A young boy launches his blue beyblade into the beydish in the middle of the cold night. His parents urge him to come back inside but he is determined to please his grandfather Voltaire. His name, you ask? Hiwatari, Kai Hiwatari.

That night the young Kai sees a silhouette in the distance under the moonlight. The figure has long flowing hair and a dark cloak. It is Voltaire. He looks down on the youth and smiles.

"It is time," The elderly man says.

"For what?!" young Kai asks curiously.

Once again Voltaire smiles. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a strange object and hands it to Kai. Kai takes it and is pleased and amazed at the beautiful phoenix engraved into the object.

"What is this?" Kai asks.

"It is a bit chip which contains the power of one of the most powerful bitbeasts, Dranzer, the red phoenix. It has been with the Hiwatari family for generations and now it is your turn to keep it," Voltaire stated.

Kai is honoured to be the one chosen to keep the bit chip and he beams with pride.

"With this bit chip you will eventually gain the power of many other bitbeasts."

The young boy does not know what this means but he promises himself that he will do anything to please his grandfather. The elderly man was the man he looked up to most.

Voltaire pats Kai's head and leavews him to continue practising his beyblading.

'Grandfather, I know what you want, the power of all the bitbeasts in the world, and someday I will get it all for you,' Kai thinks and smiles at the thought.

The young Kai Hiwatari has no idea what is in store for him in the future but in the meantime he will continue beyblading and improving his skill at controlling the beyblade and the bitbeast Dranzer.


Author's note:

So, what did you think of that story? It was rather short but I just felt I should write something about how Kai obtained his bitbeast Dranzer. By writing it in the present tense I thought it would give it an extra edge.

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