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Chapter 1

It was my first day of school. Here in this awful place almost like a college. I'm in a high school though. Oh well. It's not like I had a choice it was either here or with some foster parents. I witnessed a horrible crime. If I tell I die. Sure the man who did it, my father, is in jail. But I believe as soon as I tell He'll find a way to kill me.

That is why I'm a mute. Yes, I am perfectly capable of talking I just don't. Why? Because I witnessed a horrible crime. What is the crime you ask? My so called Father killed my sister and mother. You're all thinking well he's in jail for it right?

Wrong. He's in jail for raping a teenage girl outside Scruffy's bar. The last words I heard from him are you tell about them I kill you. Shivers still go down my spine from seeing those images. So now I'm here, mother and sister on the missing people list and my father in jail. So what do the police do with an under-aged individual who wont talk, haven't finished high school and has no where to go? Send them to this hell hole of a school. It's like a college and people actually pay to go here!

They sent me here early so here I am living in a high school dorm during the summer when it's supposed to be closed off. But they made the exception for me. "Joey? I brought you your lunch." A young woman said. That's another thing, I'm not allowed to leave this room. At least not until the school starts. It sucks. Sure I have the biggest damn room in the whole school but try living in there alone. With a computer, games system, radio, and of course a sketch pad.

I used them all a lot. I'd rather draw. I cant wait for school to start so I can find a person I could never possibly touch. I cant touch anyone, especially since most of them wouldn't be caught dead hanging with a mute punk. I'm allowed to wear whatever I like here. Don't know why but happy for the privilege of wearing real clothes instead of those crappy blue and with uniforms. I look at my lunch it sits there untouched like always along with this mornings untouched breakfast.

Food. Something that I love so much but don't want to eat or touch. I don't deserve to eat. I let him kill my sister. I let him kill my mother. I should've stopped him. Because I am weak he is strong I am right and he is wrong. And the bad guys always get better powers than the gay Hero. Well anyway, enough of that. One more week until kids come. This is the first time I was so eager to go to school.

The same woman from before came in. "Joey, why don't you eat?" She asked sternly. Hmph, see if that gets you anywhere bitch. I cant speak with sign language, I don't owe you no answers, I don't feel like talking to you go away. To prove it I got up and glared then walked off. Same thing everyday. Same question same answer. Stop coming in here and leave me alone.

She sighed got up and left. Haha! Score! Joey 18 ugly slut teacher 0! In your face! I feel dizzy so I lay down and rest. But even then I cant escape. I'm imprisoned. No one seems to mind and it's not like someone is here to bail me out.

I don't know how long I was out for. But I had nothing but a fresh breakfast place on the table next to the door. I just look away and look in the mirror. The date on the clock said there was only 3 days left to wait for school to open. Wait! Only 3 days!? How long did I sleep!? I shook my head. Oh well I haven't slept In a week.

I should be glad I slept so long. I change my clothes I don't know why I bother. "Joey, you don't mind that the students today are moving in their dorms today and I hope you don't mind sharing this room" She took the plate and left. I grinned she finally got the point. Then it registered in my mind. WAIT! I have to share a room with some stranger? Great. They'll probably some loud mouth brat with freckles, buck teeth, and ugly glasses that are too big for their face that'll try to make me talk.

Oh well. Lost cause there but who's gonna tell them? Not me. Then I here the door open. I don't move I still sit on the edge of my bed. I look at the door. If it's that teacher I swear I'm going to attack her. But then I see a cold pair of blue eyes stare at me coldly. Damn. This guy is hot. Perfect art subject. Oh a small fact I forgot to mention I'm Bi. I enjoy boys over girls though. Heh, oh well.

He lays down his dark blue suit case on the empty bed I don't even care to touch or sit on. He pull out a whole bunch of things and is settled within minutes. I have to admit I was surprised but I shook it off almost immediately. "I suppose I have to share a room with you I should properly introduce myself. I am Seto Kaiba You should call me Kaiba unless you're on a death wish and who are you?" I stare at him.

He looks aggravated. "I suppose you don't have any manners" I pull out my white board and I write in my chicken scratch writing that I'm Joey Wheeler. He reads it then looks at me. "Can you talk" I nodded. "Then why don't you?" I wrote on the board: I'm a mute. He nods then ignores me. I knew it. The fine popular cant be around a mute. I'll bet by tomorrow he'll be gone.

I watched him. All his movements were graceful, he was perfect. From what I seen he's nothing but perfect. I want to capture this so I take out my sketchbook and draw. I drew for what I thought was an hour then I looked up to see Mr. Blue eyes gone from his laptop which was sitting on his bed. "May I ask why you were drawing me?" I jumped and stared at him like he was mad. I rolled my eyes and walked away. I didn't care anymore. I'm bending this gay rule and leaving this damn room. I went in the bathroom and dressed in my usual manner.

All black, hair spiked, chains hanging from my neck and pants. Disturbed on my shirt and baggy ass black pants. No my clothes aren't usually all black but today I felt like it. I walked out of the bathroom. Kaiba looked up from his laptop. "I suppose you like to look like a freak not that you had to wear all that stuff to be one anyway" I flick him off and leave. I walk down the hall quietly. My world is so gray. Dark gray like smoke clouds on one of those factories. Many people stare at me. I hear them all whisper. I feel their eyes burn into my skin.

I see their hateful glares. I see their confused looks. I see them. I continue to walk when a girl stops me. No not a girl. The ugly woman hag who visited my room everyday since I came to this stupid place. "Joey what are you doing out from you're room?" No luck today bitch. I don't talk and I don't have my white board with me.

I glare at her not meaning to put actual hate in it, but the hate was in my eyes I could feel it. She backed off. "Mr. Wheeler be back in your room soon please or I'll have the school board on your back" she then hurried off. I don't care to watch her go I walk letting my feet lead the way. I look around me seeing the surroundings has changed into a crowded hallway into a deserted pond. It was still. Like as if it weren't even alive. I walk over to the rather large pond. I see things swim around the water is so clear.

It was like living a dream. Around the pond were bare Sakura trees since it wasn't spring yet. This place must be a wonder in the spring. How could such a beautiful place be so deserted? I look to make sure the school is still behind me. It is. I look through the glass doors which were abandoned like this place was cursed. I walk to the pond and sit by it. I wonder what the water feels like? It looks like glass. I dip my fingers into the pond, creating several small ripples. I saw fish swim off and some hide. Some froze. They remind me of me.

My fingers are my father. The fish are me, Serenity and mother. Frightened by the man. The ripples are him affecting other people. I pull my fingers away from the water and wipe the cold water on my shirt. The pond was still again already. Not making a move. The world around me slowly darkens. I stand up and walk back into the building taking one last look at the pond, because it is possible that I may never find it again. I roam through the halls that are crowded as ever with all these cheerful loud obnoxious people. I look around and attempt to find my room. When I hear that all too familiar voice.

"Mr. Wheeler? Do you need help finding your room?" I look at her. The woman who I didn't like because she annoyed me and tried to make me eat. But now I notice it's her job to try. I look at her she looks weary from lack of sleep and she has dark tan skin with black hair. I nod. She directs me through the hall and then before I know it she's at my room. She leaves again before I even open the door.

When I enter the room I find it quiet but the sound of fingers flying across the laptops keyboard. I look at my room mate Kaiba. He looks up as he hears the door shut. "Hey mutt" He says then sees my glare. He smirks. I know he was going to say mute I know he'll call me a mutt for the rest of the year now. I plop down on the bed. Thinking about my life. Thinking about all those times he told me I'm not worth the air I breath. He as being in my Father.

I love him as a father. I always have I always trusted him. It tore me to pieces to see him change. But I cant change him now. I cant even fix myself. I'm broken. Life sucks. Wouldn't it be easy just to end it all? Just to leave without a trace into the deep blue of the sea. Get eaten by a shark or something then never be found. I'd finally be free. My small cage is getting smaller it seems. "Mr. Wheeler?" I hear a woman's voice. Most likely the same lady as before. Now I have respect for her. I don't know why. I look her way to show I'm listening to see Kaiba is standing next to her.

I grab my white board. What's your name I write. "Isis, Isis Ishtar call me Ms. Ishtar If you will" I nod. "Well I'm here to tell you the last bit of your things are here" I smile. The happiest I could be with the reason I'm here. Two men bring it in. They look like they're related to Isis. They lay my electric guitar against the wall, a few boxes by the end of the bed and lay a few more next to my suitcases. Then they leave. "Mr. Wheeler, welcome to your new house" Isis said smiled then disappeared behind the door. I unpack my things into the dresser.

"You play?" The stupid jerk named Kaiba said behind me obviously referring to my guitar. I used to I quickly write on the white board then return to unpacking. "Why'd you stop?" I flicked him off and he smirked. Damn him I wish I could just beat the shit out his sorry rich ass. I finish unpacking within a hour. I go into the bathroom to wash the glue out of my hair.

I turn the water on finding it to be already somehow perfectly adjusted to warm and let it run trough my hair until all the glue is gone. I pull my shirt off and all my chains and set them carelessly on the floor next to my bed. Life is boring when your world is gray. But then you don't have a stuck up room mate like Seto Kaiba. He glares at me again as if he never again will try to open up his hard head and let me in. "What happened to your Mohawk and chains?" I roll my eyes and shift my position on the bed. This is gonna be one long year. I can tell just by the look in my room mates glares.

It feels like only a few minutes before I awake to the sound of my ever so loud alarm. I immediately smash it up against the wall and get out of bed. I walk to the dresser pull out some clothes throw them on then turn around to see an already awake Kaiba sitting by his perfectly made bed working on the desk with that stupid laptop. He chuckles. "Nice show mutt next time don't smash the clock and you'll look much more appealing." I flick him off again then here him chuckle again. Someone knocked on the door.

Lucky for Kaiba I was getting ready to wipe that smirk off his face with Mr. Fist. I open the door to see Isis standing there with my breakfast I turn my head away. She sighs and sets it on the same table as always by the door. "Why don't you eat? You're already pale as a ghost from staying hidden for so long. Eat and get some meat back in those bones of yours" she almost pleaded. I shake my head no and grab my chains off the floor leaving Isis to run off as usual or come in. Her choice not mine. I brush out my hair being too lazy to spike it and letting the streaks of red and black hair run free.

She does something totally unexpected. She turns to Kaiba and asks him for help. What the hell is going on here? Do they think He'll do any better than she? No he'll do worse I have no intrest in even looking at him let alone listen. Kaiba nods and she leaves. He grabs the tray of food then walks over to me. I let the fire of my anger rest calmly in my eyes. He pins me down. I go to shove him off, but end up to weak. Oh well faster I get weak the easier it'll be for me to disappear into the sandy floor of the sea.

He goes to shove food in my mouth and succeeds. Don't congratulate yourself yet Kaiba you under estimate me you get it spit back in your face. Literally. I spit my food out which hits him in the face I smile as he pulls away wiping those blue eyes of his I run. Run off down the halls making clanking sounds every step because of the chains bumping. I run through the crowded hall. Through the empty one. And up the stares to another crowded hall. The people look to see what all the racket is.

I got stopped. By the last person I expected to see today. The same guys from yesterday. One of them just leaned against the wall he had spiky hair. The other one told him he was leaving grabbed my arm and walked me down a few halls. We stopped in the main hall which was fairly full and sat down on an empty bench. "Hey my names Malik Ishtar I know you don't talk but I know you're Joey Wheeler and you aren't supposed to leave your room." He said grinning. I nodded and he handed me note pad and paper. "It's for if you want to talk to me or someone and you don't have a white board."

I look at it then shrug. "So you have to live here too?" I write yes. "That makes two of us want to go get something to eat?" I don't eat. "Oh, well that's cool lets get away from these people they drive me crazy!" I nod in agreement. "You're pretty cool to bad you're stuck with a snob" We walk off as if we owned the place. It felt good. I think we'll become good friends over time.

Hours later. I mean late we came back. The halls were practically deserted when we went walking down my hall. "Well see ya some where Joey I'm off" I nod and enter my room. Kaiba sits there. On my bed. I glare. He smirks. I lose it and jump on it. I see red dark red and I throw punches around like silver bullets. Someone looks in the door and screams fight. People come running but I don't seem to stop, notice or care. I kick I punch I feel his and my own blood ooze down my hands and a little on my lip.

Isis runs in trying to get people to go back in their dorms and out of her hair. Malik and His buddy run in and pull us apart Malik holding me back and his spiky look-a-like got Kaiba. I spit at Kaiba hitting him right in the face. He starts cussing at me and I start feeling dizzy. Oops I think I used too much energy I fall limp in Malik's arms hearing get a nurse and me shaking my head no.

I hover between the conscious and unconsciousness. Hearing screams that weren't there in reality but feeling it tremble through my veins. Serenity's screams. My mom's screams. Not mine. I'm silent. I cant scream not even in nightmares. I feel My Mom hold me and I cuddle into her arms. They're warm and welcoming like hot cocoa on winter nights. I feel my father kneeling down next to me with Serenity staring down on me. I'm here now my sister. I wont let you go. I jump and hug her not letting go.

Her arms are as warm as usual. They always were. She's hesitant to hug me back but I don't mind.

I don't let go. Then my hazy eyes open up and instead of seeing my sister's warm brown caring eyes. I see flustered glowing blue eyes. I look around and see a crowd staring at me along with Isis, Malik and his look-alike. I immediately let go and scramble away. Isis looks knowingly what I saw. Well I cant be sure but I feel she knows. She and her brother shoo everyone out then leaves herself.

"What was that about?" Kaiba asked obviously flustered and confused. I write it's none of your business then lay on my bed. I feel hungry. Kaiba stares at me wide eyed and in a way I cant identify. "Fine but at least eat." He said and threw a choco taco at me. I look at him then eat it greedily. He shakes his head not even bothering to smirk as if he knew I would eat it then goes back to work on that stupid laptop of his.

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