Gnat hunting

Warnings/notes : (look at the title ; that should warn you ^^;), oocness, weirdness, shounen-ai hints (Omi/Nagi, Yohji/Ken, Schuldich/Crawford, Schuldich/Yohji for now), Farfarello being a fanatic god-hater, Aya being a paranoid Takatori-hater.

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 29th july 2003, by Misura, after a night of little sleep (guess why ^^;)


Omi whistled as he walked up to the door of the Schwarz mansion.

Nagi had invited him over to 'do some biology homework' and of course, to compare their skills on the computer some more.

When he asked Aya if he could sleep over at a friend from school, the redhead had graciously given his permission (at least, that's how Omi preferred to interpret his 'hn'), which meant they could go to sleep as late as they wanted.

Sure, Nagi had to live in one house with a sex-maniac who teased him all the time, a lunatic who played with knives and a leader who completely lacked emotions, but at least he got to go to bed at the hour *he* wanted.

Sometimes, life simply wasn't fair, Omi reflected, as he reached for a doorbell that wasn't there anymore. He frowned.

What happened to it? How am I supposed to let Nagi know I'm here now?

: Brad claimed its sound disrupted his concentration too much. : Schuldich informed him. : So he had it removed. I got promoted to doorman since I always know when someone's coming. I'll tell the chibi he's got a visitor. :

Omi frowned, considering this.

Doesn't Crawford's Gift allow him to foresee when people are coming too?

Schuldich snorted. : He claims it doesn't work that way. Ah well, I'm supposed to keep an eye on a certain irish psycho, so I better go. Nice talking to you, Bombay. Give Nagikins a kiss for me. :

Omi shrugged. Sure.

A good quarter later, just when Omi was beginning to think Schuldich hadn't done what he'd promised, the door opened.

"What do you - oh, it's you!" Nagi's face cheered up considerably. "Schu said there was someone from school to see me. Stupid german!"

Omi nodded, then leaned forward for a quick kiss.

Nagi stared at him confused. "Not that I don't appreciate it, but what was that for?"

"Schuldich asked me to give you a kiss for him." Omi explained.

"Eeewww." Nagi made a face. "That pervert!"

"Can I come in or are you going to let me stand here for the rest of the afternoon?" Omi inquired.

Nagi bit his lip. "Well, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to come in right now. Farfarello has one of his moods again."

"I can handle it." Omi declared bravely. "Besides, we can go to your room, ne?"

Nagi nodded, still looking a little uncertain.

"So, what is it this time?" Omi asked, while they walked to the stairs.

"Well, he's - " Nagi started.

"Diiieeee, you flying messenger of god!" Farfarello sailed past, wielding a rolled newspaper. "Oh, hi, Omi. Seen any gnats?" He made an attempt to lick the newspaper only the taste didn't seem to be to his liking.

"Hi, Farfarello. No, sorry. Where's your knife?" Omi replied friendly.

The irishman shrugged. "Knifes didn't work to kill them, so I use this. I already got five today!"

"That's very - " Omi began.

"Oooh, don't move, Nagi." Farfarello grinned and raised his new weapon.

The young telekinetic eeped and jumped back.

"You chased it away!" Farfarello pouted. "But I'll get it anyway! He won't escape me!"

"Crawford asks if you could use yesterday's newspaper instead of today's." Schuldich remarked, walking down the stairs. "He wasn't done reading it yet."

Farfarello shook his head. "This one's good! I don't want another. Besides, annoying Crawford hurts god ; you said so yourself!"

Schuldich sighed. "Not this time. If I bring it back to him, he'll be really happy with me. I'll probably get a reward." The german's eyes gleamed and he licked his lips.

Nagi made a disgusted noise. "Don't you think of anything else but sex?"

Farfarello glared at Schuldich. "If you think I'll give you my precious gnat-swatter just so you can get some, you're dead wrong, Schu. Now leave me alone ; I'm busy."

Schuldich narrowed his eyes. "Nagi ... "

"Do I look suicidal?"

Schuldich sighed. "Why doesn't anyone understand me?"

"Why don't you give Yohji a call?" Omi proposed.

"I lost his number when Crawford got the note he wrote it on and tore it apart."

"I have it. I can give it to you, if you promise to keep out of Nagi's room for the rest of the day and won't spy on us." Omi offered.

Schuldich gave him a wide-eyed, innocent look. "Of course! I'd never even *think* of doing such a thing. At least, not when there's something else to have fun with around."

"Or rather, *someone* else." Nagi corrected him.

"Oh come on, Nagikins. You want me to believe you and the kitten spend more time watching the computer-screen than eachother?" Schuldich scoffed.

"Here's the number." Omi handed Schuldich a piece of paper.

"Thanks. You're an angel!" Schuldich blew him a kiss, while Nagi growled and Omi wiped his cheek demonstratively.

"Diiiieee, messenger of god!" Farfarello seemed to have gotten hold of a knife again as he stormed at Omi.

Schuldich slapped his forehead. "Bad choice of words! Sorry."

"He's *so* suited for Yohji-kun." Omi muttered.

Nagi grinned, burying Farfarello's knife in the wall. "Enough about them, let's talk about us!"


Author's note : Zzzzzz.