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**************************************************************************** ****************

"Looks like yer liddle fuzzy friend ain't gonna 'ave a good night, Ro." She said. Ororo's eyes went wide as Pane lifted her gun to aim at Kurt.

"KURT! LOOK OUT!" Ororo screamed just as the gun went off. Kurt then vanished with a loud bamf and a puff of blue smoke that disappeared quickly into the night. Pane cursed and spun around.

"What the 'ell Ro? Yeh ruined my shot!" she said. Ororo just stared.

"You were going to shoot one of my best friends!" she said in a high- pitched voice. Pane snorted, but whatever she had to say was cut short as they heard a roar. Pane spun around just as Logan charged into the clearing around the cave, and spotting Pane, who was still in the cave entrance. Logan was now obviously in Wolverine mode, all six claws swinging at the teen, who ducked, dodged, and somehow blocked every single swipe, kicking Logan's calves so hard he toppled over, yelling in absolute fury.

"Don't mess with me," Pane growled, kicking him down the small slope, but before she could aim a red beam shot out of the trees, and she just barely dodged this unexpected attack in time. Logan was up in a flash as Scott, Kurt, and Jean emerged from the woods, moving cautiously towards Pane, who was still dodging Logan's frenzied attacks with apparent ease and total confidence.

"Can you get a shot Scott?" Ororo heard Jean ask.

"No, she's sticking too close to Logan," came the brown haired man's reply, though his hand was still near his visor.

"ORORO!" Kurt yelled. He seemed to be clutching his arm, and the white haired weather witch saw dark blood running down his sleeve. Instead of replying Ororo got closer to the cave entrance, trying to avoid Logan and Pane. Sticking her head out of the cave she signaled her friends and then pulled back to avoid the fight, which took up the entire entranced. Scott looked at Kurt.

"Can you get in there?" he asked. Kurt nodded and looked closely at the opening, and then he teleported away from them, appearing right next to Ororo. He smiled at her.

"Are you alright?" he asked. Ororo nodded, her eyes filling with tears as she looked at his arm, a large bullet hole in his shoulder looked extremely painful. But he turned so she couldn't see it and put his arm around her waist. "Hold on," he said.

Pane looked over just as the blue man put his arm around her captive, whispering something to her as she wrapped her arms around him.

"NO!" she yelled, firing her gun into Logan's stomach and making him grunt in pain, falling back a few feet.

"Logan!" Jean yelled. Then Pane spun around and took a huge leap towards Kurt and Ororo, grabbing Kurt's injured arm just as he teleported out of the cave. The trio reappeared next to Scott and Jean, rather, they fell on them and brought all five into a heap. Pane jumped out of the fray and grabbed Ororo's white hair, pulling her out of the group along side her and bringing her to her feet, pressing the nozzle of her gun to the woman's throat. As Jean, Scott, and Kurt untangle themselves they rose slowly to find Ororo, stricken with fear and clutching Pane's arm, which was choking her. Logan, who had started to run down the slope, slowed to a halt as Pane grinned at them, a large cut o her forehead staining Ororo's white hair.

"Yeh stay there, all of yeh!" she said wolfishly, grinning. Ororo whimpered softly as the gun pressed into her throat harder, but Pane ignored the weather goddess. "I'll kill Ro, yeh see if I don't. Shit, I'll kill all o' yeh but Ro'll be firs." The X Men froze.

"Kurt, can you get Ororo?" Scott whispered. The German shook his head slightly.

"She's hanging onto Ororo too tightly, I vould teleport both of them," he answered.

"Jean?" Scott asked again.

"Same problem," his girlfriend replied. Scott glared at Pane, who was now laughing and continuing to back into the woods.

"I'll rip that little kid into pieces," Logan growled.

"No!" Scott said. "She'll kill Ororo!"

"Got tha right," Pane laughed. "See, I got the gun, an' Ro, and yeh got nothin. The way Ro was actin, I thought yeh might be more o' a challenge." Logan growled but didn't move any closer. Scott stood up and lowered his hand, putting both in clear sight of Pane.

"What do you want?" he asked. "What'll get you to let Ororo go?" Pane giggled.

"Wot's yer name?" she responded. Scott looked at her for a moment before answering.

"Scott Summers," he finally said. Pane nodded.

"K, Sums, lissen up, cause I'm sayin' this once," Pane said. "Yeh'll get Ro when I'm dead, an' I'll get ou' then to. Till then we stuck here, I 'pose." Then she started laughing again, and Scott looked near defeat. For a tense moment they all stood still when Jean noticed Pane was slowly turning around so that hers and Ororo's backs were to the cave. The telepath couldn't understand why, but she quietly told Kurt, Scott, and Logan.

"Alright, prepare for anything team, but NO sudden movements!" Scott hissed, looking at Logan, who glared right back.

"So yeh gonna rescue Ro?" Pane called out again. "Righ, well good luck to yeh." Then she leaned in closer to Ororo and whispered in her ear.

"Well Ro, yeh've been the close's thing to a pal I've ever 'ad. Sorry bout all this," she said. Ororo gulped but suddenly, to everyone's amazement Pane turned around and shot her gun into the air several times. Then she grunted and threw Ororo away, towards her friends. Scott immediately took his shot, and it almost seemed that she had leapt on her own again, were it not for the optic blast carrying her and briefly highlighting her features in red.

Pane soared through the air, finally hitting the ground heavily and bouncing slightly before coming to a stop, where she lay still. The X Men all stared in tense amazement as they looked for any sign of life in Pane, but there was none. Logan walked forward and approached her, nudging her still form with his boot and growling. Pane didn't respond, her eyes still open and staring out into space. He turned around and shook his head.

"She ain't a threat anymore," he said. Jean helped Ororo up.

"Are you alright?" she asked. Ororo nodded and Jean walked over to Kurt.

"What about you? Let me see that wound," she said. Kurt winced.

"It's fine," he said. "Nothing. Vait, ouch, ouch!"

"Come on team, let's get back to the mansion." Scott said. Ororo gazed at Pane's body a moment longer and then followed her friends into the woods, trying to put the 'insane' girl out of her mind. Logan and Scott seemed to agree that Pane being dead was the best thing to happen, though Logan was resentful that he wasn't the one who had actually killed her, while Kurt continued to try and escape Jean, who was demanding to see the wound closer. Ororo looked at her friends for a long time and wondered what would have happened if Pane had pulled the trigger... what would they have done? This and a thousand other questions raced through the mind of Ororo all the way back to the mansion, and she welcomed the sight readily after her ordeal, accompanying Kurt to the med bay to be checked for any other injuries besides her head, which had started to ache again.

It was good to be home.


Back in the clearing Pane blinked and slowly sat up, wincing as she felt her burnt side tenderly. This was going to be a tough thing to deal with, but then, she could adapt. The teen smiled as she thought of what she could do for a new thrill, perhaps find out where Ro went and annoy her at her home....

**************************************************************************** ***************************

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