Hey!!!! Its me again... I am updating my story. Chapter 5.

Chapter 5: Friendships Made

Draco and Ginny had got on the plane. The buckle the children in and looked for their seats.

"Lets see...I have seat A3....Hermione do I sit next to you?" Ginny asked. Hermione nodded.

"But where will Draco sit?" Draco looked around and saw a seat open next to Harry.

"I have to sit next to Potter? Oh great!!" He took his seat and looked at Harry.

"Draco we have to talk." Harry said looking at him. Draco looked down at the chair.

"What about Potter? You and your little schemes at Hogwarts to get rid of me?" Draco asked.

"Draco I never wanted to get rid of you.Ron did. Ron was the one were if you don't wanna be his friend then your out. Hell, half the Gryffindors and the Ravenclaws hated him. Cedric Diggory hated Ron because he judged people." Harry said as Draco sat down.

"Oh..." Draco said remembering the Cedric Diggory patches that he made in his 4th year.

"Well, Ron got mad. He fighted me in my 7th year..." Harry said.

"Oh yea I remember that fight. Ron got the shit beat out of him." Draco said then he shut up.

"Yea he did. He was a jerk that day. He deserved what he is getting. Do you know what we were fighting about?" Harry said.

"No what?" Draco asked.

"He called your wife over there a whore because she kissed the foreign exchange student." Harry said.

"What a basturd. Well then your right about the desevring part." Draco laughed.

"Are we being nice to each other?" Harry said.

"Yeah, I guess." Draco said.

"Well I think it is for the best you know. Since our wives are friends then we should be friends." Harry suggested.

"Yeah... I have one question...What do you think about Longbottom's coaching?" Draco said.

"Horrible...I should have got the job!" Harry said. Draco laughed.

"Well...are we friends?" Draco asked holding out his hands.

"Friends." Harry said shaking his hand.

~~The Virgin Islands~~

A pale man stepped into the sunlight on the extremely hot island. Then a man with a black robe stepped out. They had called in helpers to break the marriage of two lovers.

"You two are finally here we need to get this plan underway." The pale man was Lucius.

"Yes, my partner is right. Lets she who we have here." It was Voldermort. He looked at the girl.

"You my young girl... you dated Malfoy's young son, Draco." Voldermort said.

"Yes sir, but he dumpped me for that stupied little Weasley!" The young woman said.

"Hey hey hey, stop now. What is your name child?"

"Pansy Parkiston and I have to admit, I am much prettier than that ugly little Weaslette!" Pansy said screaming.

"And you...who are you?" Voldermort asked the medium size boy with bug eyes.

"I am Colin Creevy my lord...I am ready to serve you." Colin said bowing.

"Wait young boy... you don't have any realtion to Draco?" Voldermort said. Lucius looked at the boy.

"I use to date Virginia Weasley. Draco Malfoy stole her for me!" Colin said then he remembered Lucius was there.

"Oh I am sorry sir...no offense?" Colin said.

"None taken! Draco is a little basturd!" Lucius said.

"Well that little basturd and weaselette could kill me if they stay together that is why we recuirted you. Are you up to the chagellenge?" Voldermort asked.

"YES!" They both yelled.

"Anything to get my sweet Ginny back!" Colin said.

"Anything for my hot sexworthy Draco back!" Pansy cried.

"Well then...they have not arrived yet but they will soon. Then are plan is in motion." Voldermort said with a laugh. Pansy and Colin laughed back.


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