Jack and the Saiyan

Chapter 1: The Story: Part I

Jack takes a look at his map of the city. The map was given to Jack by some farmers. Jack was first to find a retired bounty hunter by the name of Boba Fett. He searched around the city and asked various locals. The locals pointed to a house, where the retired bounty hunter was staying. Jack appraoched the door and knocked on it. A man opened the door. Jack could tell that this was the retired bounty hunter he was looking for.

"What do you want?" asked the man.

"Are you Boba Fett?" asked Jack.

"Yes," said the man, "I am he. Come inside, tell me samurai, what brings you to these parts?"

"I would like to know about your fight with the saiyan the locals have been speaking of" said Jack.

The man stopped in shock.

"That saiyan ruined my career as a bounty hunter forever" said Boba Fett.

"May I ask you, why were you hunting him in the first place?" asked Jack.

"Alright I will tell" said Boba Fett, "it was several months ago that I heard of a warrior that pocess a time machine. I wanted to use the time machine so I could steal the richs of the galaxy."

"Can you tell me about the battle between you and the saiyan?" asked Jack.

"Sit down samurai" said Boba Fett, "and I shall tell you about the saiyan and his time machine."

The two sat down at the table inside Boba Fett's house. Jack began to listen carefully about his story with the saiyan.


The bounty hunter's story begin with Boba Fett looking at the map he stole from a commoner. Fett was interested in stealing money from various places in the galaxy, but he needed a time machine to complete it. But there was no such thing as time travel as it was impossible to do so. Fett was given the location of where the time machine was located. The bounty hunter scanned the city. Some parts of the city were in ruins, while in other parts of the city, reconstruction was starting.

"Hmm" said Boba Fett, "a battle must have taken place here. I better scout the area with my jetpack."

The bounty hunter turned on his jetpack and fly around the city. Then he noticed a large building with the words: Capsule Corp. on it. He could tell that this was the place to get the time machine. So he landed and walked toward the door. He knocked on the door once, and the door open. He noticed that a young man had answered the door. The man had pink hair, which was strange to the bounty hunter. The young man was also wearing a Capsule Corp. jacket as well and carrying a sword with him.

"I don't want to do this" said Boba Fett, "but I am here for the time machine people have been speaking about."

"For what purpose do you want to use it for?" asked the man.

"Just hand it over to me or else" said Boba Fett as he pointed his gun at the man.

"I hate to tell you this, but I am a super saiyan" said the man.

"Ha, you're bluffing" laughed the bounty hunter, "they're extinct!"

"If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you will get" said the man.

The bounty hunter and the saiyan walked into the open field of grass. Boba Fett wanted to finish this quickly, so he loaded up his rocket and aimed at the man. Then he fired his rocket at the man, but then a light came toward the rocket and destroyed it.

"What?!" cried Fett, "How could this be?!"

"I have to warn you" said the man, "I am a super saiyan. And by the way my name is Trunks."

Then Boba Fett became frustrated with the saiyan. He grabbed his gun and started to fire at the saiyan. The saiyan then dodged the red lasers.

"Stand still you runt!" shouted Fett.

"Maybe you should leave now" said Trunks.

"Never!" said Fett, "I came for that time machine and I am not leaving without it!"


"What happen next?" asked Jack.

"Be patient samurai" said Boba Fett, "we must rest. In the mourning, I will tell the rest of the story."

"And then will you give me the location of this warrior and his time machine?" asked Jack.

"Yes" said Fett, "but be warned for my story will have unfortnate consenquences if you do not heave my warning."

The two went to bed. Jack was too eager to hear the rest of the bounty hunter's story. But he wanted to be patient so he could hear the location of the time machine and return to the past to defeat Aku.