Across Time

For Claire

This fic, including all chapters after this one use characters from the manga and anime

Inuyasha. None of these characters belong to me.

Welcome! Welcome to my second Inuyasha multi-chapter fic! If I'm lucky this will be 1/100

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I'll ever be able to match it in sheer popularity. Yes I know this plot is overused, but then

again, TFAC was too.

Kagome leaned against the wells edge with her near empty bag on her back as she rolled

the now complete Shikon no Tama in her hand staring at it. 'Its finally over.' Kagome mused.

'No more running around Japan fighting demons and nearly being killed. No more Naraku and his

schemes, no more Kouga trying to steal me away to be his woman, no more Inuyasha...' Kagome

felt tears starting to well up, but blinked them away. 'I can finally go home and catch up on

my school work and go places with my friends. Maybe I can stop Hojo from chasing me around and

find a boyfriend I like. It'll be great!' Then why did she want to grab a rock and smash the

Shikon into pieces?

Could she really just leave this place behind? Abandon all of her friends she had made

and never return? How was she going to even walk the short distance back to the well after

saying goodbye to Inuyasha forever, give him the Shikon, and leave him to be happy with Kikyou?

A few tears ran down her cheeks and she wiped them away with the top of her blouse. Why did

fate have to be so cruel to her? She was glad that Inuyasha would be happy, but that didn't make

it less painful to leave. Couldn't it be Hojo she was leaving and Inuyasha who would be waiting

patiently, well maybe not patiently, for her return?

With a sniff and a sigh Kagome pushed off the rim and towards the village. She hadn't

gotten more than two feet when Inuyasha landed in front of her at the edge of the clearing

where he had apparently been watching her from a nearby tree. "Inuyasha!" Kagome said

a bit startled as she tried to compose herself a little better. "I told you I was

just going for a walk, didn't you think I'd come back?" Inuyasha looked at her expressionlessly

then at the Shikon she held in her hand. "You're leaving aren't you?" He said dully. "Forever."

Kagome tried to give him a cheerful smile but only succeeded in a sad one.

"You don't need me anymore Inuyasha. You can become a full demon like you wanted to

with the Shikon no Tama and stay here with Kikyou. I'll just get in your way." she said stepping

closer and holding out the Shikon to him, which glinted in the sun light. "No!" Inuyasha shook his

head angrily. "You promised you would stay by my side! You can't leave!" he shouted. "W-what?"

Kagome said confused. Inuyasha moved away from the edge of the clearing closer towards the center

where Kagome was standing, her hand outstretched. Calming down a little, he gently batted her hand

to the side and put his hands on her shoulders. "I-"

"I will be taking the Shikon." A voice rang out to the left of them. The startled pair

turned to see Kikyou in the shadows with her bow aimed at them. "Kikyou?!" the both said at once.

Kikyou titled her head a little in acknowledgement. "Neither of you is worthy of protecting the

Shikon no Tama. I had hoped Naraku and your group would have destroyed each other leaving me to

resume my duties as the protector of the Shikon, but he was a fool after all. Now give me the

Shikon no Tama." She said calmly before stepping into the clearing.

Suddenly, as if somehow triggered by her entrance into the clearing, the well started to

radiate pink energy and hum as if bees were buzzing about. Kikyou reacted spontaneously and aimed

her bow at the possible new threat. "What sort of magic is this?" She got her answer, though

probably not in the way she wanted, as a beam of pink energy shot out and struck Kikyou in the

midsection before disappearing inside of her. Kikyou dropped her bow and arrow and started to reach

out towards Inuyasha. As soon as her hand was in front of her it started turning to stone. All three

of them watched in horror as inch by inch Kikyou's body changed to stone all the while souls flying

out from her body. As the stone began to crawl up her neck and cover her head, Kikyou looked up

at Inuyasha and their gazes met for the briefest of moments before she became nothing more than

a statue. Behind them the well stopped glowing and humming.

Inuyasha's mouth opened and closed and Kagome continued to stare. With a small bang, Kikyou's

body crumbled to dust and the piece of Kagome's soul flew towards her strangely glowing pink and

struck Kagome with incredible force. With a gasp, Kagome stumbled backwards and dropped the Shikon

no Tama from her hand so she could grab the edge of the well,barely preventomg herself from toppling

in. Steadying herself, Kagome turned to Inuyasha, who was now looking at her concerned. "What was that?"

she asked. Before Inuyasha could answer, the well began to glow much brighter and hum a lot louder

that before. Kagome's eyes widened as she felt a weak tug coming from the well, as if it were a

vacuum cleaner and she was the dirt. Her hair blew about her as the suction increased rapidly.

"Get away!" Inuyasha yelled moving to assist her, but it was too late. As if sensing

Inuyasha's intentions, the well Glowed blindingly for a second, making Inuyasha shield his eyes,

before the suction on Kagome increased a hundred fold, causing a visible effect of suction in

the air as floating dust was dragged in. Kagome resisted for a moment before she was overwhelmed

and dragged down the well. "INUYASHAAaaa!! she cried reaching out as she was pulled down the well,

her voice becoming fainter as she went. An instant after she disappeared and the well returned to

normal, Inuaysha appeared above the well. "NO!" he shouted snatching the Shikon from the ground

and leaping over the edge. He landed on his hands and knees, surprised, with a thump at the bottom.

"No.." he said in disbelief as he stared at the ground.

"NO! DAMN YOU LET ME THROUGH!" He yelled slamming his fist into the ground with all of his

might causing the well to shudder slightly from the vibrations through the ground. Not surprisingly

the well didn't respond. It had done its duty. "LET, ME, THROUGH!" He continued to shout slamming his

fist into the ground with each word. Inuyasha stared at his now slightly damaged hand that was

surrounded by a sizable hole in the dirt for a long moment, his body shaking slightly. With a sob of defeat

Inuyasha dropped his head onto the ground and clenched a handful of dirt with each hand. A tear dropped

from his face onto the dirt below. What followed next was a cry of anguish that rang through the entire

forest and village that no one would forget for many a year.


Kagome's Time. Three weeks later.

Kagome walked down the street staring blankly at the ice cream cone as she she walked down

the street. Behind her, Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi followed her a step behind while licking their ice cream.

"I don't think the ice cream is helping." whispered Ayumi. Yuka and Eri rolled their eyes. "What gave

you that idea Ayumi? The fact that half of it is dripping onto the ground and that she hasn't taken

a single lick?" Yuka teased. Ayumi looked mildly surprised. "You noticed too?" The other two girls

sweatdropped. After a few seconds of silence Yuka leaned closer to the other thing. "She's really

been taking the breakup with Hojo badly isn't she?"

"And it looks like she's finally getting over all of these sicknesses too. Couldn't he atleast

have waited a few more weeks until after her birthday comes?"' Eri added. Ayumi simply hmmed

thoughtfully. "I've been wondering if maybe its not Hojo thats bothering her. Do you think maybe

something happened with that violent boy with commitment issues that was her semi-boyfriend?" Up ahead

Kagome stiffened slightly, but continued to walk. Eri took a lick of her ice cream. "No way, how could

you even think of something like that? She and Hojo have been a happy couple for practically forever

now." Ayumi rubbed her head. "You're right, I guess the ice cream is freezing my brain." "Your brain is

always frozen." Yuka replied sending the three into soft giggles.

Kagome let herself return to staring blankly at her half melted ice cream. It was best if they

thought it was Hojo that was bothering her. In fact it was best that he had finally found another girl

he liked. Kagome had never met her, but she had heard that the girl was a lot like Hojo. Atleast they

could be happy together. But what of her? Kagome wasn't sure she could ever be happy, truly happy.

The pain had eased slightly after the first week. During which she had basically alternated between

staying locked in her room and crying, and standing in the well shrine, hoping that if she stood there

long enough Inuyasha might appear to come to get her to hunt shards again. She had lost count at how many

times she had tried jumping down the well after 200. Eventually her mother had to come and help her out

after her legs had given up on her.

It was about then when her legs were still sore and were covered with scratches that Hojo came to

visit. Atleast this time she had looked sick, her face was a mess from crying. He hadn't come to bring her

a gift and to tell her to get well soon. He had brought her a gift though, probably the first usefull thing

he had ever brought her, tissues. He had then informed her that he had met a girl from another school when

he was at the country wide Quiz Bowl championship, (Not surprisingly he was the captain of the school's

team) and they were now dating. He had apologized to her multiple times, no doubt his conscience bothering

him, and Kagome had done her best to smile and wish him well.

It was about a day after that Kagome had accepted the truth. She would never see Inuyasha or the

others again, cruel though it was that she had even been deprived of saying goodbye to them. And so she had

cleaned herself up and forced herself go back to school. Her family had been very supporting of her and

comforted her the best they could, not making her go back to school until she was ready. Though she had

been going back to school for two full weeks now her grades were becoming even worse than when she had

been when she was traveling through time. She just couldn't focus anymore, her mind continuously drifting back

to her friends in the past.

Right before she had been pulled back to her time period, when she had decided to give Inuyasha the

jewel and leave him to be happy with Kikyou, a small part of her still held onto the hope that some how

it would work out, that she would be able to stay there and live with her friends. But that hope

was now gone, just like Inuyasha, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Kaede, Kirara, and even Kouga were now gone. Behind

her Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi continued to chat among themselves. They were doing their best to cheer her up, but

unless they could build a time machine it was futile. It was unfair to them to let them waste so much of their


Kagome gave a little sigh and stopped. Behind her the three girls stopped as well. "Whats wrong Kagome?"

Eri asked. Kagome turned her head a little to look at them. "If its alright with you, I'd like to walk the rest

of the way home by myself." "Are you sure you'll be okay Kagome?" Yuka asked concerned. Kagome gave them a small

smile and nodded. "Don't worry, I'll be fine." Ayumi gave her a big smile. "Well We'll see you at school tommorow

then Kagome, bye!" The other two girls nodded and smiled as well before heading off in another direction. Kagome

watched them go before continuing on her walk home as she satered at the sidewalk not really paying attention

where she was headed, trusting her feet to take her where she needed to go.

Several minutes later, so lost in thought was she that she didn't even notice the person standing in front

of her until she had collided with him, sending her to the ground and splattering ice cream all over her uniform.

"Watch where you are going wench." a familiar voice told her. Kagome looked up slightly stunned to see a figure that

was slightly blurry do to the sun being behind him and Kagome having to squint. A figure with long black hair.


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