How Many?

Daniel's Disclaimer: The two characters and the third they allude to in this fic are totally fictional. These 100 words are simply an idea I had about them. But they're still not mine, ok? (BTW, just in case you live under a rock, they belong to RUMIKO TAKAHASHI).


Inu-Yasha grunted and pulled himself out of the ground.

"You shouldn't fight her every time she wants to go home," Miroku advised him lightly.

"Feh." Inu-Yasha replied sourly. "What the hell could she be doing that's so important?"

"She's explained time and again that her future relies on how well she does in school, Inu-Yasha." Miroku sighed, launching into the lecture on 'status' again.

"Feh." Inu-Yasha growled back, more frustrated and angry than usual.

".What is it now, Inu-Yasha?" Miroku sighed.

"I'm just wondering how many bloody villages Naraku's gonna lay waste to while she's gone THIS time." Inu-Yasha growled.


DG: I wonder if I'm the only person that ever asked that?