--- Part 11: Out of Control ---

The wave of heat that hit her face made her eyes water briefly. She spun round to take in her surroundings. It was not Pagani who had vanished but her. Pressing all around was the dense jungle of Gal De Val island. She had made short visits before and like most of the other hunters had made rapid retreats. The creatures here were phenomenally strong, no doubt as a result of meddling by Doctor Osto.

She saw that she was in a small clearing, the ground worn down just enough to indicate that others had come this way before her. The small computer terminal beside her was deactivated, with no Hunters on the surface it was not needed. She knew there must be a reason that Pagani had sent her here. The feeling that she was not alone was confirmed by the sound of someone or something cutting its way through the undergrowth.

"I have come for that which belongs to me!"

Kireek's words chilled her to her very core. Pagani had banished her to the island with that monster to silence her permanently. She tried a telepipe. A buzz told her something was stopping it from activating. Probably Kireek's enhancements, which meant that he was too close!

She began to run through the bushes, desperate to put some suitable distance between her and the killer android. Clearing the tree line she saw that she was situated on the hills to the North of the Central Control Area. She saw it and breathed a small sigh of relief. The one Hunter that could possibly save her was down in that facility somewhere. She only hoped that she could get there in time...

To be continued...