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Chapter 10

Once back at Sanctuary everyone relaxed. "I think we should celebrate tonight," suggested Shalimar.

Emma looked over at Adam. "We should also invite your friend Marcus, since he was the one who found the antidote for me."

"I'm sure he'd like that. What sort of celebration are we talking?"

Brennan answered. "Well, we could all have dinner, then hit the clubs."

"Marcus and I will join you for dinner. Afterwards we'll catch up while you guys enjoy the club. I'll go call him now," Adam told them before turning to the communications equipment.

Dinner was enjoyable for everyone. Marcus especially was happy to meet Emma and the other members of the team. They all quickly saw why Adam was friends with him. He was intelligent, but also street wise, a fact that won him Brennan's respect. After dinner the young couples headed to the nearby club while Adam and Marcus went to a higher end private club where they could talk about different things and catch up on each others work and lives.

After several dances, fast and slow, the four friends found a table and the boys got drinks for them. Once the drinks where finished Emma turned to Brennan, "Dance with me?"

"Anytime," Brennan teased and led her to the dance floor.

"Let's dance," Jesse suggested to Shalimar. With a smile she took his outstretched hand.

As the slow song played Emma looked up into Brennan's face. "I don't need my powers to see that you and Shalimar are together. You're happy?"

"Very. You and Jesse?"

"Very," Emma echoed with a happy grin.

"I'm glad. And I'm glad you do have your powers, even if you don't need them at the moment."

"That makes two of us," she assured him. Sensing what Brennan would say next Emma spoke before he could. "Don't say it, Brennan. What Jake did to me was not your fault. Let it go and enjoy the night. We're celebrating," she reminded him.

Brennan pulled her into a close hug for a moment then returned to dancing.

Not far away Jesse looked down at Shalimar. "So are you happy with Brennan?"

"Are you happy with Emma?"

"Yes!" They answered together.

"After the luck we've had with love I think we both deserve it," noted Jesse.

"No argument here," answered Shalimar.

Minutes later the song ended and Shalimar went to Brennan's arms as Emma returned to Jesse.

Far away from the club Jake's night was not so pleasant. He turned to face the door to his cell as it opened. Eckart and two agents entered. "The stasis pods were designed for new mutants, not "regular" humans. We really aren't sure how an average person would react to one. I think it's time we find out."

Jake tried to back away from the two large agents, but they were soon half carrying, half dragging him out the door. An hour later he was fully under the effects of the stasis pods. His mind was a jumble of memories and pain. Mages of what he'd done to Brennan and his mother. The pain Emma had felt in losing and regaining her powers. In the deepest parts of his mind and what was left of his soul Jake screamed and screamed and kept screaming endlessly.

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