Fate of Awakening Love

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She looked around, shading her eyes from the glare of the suns. So much had happened in only a few short weeks. Ever since the town hit the underground spring, life had changed for everyone. Soon after water entered their lives news began to spread as other towns came across the water they had all thought was gone forever. Life was much more pleasant. People were happier, more willing to live, more excepting of the dry desert planet they lived on. Even though they all knew the water was precious they couldn't help but throwing colossal water celebrations every few days.

Yes, life would have been perfect, if only he were here to celebrate along with everyone else. 'Where are you Vash?' She wondered of the nth time to herself. Meryl knew he'd return to her and Millie someday. She knew it in her heart. She just wanted to know when. It had already been weeks and if he didn't return soon enough she'd have to return to the Insurance Society. Watching him was her job and because he'd been gone so long she hadn't been able to send in a report. She knew her boss was getting tired of waiting and frankly so was she.

Sighing she headed back into the small little house the town had kindly let her and Millie stay in. She found Millie at the kitchen table eating one of her many cups of pudding.

Grudgingly she sat down next to her friend. "Millie, would you hand me one of those?"

"Sure thing Meryl!" Millie exclaimed excitedly. "Here you go." She said as she passed a pudding cup to the petite girl.

"Thanks." Meryl said as she opened the cup and began taking small mouthfuls of the creamy delectable. "Its another wonderful day. The towns getting ready to throw another water party."

"I know, I'm excited! There so much fun don't you think so?" Millie looked over at her best friend who did not seem to have heard her. "Don't worry Meryl, he'll come back soon. I know he will!"

The raven haired women snapped back to reality. "I don't doubt it Millie, I'm just curious as to what's taking so long. What do you suppose he's doing out there?" She asked, but the question wasn't particularly aimed at Millie as more as a thought out loud.

As Millie was about to respond a little auburn haired boy with hazel eyes ran into the house without knocking. "Miss Meryl! Miss Millie! That man, the one you came with! I can see him headed this way!" Both Meryl and Millie stood up discarding the half eaten pudding cups and ran outside along with the little boy.

The entire town it seemed had paused their excitement to watch as this man they knew as Vash the Stampede walk into their town looking tired yet determined, with a clearly unconscious body slung over his shoulder.

Both Millie and Meryl walked towards him. His face was solemn but as soon as he lifted his head his face broke into a smile. "Insurance Girls! Boy it's nice to see some familiar faces again!" He announced happily. He carefully put his brother on the ground.

'Vash'.Meryl thought. 'It's about time.but who is this man with you?'

"Mr. Vash!" Millie cried as she wrapped her arms around him. He returned her hug with an even bigger one and an even bigger and rather goofy grin. He soon let go of Millie and looked over at Meryl who stood cautiously behind Millie.

He smiled. "Hey Meryl."

"Vash." She responded with a slight nod. Though her heart was screaming to lunge at him in a huge hug similar to Millie's her brain got the better of her and told her to remain restrained. She put her hands on her hips. "Now what has been taking you so." She didn't get to finish her sentence before Vash pulled her in a hug, swinging her around tightly.

This time her anger got the better of her as she knocked him right in the head.

"Owie!" He whined. "I've been gone for weeks and this is my welcome?!"

"That's right! You were gone for weeks! We've heard nothing of you Vash. Not even the usual reports of you merely passing through a town!" In all her anger she never thought to mention the muscular, oddly familiar looking body on the ground until Millie pointed it out.

"Mr. Vaash who is that?" She asked pointing at his brother.

"Oh yeah! Girls this is my brother, Millions Knives!"

He watched as both Meryl's and Millie's eyes widened. "You brought that psychopath here!" Meryl yelled and suddenly became aware that the townspeople were still watching and listening with curious eyes and ears. "Let's go inside to talk about this."

"Meryl, you and Vash go ahead, I have to get to work." Millie pointed out. The smaller girl nodded.

"That's right Millie. Have a good shift."

"I will!" She said as she started walking backwards waving. "Bye Mr. Vash! It's nice to have you back! I'll see you tonight and we can all catch up!"

"Bye Millie!" Vash waved back. He then bent down to pick up Knives who stirred to Meryl's alarm but did not awaken. Together in silence they walked into the small house. Though both Meryl and Millie were still representatives of the Bernadelli Insurance Society they both chose to pick up part time jobs on the side as they waited for Vash's return. That and they believed it was only right to pay rent for staying in the towns little house.

"You wouldn't guess it from the outside but this small house has three bedrooms." Meryl stated as they walked to one of the back bedrooms where Vash, with care, placed Knives on the bed.

She looked at Knives. "Millie and I can share a room so that your brother can have his own while he rehabilitates." She looked up at him. "That is what you want right? For him to get better?" He nodded.

"I appreciate this Meryl. I can tell you'd rather not have him here."

"He's better off here where you can keep an eye on him then anywhere else." She bit her lip. "He isn't really THE Knives? The one who made you destroy July and."

Vash cut her off. "Yes. But things can be different now." Meryl looked over at Knives with disbelief.

'A man can not go from wanting to end all humanity to turning over a new leaf in such short time. It's just not possible.' She thought to herself. "Well let's let him rest." She said this dismissively as if she didn't care if they left the room or not, but inside she wanted out. Now that Vash had confirmed who he was she didn't want to be near him.

Had they left a split second later they would have noticed the light blue eyes of Millions Knives flicker open.


As they left him alone and sat in the living room Meryl realized how awkward it was to have him around without Millie or Wolfwood. Then she noticed something.

"Where's your infamous red coat?" She asked curiously.

"I don't need it anymore. So I left it in the desert."

She was astonished, that red coat had so much meaning to Vash. "But why? What happened out there? Why is your brother in such a bad state?"

"We just got into a little fight. I got hurt too, that's why I didn't come back right away. I needed to heal first." He stood. "Do you have any donuts? I'm REALLY hungry!" Meryl shook her head. Vash obviously did not want to talk about what happened between his brother and him in the desert. He pouted at the thought of no donuts but then he broke in a smile.

"Well then I'll just go buy some now! You can look after Knives for me while I'm gone right?"

"WHAT?!" Meryl yelled jumping up.

"It's okay Meryl. He's not going to wake up. Even if he did he won't try anything on you, he'll be in too much pain and he's not good with pain. So watch him for me and I'll be back as soon as I can!" With that, bubbling in his thoughts of eating his delicious donuts he left Meryl alone with his beyond over the line psychotic brother.


"Humans." Knives spat out. He was fully awake now and fully aware of the seething pain coming from all over his body. 'He has the nerve to almost kill me and then he brings me HERE.a place infested in the stench and sound of human vermin. When I'm well enough.' He stopped his thought as he heard footsteps coming in the direction of his room.

He listened as the door knob slowly turned and watched from his peripheral vision as a short raven haired woman with light grey eyes peeked in his room. Right away, upon seeing him awake staring at the ceiling her body tensed. He felt that and smiled inwardly. She was afraid. 'As she should be.' He thought to himself. But instead of leaving she approached him.

"You're awake. Looks like your half wit brother was wrong." She stated plainly. 'So she knows Vash. Not surprising, he's always mooning over the spiders.' Knives thought to him self disgusted with her presence.

Meryl shifted. Wondering what was going on in that brain of his. "Do you want something to eat while you wait for Vash?"

He finally turned his head to get a good look at the woman. The look in his eyes was calm but threatening. But he did not respond to her question. She put her hands on her hips annoyed. Sure she was a little frightened by the man but he was an injured man and she could tell by his body language that it hurt him.

"I'll take your threatening silence as a yes. Most people are hungry after sleeping. I'll be right back with some soup. After you eat I can re- bandage your wounds. Knowing Vash you're probably wearing the same dressings from weeks ago."

"I do not want your kind touching me." He said simply.

Meryl jumped at the sound of his voice. It wasn't at all as she had expected. Not dripping with the hate for humans she had imagined. It was unruffled.

"Tell someone who cares. Vash for some reason wants you to get healthy again so I plan to help him in any way I can. I'll be back with your soup momentarily." She turned on her heel and left his room.

'Hm.' He thought. 'A spirited spider. I'll crush that as soon as I'm better. But you shall only be the beginning. When all these bullet holes are healed the first one to go will be you, and then that blonde idiot who did this to me.'


Vash left the store smiling and humming the tune that was his and Rem's favorite song. He had bought 5 dozen donuts. He figured Meryl wouldn't be too happy about that but he got some he thought even she would like. It was great to be back among the girls. He had not realized how much he would miss them. Especially her.'Meryl' he thought. He had seen her as a rebirth of Rem, but she was not Rem, she was her own person.

He found himself thinking about Meryl more often. Her smile, her laugh even her face when she got angry or frustrated with him. He was happy just to be near her. The more he thought about her the more he realized he was foolish to have left her alone with his brother. Unconscious or not Knives was not a plant to leave with humans. He began to speed his pace down the dirt road. He had to get back to Meryl.


Meryl didn't allow her mind to wander about all the people Knives had killed. What good would this type of worrying do? Besides in his current condition he was a threat to no one. She took his hot soup up to his room where she stopped at the door to take a deep breath and knocked.

She heard nothing and took this as a sign to enter. Carefully balancing the hot bowl in one hand she opened the door and walked into the room where she put the bowl down on the side table. Glancing over at Knives she found he wasn't even looking at her but out the window, looking at some children who were having a water balloon fight.

'Probably thinking about how to kill those innocent children.' She thought in disgust.

"Actually the thought hadn't crossed my mind but it's not such a bad idea." He said with an eerie edge of hate in his voice.

"You read my mind?!" She asked in aghast.

"The blonde peace loving idiot didn't tell you? I can do that." He sneered. Meryl shook her head.

".anyway here's your soup, it's my own recipe." She watched as Knives gave it a look of pure repulsion. "You don't have to eat it if you're not hungry. I can put it in the fridge and save it for later."

"Don't bother. Just throw that crap away. I'm not even hungry spider. No one asked you to make this pathetic meal." As he said this his stomach gave away his lie and rumbled at the smell of the soup.

Meryl smirked. She watched as he continued to eye the substance in the bowl. "I get it, you can't feed yourself. I don't know why I did not see that before."

"I can feed myself fine!" He barked as Meryl reached for the spoon giving her a hard glare.

She glared back. "Fine then, I'll just stay here until you finish eating!"

Wanting nothing more for this inferior to leave him be, Knives attempted to lift his arm to the bowl but shot it back down to his side as the throbbing pain in his arm reached its climax. He bit his lip to keep from howling in agony.

"As I thought, you can't even lift an arm." She picked up the cooling bowl with one hand, placed the spoon in the soup, and brought the spoon to his lips. Which were pressed tightly together in a frown and menacing glare.

Sighing in frustration she put the spoon back in the bowl and lowered it to her lap. "You have to eat sometime." He said nothing. "Very well Knives, don't eat. Starve to death and do mankind that one glorious favor."

At the thought of helping humans he averted his eyes back out the window and opened his mouth, tasting the hot soup Meryl gently fed to him. 'Its actually.good.' He thought to himself.

Soon enough Knives was fed and Meryl got up to get the bandages. Staring at him she knew this was going to be difficult. It was enough to let her feed him but to have to touch him and clean his wounds to give him fresh dressings.that was another story.

He too seemed to see this dilemma. "Well get to it!" He snarled. He didn't want her touching him, and yet he could feel he was caked in his own blood and the feeling nauseated him.

Reddening more than she thought was humanly possible she began to help Knives strip off his shirt and his pants, leaving him in nothing more than his undergarments. While helping him out of his clothes she heard the gasps of pain that escaped his mouth and she tried to be as careful as she could.

When all his necessary clothes were off she got some soap and warm water and began cleaning off the dried blood and fresh blood that covered his body. It was all so awkward she wanted to make conversation to steer her thoughts away from his perfect figure but every time she brought up something he ignored her and didn't respond. So they ended up in compete silence.

As she leaned over him to clean his other side she dropped her cloth on the floor. "Damn." She muttered to herself and leaned further over Knives to reach for it. When she had finally gotten a hold of it, she became aware of the interesting position she was in. She was looking directly into Knives face and not even he could avoid her eyes as they were so close. Meryl's face turned a crimson red while Knives face remained unemotional.

"Uh, sorry." She murmured, and yet didn't make an attempt to move.

"Get off me human." Knives finally spoke out.

"I said I was sorry! No need t be so rude!" She shot back.

Soon as she was about to comply to Knives command, his door swung open loudly and both she and Knives turned to see Vash's arms loaded with a bag of donuts. Upon looking at Meryl and Knives he dropped his bag with a look of utter disbelief.


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