything. D/G, H/HR This story also metions: D/PP and CC/G. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Draco's Bright Idea

"Children! Hurry down! You're breakfast is getting cold!" Ginny yelled from the dining room as she puts three plates on the table. Normally, the house elves would help her but she gave them the day off. Ginny had 3 children. Brandon, Alexis, and Amanda. Brandon was the oldest and Amanda was the youngest.

"Coming Mommy!" Brandon yelled as he ran downstairs into the dining room. Brandon was 7 years old. He had blonde hair, green eyes, and Ginny's nose. Alexis was 3. She had red hair and grey eyes with the Malfoy's smirk. And finally, Amanda. Amanda was 1 years old and she couldn't walk down the steps. She had strawberry blonde hair and greenish gray eyes.

Draco came down the steps and he was carrying Amanda. He was wearing his work clothes. A pair of black pants, black shirt, and of course his black robe. He set Amanda down in her high chair and kissed her on the top of her head. Brandon was eating and Alexis was walking to the table singing a muggle song called "I Love You". Very popular on the little muggle children.

"Good Morning Sleepy Head." Draco said to Alexis.

"Good Morning Daddy. I love you, you love me. Where a happy family..." and so on and so forth. Draco laughed cause he had never seen Amanda so...happy cause she loves singing a song.

"Honey, It's raining again. They cancelled Brandon's qudditch pratice." Ginny said sitting down. Draco kissed her on the lips and smiled.

"That is the third time in two weeks. I swear, Longbottom does not now how to coach a team. When I was playing qudditch at Hogwarts, we played in rain, shine, snow, or sleet and I didn't care." Draco said. He looked at Brandon who looked really down.

"Don't worry Sport. You will be okay at the next game." Draco said patting Brandon on the back.

"Daddy, Coach Longbottom said that I could be captian today and now the its raining I can't." Brandon said.

"Well don't worry, you will be captian at the game." Draco said. Brandon smiled.

"Honey, Did you read the front cover of the Daily Prophet this morning?" Ginny asked Draco.

"No. What is going on?" Draco asked mumbling threw his food in his mouth. Ginny showed him the cover and it showed to pictures of men. Muggles. They were murdered my two mysterious men who were dressed in black. The muggles murdered where Joseph Hinesman and Kent Hinesman.

"My goodness. Did this happen over night?" Draco asked dropping his fork.

"Yes. I am really worried." Ginny said. Draco looked at her and looked in her eyes. He could see the fear that she was feeling.

"Ginny darling, Don't worry I am here with you. I won't let anything happen to you or our children. I love you." He said grabbing her hands. She smiled.

"I love you too." Ginny said. He kissed her.

"I just wanna get out of this cold city for awhile." Ginny said.

"I know darling." Draco looked at his watch."Oh honey, I got to go." Ginny kissed Draco and he lefted.

Later on during the day, Draco was in his office. Draco was close to the top of the Magic of Minstry. Head Postion. Fudge was getting old and Draco was a canidate. He sat in his leather chair thinking of a way to do something for Ginny and the kids.

"I GOT IT!" Draco said. He jumped up in his chair and flooed home.

"GINNY! YOU HOME?" Draco yelled.

"Draco, what are you doing home so early?" Ginny asked.

"How would you like to take a trip to the Virgin Islands?" Draco asked.

"I...I think that it would be a great idea." Ginny said.

"Then its set." Draco smiled.

"Master, they're gone." a dark shadow said stepping into the rain.

"Good, Good. Now are next plan shall be put forward. Where are they heading?" The master asked.

"The Virgin Islands." the other dark shadow said.

"That's where were going." The master said proceeding into the dark of night.