Chapter 4: Aku's Drones Attack, and Jack Heads Home

As Aku's drones were heading toward the city, they crossed over several canyons and mountain ranges. The drones crushed several rocks as they made their way to the city. When the drones finally arrived at the city, the people were in their shelters being protected by some armed soldiers as back ups. Jack and Trunks were outside waiting for the drones to come toward them.

"So have you fought this Aku before?" asked Trunks.

"Yes" replied Jack, "he is a very powerful shape-shifting wizard. We can not let his drones destroy that time machine of yours."

"I have already had my mother set the coordinates when Aku threw you in the future" said Trunks.

"Thank you" said Jack, "but I think we should deal with these drones, otherwise I won't even be able to use your time machine."

As the drones finally approached the city, Trunks had never seen so many drones all in one spot. So Trunks charged his kamehameha wave and fired the blast at the drones, destroying a whole row of Aku's drones. Jack leaped into action and took out his sword. He sliced several drones as they approached him. One by one, they were destroyed by Jack's blade. As two drones leaped out of nowhere, they strucked Jack to the ground. Trunks seeing this leaped to Jack's aid by firing some fireballs at the drones, destroying them. Jack got up to thank Trunks.

"Thanks, I owe you one" said Jack as he got himself up from the ground.

"Don't thank me yet" said Trunks.

Trunks then fired a ki blast from his hand at a drone that was about to launch a sneak attack against Jack from behind. Jack turned around only to see the destroyed parts of the drone. The other drones were getting fed up with this and started to surround the two warriors.

"Got any plans?" asked Jack to Trunks.

"Just one" replied Trunks.

Trunks then took out his Z-sword and slashed at several drones. Jack leaped into action and destroyed the drones using his sword. Two drones used their lasers at Jack, and managed to knock Jack across the ground. Trunks saw this and then used several ki blasts at the drones, destroying them both.

"I'll handle them" said Trunks, "I think they need to be taught a lesson. I'm going to go Super Saiyan II right here. So stay back."

Trunks charged up his power level until it reached Super Saiyan II. Jack before his eyes saw Trunks' hair go from purple to gold yellow in mere seconds. Trunks then threw his Z-sword and used his bare hands to destroy the drones.

"Go and head toward Capsule Corp. building" said Trunks, "I'll handle these drones."

"Right" said Jack.

Jack ran toward the Capsule Corperation building where Bulma was waiting for him.

"I have the time machine ready for you" said Bulma.

"Good" said Jack, "it's time Aku's reign on this world has come to an end. Are you sure your son can handle himself out there?"

"Yes" replied Bulma, "he's strong enough to handle things for himself."

Meanwhile back in the battle scene, Trunks used a burst of energy and destroyed all the drones nearby him. Suddenly there was only one drone on the battle field. Trunks then fired one more ki blast at the drone, destroying the drone instantly. Trunks then teleports himself back to the Capsulre Corp. building where he sees Jack is about to get onto his time machine.

"Are you sure you know what you are doing?" asked Trunks to Jack.

"Yes" replied Jack as he was getting into the time machine, "I am certain of it. Aku will never again reign over this land."

"Farewell samurai" said Bulma.

Jack waved goodbye to Trunks and Bulma as they stood there watching Jack about to head back to the past. As Jack initiated the commands on the time machine, the time machine began its work and sent Jack to the very period in time which Aku had sent him into the future. As the time machine finally arrived at its destiny, Jack got out of the time machine to find himself in Aku's lair, with the weak Aku about to send Jack back in the past.

"And now samurai, you shall head back into the future, a future which I rule!" shouted Aku.

Aku then opened the portal to the future and sent the other Jack into the future. Jack saw this and launched his attack the minute the portal to the future closed.

"What!" cried Aku, "How did you manage to come back from the future already? I just sent you!"

"I have been to your grim future" replied Jack as he landed on the ground, "your dreams of having an iron fist over this world shall never come to reality!"

Jack took out his sword and then gave one strong slice with it at Aku. Aku screamed in pain as he felt the power of the blade going through him. Jack gave another slice, and another at Aku. Aku could no longer be able to fight against Jack, since he already fought the previous Jack that was here. Jack then raised his sword up high and raced toward Aku, placing his sword directly inside Aku. Aku like before went directly right into the sword. Suddenly some sort of light appeared out of nowhere. Jack took a look inside to see that it was a prison for Aku. Jack then leaped inside the portal and placed the sword into the ground. Like before, Aku turned back into his dormant form that he was once in, but this time, Aku was trapped in a prison. As Jack left the prison through the portal, Jack was greeted by the three gods that once chased Aku.

"We thank you for vanquishing Aku" said the first god.

"And your people have been set free" said the second god.

"Thank you" said Jack, "for forging this sword for me."

Jack hands his sword to the third god.

"I shall keep this for safe keeping" said the third god, "you can never know when an evil like Aku can return."

The three gods vanish with Jack's sword in their hands. Jack's father comes to greet Jack.

"Come on son" said Jack's father, "let's rebuild this place."

"Yes" said Jack, "I couldn't have done it without the help of the Saiyan warrior and his time machine."