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Double-length: Two hundred words, this time. Deal with it.

Kagome sighed, sinking down on the plastic chair next to Sango.

"So, let me get this straight." Sango said, disbelieving. "Your dad said no matter who your next boyfriend is, he won't disapprove."

"Yeah, but that means leaving Kouga." Kagome responded.

"Well, it's obvious." Sango said. "Your next boyfriend will have to be so terrible personally that he'll make Kouga look good by comparison."

Kagome sighed. "So bad, daddy will have to let me go back to Kouga."

"Exactly!" Sango pursed her lips. "But he can't actually be abusive. We should hire someone to just play along."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Miroku could do it."

Sango grunted. "First, he's already my boyfriend, and second, your dad can see through him, so he actually likes the pervert."

They sighed.

Miroku slipped into the booth next to Sango. "Sorry I'm late. One of the guys I council listed me as a reference on a job application and they called me."

"Who?" Sango asked, curious.

"Inu-Yasha." Miroku said.

"Where have I heard that name before...?"

Miroku sighed. "He's the thug. Trying to get his life back together. Heart of gold, but his nickname in prison was 'killer.'"

Sango's eyes lit up.

Kagome groaned.

This idea is stolen from a movie that Ceech (from Ceech and Chong) starred in. He played a Mexican that immigrated to Australia (that's right, Australia). He got a minimum wage job in a Mexican restaurant because he was cursing in Spanish in the alley behind it and the owner wanted a real Mexican to give the place authenticity. Ceech accepted; he'd been cursing in the alley because the job he'd moved to Australia for was withdrawn from him.

Anyway, also in this movie there was a wealthy Australian heiress, aged 23 or so, that had a father that didn't approve of any of her boyfriends (the audience was supposed to agreed with dad, BTW, since they really were creeps). The dad agreed to approve of the next boyfriend, no matter what, if she dumped the current one. So she decided to go hire the absolute worst boyfriend ever so her dad would relent and let her go out with the first guy.

Guess what happens next!

Yeah, Ceech becomes a member of the Australian aristocracy. He fit right in, since, you know, Australia was a penal colony, and Ceech was from Mexico. Not to rip on Mexico, I was happy when Venezuela Fox took office, but he hasn't exactly come through with sweeping reform.