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Summary: ANGST!

Authors note: Sorry everyone about the mix up. This poem was originally made for me and my…grr… "father"  This is going to be about angst story so If you don't like no peekie!

Why Father?

It was a cold windy day and Gohan was walking down the streets of the city. Today was an English project…one that Gohan didn't want to write about. It was Father's Day, and the class must write a true poem about their father's.

"How can I write one about…him?" he hissed. "Maybe I should just write a happy go lucky poem and think nothing of it…nah"

All of a sudden, his eyes spotted his friend up in her balcony. "If anyone could help me through this ordeal, it's her."

He walked over to the Satan household and rang the doorbell. Sakura, the maid, welcomed him in, and he walked the flight of stairs. As he knocked on the door, he thought about something. 'Videl doesn't know I have a problem against dad…'

The door swung open and revealed Videl. She had a frown then it turned into a smile as she saw her boyfriend. "Hey Gohan!"

Gohan smiled and held her, "Hi Videl-San."

"What are you doing here?" she asked. "It isn't like you to not get home and do your homework."

"That's what I need help on…that English poem…"

"I see, the great Gohan couldn't…" yet Gohan cut her off. "No Videl, it's not that I couldn't do it, it is what form I should write it out in."

"Oh, read my poem, here," she said while handing the poem to Gohan. After he read the wonderful piece, he stared at her with a questioning gaze. "Why did you write about this?"

"Gohan, if you write a poem, you need to get the deeper feeling. You need to explore your emotions and not only write the letters, but feel them. If you don't write a true poem of what you feel inside, then you are living a lie," Videl explained, "My poem talks about the good and the bad, so you should write about what you want. Write the true things that are inside."

"I get what you mean…I must do it…ok thanks Videl, see ya!" Gohan said while walking out the door.


Nightfall crept and Gohan had finally come up with the perfect idea. He remembered the pain he went threw for seven years…and the person who caused it. 'Sorry father, but this is the dead truth, and you made me this way, you made me bitter.'


"You thought money would make me happy,

But it only made my pain worse…" Videl stared up at her classmates and bowed. "The end."

"Very well Miss Satan, for dark and light, and truly emotional," the sensei said while taking her paper. She looked down the list and smiled, "Son, Gohan, please come up."

Gohan stood up clutching his paper and walked down the stairs without looking at anyone. Her stood in front of the classroom and sighed. "This is called, "Why father?""

"Everyday as I looked out side,

I wonder why you were never here,

Thinking if I'll ever have a father,

Yet I'll never have one that's real,

How could you leave us alone?

Mother, my brother, and I,

Yet you don't even know about me,

Nor why I use to cry,

I shed so many tears for you,

I've been through so much more,

Now I ask you to your face,

Why did you leave us all alone?

You say you don't care for power,

Yet you have to be the best,

Why would you say those words?

Sometimes I think you're a pest,

Hey dad, don't you remember me?

I am the son you never cared for,

The son who you once deceived,

Now why doesn't your innocent glare look at me?

Is there something wrong?

Is it because you lied to me?

Or is it because you're wrong?

Why father? Why did you go?

Were you not man enough to face the challenges?

Of fatherhood once more,

Who was supposed to take care of my brother?

Who was supposed to console mother?

Most of all, the question that yearns,

Who was supposed to be my hero?

I suffered through so much,

Enslaved with your dreams,

I lived out your expectations,

And now you go off and leave?

I wonder how a real father would be,

And the question still remains in my mind,

Yet how can you be my father?

When you're not even a man,

How can I miss you and give you honor?

When you're a man I never knew,

I gave so many chances,

And opened up my heart,

You took those opportunities for granted,

Now why don't you even look?

Is there something wrong dad?

Why did you say you loved me all the time?

When it already seems like your dead,

For in the future, when I have children in my hold,

I never will learn from you,

I'll be there for them, in the end,

Raising them without your techniques,

For you had none of your own,

I stood before you, in front of your eyes,

Yet you didn't look at all into mine,

How many times have I cried and begged,

But your childlike gaze never spotted me,

I guess your instinct wasn't to be kind,

But to fail all those who you "love,"

Stop toying with my thoughts of hate,

All is put to a halt,

Don't try and show sympathy,

For it will do you no good,

The grief still remains in my heart,

The one that turned bitter cold,

You just had to challenge our emotions,

Leaving us all behind,

How can we start all over?

When we haven't even begun…" The class remained silent and not a word was said. The teacher cleared her throat and started clapping. Soon everyone began to clap at such a wonderful poem.

"Thank you very much Mr. Son," the sensei said, yet he didn't pay attention. He stared up at Videl's violet blue orbs of sadness. She was trying to comprehend of what just happened.

"No…no…I couldn't…I didn't…how could I have done such a thing," she whispered to herself while staring at Gohan. "It's my fault…"

Gohan walked up the stairs not breaking his gaze from Videl, but sat down behind her. Nothing more was said, but it was obvious, the teenagers had glints of pain in their eyes.


Kat: Yes I know it sucked. If you read my authors note from the top it said sorry that I messed up. This poem was originally written for me and I forgot to change the letters. Sorry. This story will continue…review…no review.