Gnat hunting

Warnings/notes : (look at the title ; that should warn you ^^;), oocness, weirdness, shounen-ai hints (Omi/Nagi/Farfarello, Yohji/Ken/Schuldich, Crawford/Aya for now), Farfarello being a fanatic god-hater, Aya being a paranoid Takatori-hater.

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 29th july 2003, by Misura, after a short nap (see previous Author's note)


"I'm hooome!" Omi called out as he entered the Koneko. It was oddly quiet ; normally he'd hear at least the radio, but the flowershop seemed completely deserted.

"Well, well, if it isn't my favorite bishonen!" Yohji drawled.

Omi eyed him suspiciously. "Where's Ken-kun?"

Yohji shrugged. "Who cares? I'm here, you're here, what else can possibly be of any importance?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Yohji-kun." Omi hastily retreated to the living-room, to find Ken staring into space, a *huge* bowl of chocolated-coated popcorn in front of him.

" .... " Ken said, when he noticed Omi.

"Ken-kun?" Omi asked, worriedly picking a handful of popcorn to nibble on, "Is something wrong? Yohji-kun's acting kind of weird again."

" .... " Ken repeated, holding out a cell-phone and munching down some popcorn himself.

Omi recognized the phone as Yohji's. "What are you doing with Yohji-kun's cell-phone, Ken-kun?"

"I borrowed it to him when he ... " Yohji halted. "Hey, is that popcorn?"

"Yohji-kun!" Omi pouted. "Go on with the story please."

"Anything for you my pretty Omittchi." Yohji sat down. "Though of course I would never think of you as anything else but a beloved younger brother." he added, after a dirty look from Ken.

"Of course." Omi echoed dryly.

Yohji nodded pleasantly. "Anyway, I borrowed it to him when he went to soccer-practice so that he could call when it was over. We would go pick dinner and a movie."

"What went wrong?" Omi inquired.

"I don't know!" Yohji wailed. "He came home like this, not speaking to anyone."

"You don't know?!?" Ken yelled, jumping up. "Then I suppose you're also going to tell me you'd never mess around with anyone behind my back, especially not Schuldich!"

"Ken!" Yohji went down on his knees. "I'd never mess around with anyone behind your back, not even with someone as sexy, exciting and good-looking as Schuschu! You have to believe me!"

"Schuschu?!? SCHUSCHU?!?" Ken screeched. "Is that why he calls you in the middle of the day to ask if you're interested in, I quote, 'hot steamy sex' ?!? Because the two of you never see eachother?"

"He really said that?" Yohji's face lighted up. "Uhm, I mean, no, of course we never see eachother anymore. Not since last w-, not after I got together with you."

"Liar." Ken growled. "You always keep me out of all the fun."

Yohji blinked. "You mean you're angry with me for not introducing the two of you?"

"Well," there was a dangerous gleam to Ken's eyes. "Let's say I *might* 'forget' about that phone-call with two persons to uhm 'distract' me."

Yohji stared at him open-mouthed, seemingly not quite prepared for this other side of Ken. Omi had to admit he was rather surprised too. Even if Ken's face was as red as a tomato, he *had* gotten those words past his lips.

"Ooooh, Kenken. I think I *love* this new side of you." Yohji purred, recovering a few seconds quicker than Omi. "How unfortunate Schuldich isn't here right now .... maybe we could ... improvise something ... ? I mean, there's still O- "

There was the sound of a door being slammed shut and footsteps hastily ascending the stairs.

"You can be such a total idiot, Yohji!" Ken scowled. "Now, if you can get Schuldich over here within the next half hour, I *might* still forgive you."


Whenever Omi was starting to think the entire world had gone insane, he went to visit Aya in his room. More often than not the redhead wouldn't say a single word to him.

And when Omi left after a couple of hours, he could take a look at the world around him and consider that, compared to Aya and his room, it was pretty normal.

As he cautiously peeked inside, he noticed Aya was sitting cross-legged on his bed, with his katana unsheathed in his lap.

"Uhm, Aya-kun? what are you doing?"

"Hush, Omi. You'll alert *them*."

Omi blinked. "Who?"

Aya made an annoyed gesture to the floor in front of him. Over a dozen gnats were lying there, seemingly cut down by the redhead's katana.

Hmmm, it seems Farfarello was wrong.

"Aya-kun? Why have you killed these gnats?"

"They're conspiring with Takatori."

Omi sweatdropped. "Uhm, what gives you that idea?"

Aya gazed at him like he was stupid. "They wanted to drink my blood. Takatori wants to do that too. It's logical."

"Riiight." Omi replied, heading for the door.

As he opened it, a gnat fluttered past.



[half an hour later]

"Nagi? Can I come stay over at your place?"

"Sure. But why ... ?"

"Let's just say Schwarz is pretty normal compared to the rest of Weiss."

"Hmmm. I wonder if Schuldich had anything to do with that. He left in a hurry, about ten minutes ago. Said he had some 'pressing business to take care of'."

"I hope he stays away for the rest of the night."

"Yeah, me too. Crawford left a bit later though, so maybe we could shake Farfarello out of his mood and have some fun."

"Sounds like a plan."


[another half an hour later, on the other side of town]

Two people were looking at the nightsky, savoring the peace and quiet around them.

"One of these days, we really have to tell them about us, you know. You wouldn't believe what I had to do today to chase them all out of the house to keep them from noticing I left."

"After Takatori's dead, love. Before would make things very difficult."

"Easy for you to say."

"I'll make up to you for your trouble tonight. Does that satisfy you?"

"Ask me again in the morning."