My name is Kai Hiwatari and I'm one of the best beybladers in the world. I'm also on the coolest in style and good looks.

There is this girl I met recently, her name is Hilary. She's an ordinary girl who hasn't even spun a beyblade. Despite this there is something about her that just fascinates me.

She dresses casually in a pink tee and a little white short with white socks and red shoes. She leaves her hair down and lets it kick out to the sides.

I wonder what it is about her that makes me feel like I want to be with her more often. I think about her so often and yet, despite being one of the best looking guys on the Bladebreakers team I don't have a chance with her.

I see the way she looks at the loudmouthed Tyson and though the two of them are often bickering I can tell that she has feelings for him. Tyson is just to ignorant to notice.

Sometimes I wish Hilary would look at me with the same admiration she has for Tyson. I'd know, because I'd return the same feelings. I would make her happy.

If only she'd look my way.


Author's note:

This is just a little thing I came up with and just had the urge to write down. I know it's short but I hoped you liked it anyway!