****I'm bored, its 6 bloody 30 am in the morning and I was woken up by a gang of possums having a bitch fight right outside my bedroom window. [GRRRRR] anyway I don't know what this is yet, but it'll probably just be a bit of fun!****

Harry was woken up at 4:30 am by a screeching sound outside his window.

Harry: What the fuck is that noise?

Ron: [yawning] I swear, I've never heard a sound as awful as that before.

They got back into bed and tried to sleep but the screeching went on occasionally broken up by the sound of running and loose stones falling off the roof.

Harry: [seriously annoyed] That's it! Not even a log could sleep through that racket. I'm going down to the common room.

Ron: [musing] I don't think it could have been the owls, I mean, owls don't screech, they produce a softer hooting kind of sound and ... Hey! wait for me!!!

The walked down the carpeted stairs from the boys dormitory to find most of Griffindor house huddled in the common room still in their pyjamas. The screeching overhead was magnified and bounced strangely off the wall.

Hermione: Harry! Ron! Over here!

Hermione was sitting next to the fireplace in her pyjamas with books scattered around her. Harry and Ron sat down next to her. She was feverishly flicking through a book full of pictures of animals muttering to herself.

Hermione: not here... not here.... these are native to Iceland.... can it.....no.....maybe this.... Wait a minute, this has to be it!!!!

She was pointing to a picture of a little furry creature with a pink snout, beady black eyes, and a long curly tail.

Ron: Awwww, it's SO cute!

Hermione: [Frowning] Get a load of this though, [reading from book] This animal commonly found in Australia is called a possum. It is loud, raucous, and very territorial. Many Australian towns and city's are overrun by these creatures and they are pests. They make loud screeching noises when fighting over territory and leave huge messes wherever they go. They breed rapidly and often get inside the walls of the houses they occupy. They are a menace and are not easily exterminated.

Harry: [pointing] I think they are already in the walls here.

Loud scratching and bumping noises were coming from the wall nearest to the fire place. The Weasly twins were banging on the wall with no success, the noises were just getting louder.

A loud yowl came from overhead following the bumping sound of something rolling down the roof. The sound was cut off suddenly from the ground.

Hermione: [mouth quivering] The poor thing!

Harry: [sarcastically] That "poor thing" has been the reason we are all awake her at 4:30 in the morning!

Ron: But its SO cute!

Harry: Don't you get it, its a pest, it makes mess, loud noises and wrecks houses!

Ron: But its SO cute!

Harry: [repeatedly whacking his head against the wall.]

****DIE POSSUMS DIE!!!! [giggles] oh no Hogwarts is overrun by possums! when will it end? what will they do!?? to find out please READ AND REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!!!!! and I might be nice enough to write another chapter. ;)****