--------- Legendary Hunter: Red Ring Rico ---------

Rico tossed the message disk to the ground in front of the crystalline monument in the middle of the small room and winced as it clattered to a rest, the metallic sound echoing throughout the chamber. She silently cursed herself for committing such a newbie error, crouching behind the crystalline monument, she listened attentively for signs that she had been detected. After what seemed like an eternity she relaxed and slumped wearily to sit against the thing she was using for cover. As she rested her thoughts turned back to the events that had lead her to this place.

----- Chapter 1 : Image of Hero -----

As a young girl she had always wanted to be a hunter, much to the disapproval of her father, a high-ranking government official. He always had said she got 'that' streak from her mother and she could see the sadness behind his eyes whenever he mentioned it, but she had also inherited her mother's stubbornness as well. It was no help that a close friend of the family was Heathcliff Flowen, a commander in the military and a hunter of some repute. In time she learned from the best and acquired a reputation of her own.

Stage one of the Pioneer project became complete with the decision that the planetary candidate Ragol was the best choice. Next came the difficult steps of establishing a initial colony and then the transportation of the millions of citizens of Coral there. With this, the giant Pioneer ships underwent construction.

Due to the unknowns of landing on a strange planet many light years from home, the council of the Pioneer project gave authorisation for a considerable military force to be included along with the contingent of scientists, engineers and colonists. There was also a voluntary call for a limited number of experienced hunters and Rico had felt that it was an obvious choice for her to go. Her father had objected, he had been commissioned as Principal for Pioneer Two and wished for her to accompany him.

She refused his offer, stating that Pioneer Two would arrive several years after Pioneer One and by then she would "miss all the action". After that the conversation quickly degenerated to argument and she had stormed out defiant to his fading pleas. It would a couple of years later before Flowen confided to her that her father approached him and asked him to look out for his "little girl".


At this sentiment tears slowly began welling up in Rico's eyes but she choked them back and once again went back to the story unfolding in her mind to distract herself. It would be seven whole years before Pioneer Two made its way to Ragol, an age to pass before she could begin reconciliation with her father, but now, she conceded that she might never see him again.