Across Time Part 21

Omg whats that? An update? Wake up you're dreaming. Honestly I can barely remember any details of this fic.
I'm kinda sad. If I ever do finish this its going to be completely different (and probably no where near as good) as my original scheme. I admit that I'm cutting a lot of corners just to compress this into as few installments as possible. Well no review response this time, but I do read them so keep them coming.

The next morning Inuyasha walked, well more like trudged, into the gymnasium with a tired expression on his face. He had spent yet another night awake in deep thought. Not that he had generally slept all that much recently, less as the days drew closer to Spring. Imagine his great surprise and infinite delight to find dozens of students standing, sitting, and misbehaiving in what he had begun to consider HIS gymnasium. Inuyasha let his gaze slide across the room as he gripped his little folder tighter. "Damn, it's too early." he grumbled after a moment and began his walk past the chatting boys to his office. "Hey Mr. Shiro!" called one of the boys when Inuyasha was only a few precious steps to freedom. "What do you want us to do?" he asked, getting a groan from his classmates for reminding their teacher.

Inuyasha stared at the boy for a few moments as he came closer. "I don't care what you do." he growled,
turning back to his office. "So can you open the storage locker so we can play some basketball?" the persistant boy asked. "No." Inuyasha replied stepping towards his office. "Well you just said you didn't ca-" the boy was cut off short as Inuyasah turned around and grabbed him by the scruff of the shirt and lifting him off the ground. Now this boy was not by a long shot the lightest of his class, yet the boys witnessed their teacher single-handedly lift him from the ground, stopping all talking in the room. "How about you run laps?" Inuyasha growled. The boy gulped and nodded. "Yes sir." he whispered. Inuyasha dropped him and looked at the rest of the kids. "That means you too." The boys all jumped in the air at the sound of his voice and promptly began high tailing it around the gym. Inuyasha turned and shook his head as he began walking to his office. "Too goddamned early."

The girls all squeeled in delight. "So its all set? He has the transportation and everything?" ask Eri excitedly. Kagome nodded as she took a bite of her sandwich, she had begun brining a sack lunch after the food fight incident. "Yep, they rent it out as condos during the year. There are five beds in three rooms. that's one for each of us." Kagome replied. "Not if I can help it." murmured Ayumi, sporting a naughty grin.
Her toe was promptly stomped by three different feet. "Not so fast guys." Kagome said. "Party pooper." whispered Yuka. Kagome glared and continued. "You still have to get the ok with our parents." Yuka snorted.
"What parents?" she asked. "Mine have already said yes, they miss the cold as much as I do so they're going to visit relatives." said Ayumi. "I didn't think my mom was going to be so easy." said Kagome. "She's determined to make my last christmas as memorable as possible. For her at least, she was already stocking up on video tape." Ayumi patted her on the back. "Well it worked out Kagome. She Wouldn't want you to miss out on some alone time with our favorite gym teacher would she?" Kagome blushed a very deep red. "Well, my dad told me its ok if I go as long as I do good on my exams." said Eri, promptly whipping out a math book. "Say, what class is that Eri?" Yuka asked, lifting the cover of her book but finding no answers there. "Oh, it's Advanced Placement Honors Calculus." replied Eri. "Pretty easy stuff. Sigma notation, integration, etc."

Yuka rolled her eyes. "So you do that after you multiply right?" she asked sarcasticly. Eri would have replied, but for Ayumi, who whipped out a bandana and tied it around her head. The writing on the fron read I love Shippo-chan! Noone was surprised. "Well, I'm going to do awesome on these exams so I can get into Tokyo U!" said Ayumi. She pointed a finger into the air. "I'm coming Shippo!" The tables around them went silent. "You've got to really stop doing that Ayumi." Said Eri, covering her face with her book. The other two girls nodded, hiding their faces as well as they could. "Say, I wonder if we'll have a exam in gym?" said Ayumi.

Speaking of gym and favorite gym teachers, Inuyasha was at his customary position at the teachers' table. He never missed a chance to see and smell Kagome, thought it was a bit hard due to the stench. And there was also the minus of company... "You've done an excellent job as a substitute Mr. Shiro! I've never seen the students so fit. If you stick around for a few more years there may be an opening for you here. Its a shame that Christmas will be the end of your time here." If Inuyasha was actually paying attention he might have noticed that this all seemed like a rather familiar speech, but he wasn't and simply nodded and said a thankyou. Finally, the tubby man walked off, though perhaps it would have been better if he hadn't. "My, I love the Christmas time." commented Miss Sakata from her spot next to Inuyasha. "It's such fascinating holiday. Perhaps the only one that you could go anywhere in the world just about and find some version of it being celebrated. And my how some people celebrate!"

Inuyasha had to agree with that. After all, living through five hundred years he had seen some pretty wild celebrations, even before the christian beliefs became incorporated with the old winter festivals. His particular favorite involved Shippo, and the memory rarely failed to warm his heart, especially when he was looking at Kagome at the moment of thought. Even to this day could Inuyasha blackmail Shippo for this incident. It'd make an interesting beside the fire story this christmas. "So do you have any plans this Christmas?" the teacher asked. "You could say that." Inuyasha replied. And oh the plans did he have, five hundred years worth of plans. "Really? And -" Just then the first bell rang and students began shuffling off to their next class. Teachers watched closely from every entrance and exit to make sure no misbehaiving or food throwing occured during this time. "Well, I suppose I'll see you later." said Miss Sakata, giving a friendly wave. Inuyasha nodded and stood, walking towards the nearest exit to the gymnasium.

"You are supposed to have an exam in gym." Inuyasha said. There was no groan, no complaining, just silence.
Fear was what dictatorships were made of and what was gym if not a dictatorship? "Questions will be from you tests that you have had this semester. So go do whatever you want for the rest of the days here." said Inuyasha, waving them away. And so the reign of Naya the terrible was ended and peace was restored to the kingdom of Gym. At first, no one could believe it and they all were still in surprise. It wasn't until their teacher unlocked the door to the supplies and walked towards his office did the first tears of joy begin to well up and laughter was once again heard in the gymnasium.

Inuyasha stood impatiently outside of the school, waiting for his love. His love that had forbidden him ever to come near her in the school again after the bathroom incident that is. The day had gone by fast for him,
considering as soon as he had freed his classes he had slept the rest of the time. Inuyasha suddenly raised an eyebrow. Something was wrong, he could feel something. The weight of eyes on his back. Quickly he spun around and let his eyes dart around the area. Instinctively he clenched his fists. Nothing. Just students mulling to a fro accented by the occasional teacher or other adult. Inuyasha relaxed slightly. Nothing, always nothing, just as it had been for years. But still, had he seen a flash of black? "Hey, what'cha looking at?" asked Kagome as she arrived, giving him a poke in the back. "Nothing." Inuyasha replied after a moment, turning towards her. 'I'm just a bomb about to explode because of me resisting the urge to jump on you right this moment and it's making me halucinate.' he added silently. "So do you have anything planned today?" Kagome asked as they began to walk. Inuyasha pushed his dark thoughts away and managed a sarcastic look.

"Oh right." Kagome said smiling. "You never have plans." Inuyasha begged to differ but said nothing. "Well,
I got this movie a while back and I've been dieing to see it. All my friends said it is really great. Want to go watch it?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha shrugged. "Sure." he said. It wasn't a very long time before they arrived in the safety of Inuyasha's residence. Kagome looked around for a moment, trying to spy a television.
"You DO have somewhere to watch this right?" Kagome asked. "In here." Inuyasha said, indicating the "east wing"
of his home. He lead the way into a large room with little more than a very long couch and two cushioned recliners along with a large cabinet to the sidee, but still no TV. Kagome commented on this fact and Inuyasha reached over and pressed a button. Magically a large flat screen began to drop from the ceiling. "Wow!" Kagome exclaimed as Inuyasha took the movie and went to the cabinet. He opened it, revealing a large selection of movies as well as a large selection of electronics. As Inuyasha fiddled with the vcr, which he obviously had little experience with as multiple times he would push in the video only for it to come back out, Kagome noticed a white door at the other end of the room. "What's in there?" she asked.

"Shippo's room." replied the hanyou, who looked like he was about to bite something now that he was in his true form since entering the house. "Damn thing stop doing that!" he growled, hitting the vcr none to lightly.
"Funny how I've been here so many times and I haven't even seen his room." Kagome commented. "No one sees Shippo's room." replied the hanyou, finally succeding in getting the tape to enter the vcr. "No?" asked Kagome. "Why not?" Inuyasha smirked. "Because he booby trapped it. Trust me, nasty stuff." Kagome scratched her head and went to sit on the couch. "Why would Shippo booby trap his door?" "Because he's a Kitsune." Kagome looked at Inuyasha, who looked back innocently. She had a feeling it might be another reason as well.
As if to prove this point the vcr decided that it didn't like the taste of Kagome's video and spit it out, along with a length of film. Needless to say hell broke loose.