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"Oh, I'm sor-" the elderly woman stopped in mid word at the look on the pale faced girl's expression.

"Yeh watch where yer goin, yeh old hag!" She replied, the woman looked appalled, glared at the teen, and then turned her cart around and walked back down the isle in a huff. This made Pane smile viciously, her tall lean frame resuming the business of marching confidently through the shopping center with an ease and grace of a natural athlete. Her long black hair was pulled into a ponytail, held back by a black band with a skull on it. Her black leather vest hung loosely over a red T Shirt with the words 'Fuck Off' in bold black letters, which offended more people than she herself did, which was quite allot. Dark blue jeans, almost black, were so loose and baggy they looked like they could have hidden anything in the world, though all they really hid was a watch and a small black hand-gun.

The only jewelry Pane wore was a silver chain, with a beautiful silver dragon hanging off it, its ruby red crystal eyes glaring at everything in front of it, a perfect symbol for the confident faced girl. As she approached the Customer Service Desk she fingered the handle of her gun, it had one shot in it, that's all she allowed herself in a hold up. The rest would be up to her natural skills and gifts.

Pane knew that many mutants hated their mutations, what set them apart from the world of normal humans, which made their lives difficult and hard. Many would love to make their gifts go away so they could go back to being normal people, but Pane was not most people and she loved her gifts, being able to jump twenty feet straight into the air and having reflexes so fast she could dodge bullets made her life easier, and she took full advantage of them every chance she got.

"May I, uh, help you?" The clerk, a kid perhaps seventeen with too many zits to count and a brown mop of hair to match his stupid expression asked, looking at the dragon, shirt, and cold black eyes of the girl in front of him.

"Well, let's see, how much dough yeh got in tha liddle cash box kid?" she asked. The clerk was obviously slow to the take, as he just looked at her.

"What?" he asked. Time for Mr. Gun to make an appearance and stare out of its one black eye at Mr. Idiot behind the counter. The kid got the point.

"I asked, how much money yeh got?" Pane growled.

"I, I don't know... please don't kill me!" he said, shrinking back. Pale jumped onto the counter and swung her legs over, putting her knees up and leaning on them she looked the boy over again, he was even more of a wuss than she thought!

"Then why don't yer give it all to me? That shu' do fer now, less yeh want yer brains splattered on the wall afore I take it." She said, re aiming her weapon. Suddenly she smelled the overwhelming stench of urine, the kid had peed himself. But now he was shaking so much he was barely able to open the register, and no sooner had he handed her a bunch of loose bills when a shout came from behind them.

"Hey! There's a girl with a gun up there!" Pane spun around and saw several large men rushing over, the idiots were actually attempting to stop her! She laughed and leapt up into the air, careful not to hit her head on the ceiling, a full jump would take her right through it. Several people screamed and the word 'mutant', which made Pane laugh as she jumped right past the startled men.

Landing in an isle full of frozen food among several shocked and terrified customers. One man automatically reached out to stop her, but a hard kick in a tender area left him curled on the floor in pain while she leapt over several more isles, knocking one display over with a crash as canned fruit rolled everywhere. By now people were running as fast as they could out the exits, and the alarms screamed as some carried stolen food with them. The entire staff was also running, now that it was clear there was a mutant in the building with a gun nobody wanted to be in there with her.

Pane laughed and boldly sat cross legged in the open, counting her stolen money at a slow and relaxed pace. A few seconds later though, she heard one of the cans she had knocked ever moving, and ducked just as something sharp whizzed over her head. Spinning around and grabbing her gun again she came face to face with a rough looking man, who was both short and a mutant, judging by the long metal claws sticking out of his hands.

"Hey!" she yelped, jumping away and in her haste knocking over a display of Coke cans, sending the drinks flying everywhere like the fruit had. The man glared at her as she settled on the top of one of the refrigerators and looked down at him.

"What the hell are you doing, robbing this place?" the man demanded. Pane glared at him.

"What's it to yeh? Some people aint into jus shoppin' at a food store," she said. "An' I didn't rob yeh, so why you making this a problem fer me?" The man grunted, looked at her closely and smiled at the shirt's statement. Pane glared at him.

"It matters cause yer making it hard fer me to get out of here," he said. "Now why don't you get down from there and get outta here before the cops show up?"

Pale glared at him some more and didn't move, remaining in a crouching position with her gun in one hand and the money in her other. Noting this last fact she stuffed it into her jeans pocket, rattling the chains hanging off them and keeping her gun aimed at this strange mutant below her.

"Yeh get yer shit together and move, I aint goin till I do a bit more shopping." She growled. Suddenly a black woman with pure white hair and beautiful blue eyes poked her head out of one of the isles.

"Logan? What's going on?" she called. The man and Pane turned to look at her.

"Stay back, Ro!" he said in a warning voice, but it was too late. In three quick leaps Pane swept the bags of chips and other snacks off the top shelf where she landed, grinning down at the woman who backed up into the opposite rack, her eyes wide in fear and shock.

"ORORO!" The man called Logan bellowed; Pane heard him running towards them. She grinned wolfishly at the woman.

"Hey, Ro," she mimicked. "Yeh look like a fine catch fer that idiot, how much would he pay teh get yeh back, I wonder?" And with that she leapt down, slammed her gun handle down on the woman's skull and grabbed her body before it hit the floor just as Logan raced around the corner. Bellowing in rage he started forward but halted as the gun was pointed at Ororo's head.

"Yer get a step closer and yer broad dies, Log." She said, smirking. The man's face was a picture of pure fury, it was red and his eyes were wide and he seethed with anger. But he did not move forward, his eyes resting on the gun and her finger around the trigger. And then, before he could do anything else, Pane laughed and leapt over his startled head and breaking through the glass doors and windows that stood in her way, and then disappeared from sight, though she was not far enough away to hear Logan's yells of fury.


Logan was not only in a complete rage that the girl had captured Ororo, but humiliated that the teen in there had beaten him, the Wolverine! And now he was forced to go ask Xavier for help, who he had had a huge fight with earlier that morning. This was too much at stake though, if Ororo died it would be his fault because he had let the girl get past him and was not able to follow her after.

As soon as he got back to the car he grabbed the communicator and flipped it open, Charles Xavier's voice answered it almost immediately.


"Hey Chuck, we've got a problem."

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