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Summary: Last chapter of healing.

Chapter Seven: Healing Souls

After a night of harsh rain, the sun decided to shine upon the world, and the angels didn't fear to tread any longer. Bright rays of sunlight burst through the windows of various homes and apartments, including the Satan residence. Gohan and Videl were lying on the soft bed, holding each other gently from the previous night's emotional damage. Gohan's eyes were wide open as he stared at the ceiling bluntly. He was contemplating about his life and how he screwed up.

He thought of how much his mother cried when he was left.

And oh Gods, he thought about Goten.

'I bet he despises me,' Gohan said to himself as he recalled upon the events from the previous day.

Flash Back

"After all these years of raising you Goten, and you go on his side?" Gohan unkindly said with a quiver from his lips. "Fine then, then I wont guard you no longer Goten. Better yet, I wont pick you up or help you anymore because what you did is the worse thing you could've done."

Goten trembled with sadness and burst into tears while breaking out of Goku's grip and running towards Gohan. "NICHAN!"

"No Goten, I'm your brother no more," Gohan said bitterly while walking away from Goten and towards Goku. "You want to be his father so badly now? Go ahead!"

End of Flash Back

Gohan didn't notice the tears running down his face until a soft had wiped them off. Videl was already awake and stared at him while wiping away his tears. "What are you thinking of?"

"How bad of a person I am."

"You're not a bad person."

"Yes I am, look what I've done to my family. I made my mother cry harder than she did after my father's death. Goten thinks I hate him and will grow up hating him more than I hated my father. And my father probably thinks I'm a disgrace."

Videl got up from Gohan's arms and stared at him intently. "Gohan, you can't think of these things. You have to get rid of your feelings of hatred and deal with the situation on hand. Please Gohan; let redemption fill your desolate soul."

Gohan still lay on the bed, a feeling of perplexity sweeping his body. "I have never been this confused since I first time I discovered these feelings towards my father."

Videl rested back into Gohan's arms, both of them dry from the rain from the previous night. She shivered slightly, though through the night, Gohan had raised his Ki. They stayed like that over time, only the breathing of their bodies could be heard and all was in complete silence.

The Son residence never seemed so depressing to ones perspective; not even after the deaths of friends and family. As Goku entered his home after his encounter with Gohan, he found his wife curled up on the couch crying, while stroking Goten's head as he wept too. When Chichi turned her head, her and Goten flung themselves at Goku, and his arms wrapped around them both. He whispered reassurance and after a while, things seemed a bit calm.

Goten soon fell asleep from his fathers words and was placed in his room. Goku and Chichi were presently sitting in the living room, not saying a word, just staring at each other intently.

"You knew it would end up like this Goku," Chichi said in a cracked voice, breaking the silence. "Even if you didn't realize it, I warned you."

Goku sighed sadly and lowered his head towards the ground. "I know Chi-"

"I always told you Goku, 'don't leave, your going to dig yourself a hole you can't get out of.' But did you listen to me? No."

"Chichi, trust me, I know my mistakes now. Yes, my son hates me and believes he is a disgrace. Do you honestly think I like my eldest child hating me to a point where he wants to cause himself more pain than he already feels?" Goku said in a wearisome tone.

The door to the Son home opened abruptly to reveal the tall, masculine form of Gohan. His eyes seemed weary and exhausted, while his stature was slumped and regretful. He stared at his mother and bowed his head down in shame. Chichi got up from her seat, tears running down her face, and walked over to her son slowly. She picked up his face with her hands and embraced him tightly, with a motherly pat and hold. "You're back my son."

Gohan hugged his mother back as a series of overwhelming emotions tugged his heart. He felt the love his mother had and it warmed his heart immediately. As they let go, Gohan slowly stared into those obstinate eyes that were a reflection to him: his father. Chichi understood the predicament and said she was to check up on how Goten was, leaving the two men alone.

"How're you Gohan?" Goku asked, breaking the silence that infested itself upon the household.

He didn't respond. He couldn't. It was as if his throat had lost all knowledge of words. All he did was lift his stare to his father's distressed and saddened face. The only time Gohan had seen this face was after a death or his previous encounter with him after seven years.

Goku walked over to Gohan and put his hands on his son's shoulders. "Gohan, please, tell me what I can do to help you heal. What can I do to make you not hate me anymore? I'm staying for good now, and I promise not to leave you anymore, I promise."

"Promises don't mean anything to me anymore father," Gohan finally said after his moment of mute. "I just can't accept your apology. I've been drawn to this hatred so much that it's all I know of you."

"What about love?"

Gohan's eyes were fiery though soft, "I don't love you father-"

"What about your mother and Goten?" Goku asked feeling a pang in his heart at his son's remark. "Don't you love them?"

"Of course I do," Gohan said angrily at his father's judgment on his love for his brother and mother, "I'm the only other family they have to console them and protect them."

"Look at them Gohan," Goku said in distress. "If I start living here once more, how is going to be between us? This household will surely crumble if we don't set things straight, otherwise, maybe I shouldn't have come back."

Gohan stayed quiet once more and contemplated on his fathers words. He had to admit it. His father was right. "I-I don't know."

"You're not the only one who feels this resent Gohan," Goku admitted deeply, "I felt the same way about my dad."

"You didn't even know him," Gohan mumbled quietly.

"That was the point," Goku said while putting a hand behind his head. "One day after I defeated Frieza, I wished to see the day I was born. I saw that my father didn't even want me to stay on Vegetasei because my power level was lower than Radditz, so I was sent here though things got pretty twisted."

"I'm glad you were sent here," Gohan said while biting back the tears that stung his eyes. "I would hate myself if I were that ruthless to give up my child."

Goku finally embraced his son like Chichi did earlier, "Let us heal my son."

The first snow of the month had bestowed upon the early December day. Gohan stood in the falling snow watching it gracefully descend from the heavens. The sky was still dark from the early morning's night and nothing ever seemed any beautiful, besides his lovely wife Videl. Gohan smiled as his thoughts dwelled on his memories from the past four years of his marriage. It had been four years ago when Videl accepted his proposal, and it had been four years since his emotional break down.

After his encounter with his father, he decided that over time he would heal with his family's help. On that morning four years ago, Gohan had apologized deeply to Goten, who accepted his apology tearfully. Ever since then, life seemed more simplistic and easier.

There were a few mishaps when Gohan had lost his temper, though he hid it from his family once more. A disturbance wouldn't settle upon his household; he wouldn't allow it. Gohan had learned over time that he could find happiness from his father also. He noticed that Goten wouldn't grow up to have that malicious feeling towards Goku because Goten would have his whole childhood with his father.

Though half of it had been spent, it was spent happily in Goten's words. Now he had the opportunity to do the things that Gohan wasn't able to do with a father and for that, Gohan thanked his father. Gohan also found contentment at his mother and fathers affection to one another. Gohan had not seen his mother happier in his whole life.

Everything turned out for the best for Gohan throughout his life, except that period of time where hatred presumed its dreadful toll. At a fine age of twenty-two, Gohan felt like he was on top of the world. He was married to a wonderful girl, who instantly became the sweetheart of the family, and he was about to endure the most wonderful miracle of all time.

"Gohan," gasped the voice of his wife as she stepped from the shadows. Her belly was swollen and she began to whine. "It's time Gohan, this baby is coming."

Gohan smiled thankfully at the child that was about to be born in this world. He nodded and gathered his wife in his arm and instantly showed up at the hospital. There, hours were spent, screaming and cursing from Videl was heard all throughout the hospital and family and friends showed up to congratulate the couple. They all anticipated for the arrival of the new baby and waited patiently. As time passed, and many hours in labor, Videl gave birth to a healthy, Saiyan, baby girl named Son Videl Pan. Overwhelmed with fatigue, Videl slept peacefully, leaving father and daughter alone with one another. Gohan looked into his daughter's obsidian eyes, his father's eyes, and smiled at his gorgeous little girl.

"I will never leave you my baby girl," he crooned while sitting down. "I won't leave you until you're ready for me to step away. If you need me, I'll be there in a heartbeat, and I promise you won't grow up with the same emotions I had for my father. I wish I could restart my life and make things right and tell my father I love him, though too much time has passed it wouldn't have the same effect."

Goku stared at the precious moment of father and daughter as tears formed in his eyes. "Its not too late Gohan, I love you my son."

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