"We're here!" my mom said cheerfully.

"I'm speechless with enthusiasm." I said flatly, staring out the window.

The car stopped behind a moving van in front of a beautiful, white, Victorian style house.  I stepped out, smoothed my dress out of habit, and straightened my long braid.  My mom was busy playing the role of mover Nazi, so I took the opportunity to look around.

I noticed someone watching me from across the street.  No, not watching me, but checking me out.  Yes I know my ass is fine and all, but it's rude to check out your neighbors while they're moving in, it's much more interesting to check them out when they're washing their car.  There's less left to the imagination.

I felt my face get hot, if the guy hadn't been so hot with that messy brown hair and tight, black spandex, I would have shouted to fuck off, but since he was hot, I took the less insulting approach and flicked him off.

The hot stalker left and I turned to my mother.

"Mom…..we have perverts for neighbors." I whined.

"Oh stop it Duo, I saw you blushing.  In two months you'll be dating him."

I glared, something I'm not to good at.  People say I look similar to an aggravated chipmunk when I glare, so they always end up laughing instead of cowering in fear.

"You're probably the only mother in the history of mothers who teaches her son to be gay.  Are you aware of this?" I asked her, picking up the lightest thing I could find.

My mom glares back, and of course she gets the desired affect of me cowering in fear.  Damn that ain't fair!

She walked up to me and shook me hard.

"Be quiet!  This is the last time I'm moving because you let your secret out." she hissed.

"Eww…she spit on me again."

I looked away and shook her off.

"Oh right, it's not like I want them to know I'm really a guy." I snapped and stormed into the house.

You want to know the biggest problem with those damn Victorian houses?  They're too big, so every time a annoyed teenager storms off to be comforted and spoiled later, they get lost…kind of like me.

"Great, just where am I?  Why does mom insist on picking out big, houses?  And why do they always have ridiculous amounts of white in them?  It's like every where I go it's white! White, white, white!"

Yeah, you might want to get used to this, I talk to myself a lot.  Don't know why, but I just do, I also ramble quite often, like right now.  So just bear with me when I ramble, because I do it quite often.  Did I mention I was also very repetitive?

Finally I settled in a bedroom somewhere on the millionth floor, actually it was the second, but that's not the point.  Just like I mentioned earlier, my mother came in, comforted me then spoiled me with rocky road ice cream.  Life is good!

~Whenever the stupid alarm clock rang~

I reached out and slammed my fist on my alarm clock, it wasn't gonna last very long anyways.  Grunting, I rolled over to enjoy the comfort of my boxers a while longer and sleep.  Yup, you heard me right folks, enjoy the comfort of my boxers.  My mother has the nerve to even make me wear panties, she's insane I tell you!  A man can't even enjoy his own type of underwear around her!

I finally got out of bed and into some cloths when my mom threatened to cut my hair.  Alright, I hate the dresses, I loath the shoes, and despise the make up, but I love my hair and value it over my own life.  You touch it and you will die.  *chipmunk glare*

I hopped down the front steps pulling my shoe on with a piece of toast sticking out of my mouth.  The bus driver honked the horn for the hundredth time that morning and bore an odd resemblance to Elvis.

I took a seat on the bus and had this odd Chinese boy, apparently named Wu Fei, give me glances all the way to school.  What is it with people and staring at me?  I hate being a girl!  Oh wait…I'm not one, heh, never mind.

~At School~

"Class, we have a new student with us.  I'd like you all to make her feel welcome." my teacher told my new class.  She waved for me to come in.

I sucked up my breath, made sure I wasn't horny, because that would give me away right off the bat, and walked in.

I received a classic 'Hello, 'insert name here, not that we'll remember it.''

I waved back, as  girly as possible, that's when I spotted him.

"Oh gross, it's the hot peeping-tom from across the street.  Shit, did I just say he was hot!?  Jesus it's only the first day and already I'm falling for someone.  Can't I be straight for just one day?  Wait, no, that won't work, because everyone thinks I'm a girl, and if I like girls, then they'll think I'm gay when I'm technically not.  So does that mean I'm sort of straight everyday?  Wait, now I'm confused, what was the question?"

I stood up there for the longest time, trying to re-determine my sexuality, then the stupid, hot, stalker just had to ruin my train of thought by waving his fingers and smirking at me.  I smiled sweetly, and gave my usual response of flicking him off.  Oh the bright ideas I have.

"Miss Maxwell!" the teacher snapped.

"Shit!  Busted! Damn you hot, stalker boy!" I curse in my head.

"Err…yes Mrs. Brenkit?" I ask timidly, one perk of being a girl, the more innocent you appear, the more slack you receive. 

"I'm afraid we do not accept such rude behavior here, even with new students.  Detention." 

A pink detention slip was then taped to my forehead. 

I sulked over to my seat, muttering to myself.

Homeroom through third period was pretty uneventful.  The only think worth mentioning was my stalker, who is apparently named Heero, got a pink slip to the forehead for punching the guy behind him.  A moody one my stalker is.

~A Random Hallway~

I was rushing down the hallway, nose buried in my schedule.  I had no idea where my next class was, I swear they moved the stairs!  Anyways, here I am rushing along the hallway, and BOOM, I crash into someone.  Guess I set myself up for that one, it's weird how all these cartoon gags seem to apply themselves to me.

Books and papers went everywhere.

"Oh gosh!  I'm so sorry miss1  Are you alright?" a high, male voice asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied, rubbing me nose which I hit at some point in the crashing process and gathered up my books.

Whoever they were, they were very polite and offered me a hand.  I willingly took it.  The boy was thin, had short blonde hair and round blue-green eyes.

He smiled at me.

"Hello, my name is Quatre Winner.  I'm so sorry for running into you like that." he apologized.

"No sweat.  I'm Duo Maxwell." I said, shaking his hand.

"Maxwell…wait, you're the new girl aren't you?"

I nodded.

"Yep, that's me.  The completely lost, new girl."

Quatre handed me back my schedule, grinning me.

"Well Miss Maxwell, we have the next class together, mind if I show you the way?"

I gave a deep bow.

"I am completely in you debt, master." I said, attempting sarcasm.

Quatre laughed nervously and lead the way.

"Oh, it's nothing.  And you don't have to call me master.  I already have someone who does that in the-"  He stopped and stared at the floor uncomfortably.

I couldn't believe what he was about to say.  I shot Quatre an odd look then cracked up.

"You have a love slave!?  That's hilarious!  Who is it?  Can I meet them?  Do there wear naughty outfits for u?"  I continued with my questions causing my new friend to look like a tomato.

"You think very weird thoughts for a girl." he mumbled.

I nodded and continued with my questions, wondering if I could actually turn him into a tomato, great now I'm making myself hungry.

Little did I know that hot, stalker boy was nearby.  He didn't make his presence known until…


"OWW!! WO THE HELL DID THAT!?"  I screamed and turned around, ready to smack the person who touched my wonderful hair.

I came face to face with Heero.

He smirked at me again.

 Ii gave him my best rodent glare.


He continued smirking and walked away.

"See you in detention baka." he shouts back.



Quatre laid a hand on my shoulder, sighing.

"And a new victim is chosen…"

To Be Continued…

~*Author's Note's:*~

Hey ppl!  Im bak!  And this time with a 1x2 fic, my favorite couple!  Heh, it was originally written from third person and called Girls Ain't What you think…but I didn't like it so much, so I redid it.  Heh, what can I say, im a picky writer.  Til next chappie! Ja!