This is very short and was written in one sitting. I was going to use it to propel a larger plot, but after I wrote it— after it wrote itself— I decided that it really belonged as it own story.

Written: 4-24-00


By Rashaka

They stared at the girl's empty body. There was no soul, no life left. The monster had been draining her energy with the others', but had eventually begun focusing solely on this one.

They arrived in time to stop it, and the girl was soon forgotten in the face of the new enemy that appeared to challenge the monster.

Until it happened. They never saw it coming; it was so fast, so terribly fast. Sailor Moon had been about to swing her wand in the movement that created her healing magic, but it had seen— and reacted. It dove for their leader, claws extended.

They were all too far away.

But not the girl. The innocent. She had been able to stand, when all the other victims were motionless. She had slowly moved, then stood there, unmoving, watching the battle. She was the closest; she saw, and she too, reacted.

Sailor Moon finished the attack and the creature was once again a middle-aged man. But it didn't matter.

It had cost an innocent.

They stared at her bloody body, with its five huge, raw holes in her chest. They watched her stare up at them as she died.

There was no accusation, no anger, no elation, no grief. She simply looked at them, then closed her eyes.

They were not the heroes today.