"Mom, Dad. We are having triplets." Lucy told her parents the next morning at breakfast.

"Triplets?" Eric asked.

"Yes, they found a third baby when I went back for my second blood test." Lucy said.

"Oh, that's great!" Annie exclaimed with such enthusiasm that even Eric was surprised, and he had lived with her for quite some time.

"Thanks mom!" Lucy said. "I am glad that you are okay with all of this."

Kevin, sensing it was his turn to add something said, "Don't worry Eric. We have a plan for how we are going to take care of these babies and how we are going to have enough money for them."

"I don't even want to know what it is right now," Eric stated. "Congratulations."

~The Next Week~

Lucy and Kevin were back at the doctor's office for their weekly check-up because of the possibility that they could have octuplets. The nurse had drawn blood and sent the results to the lab. By now, the blood tests didn't hurt Lucy anymore because she was used to it. Fifteen minutes later, the doctor came in with the results from the lab.

"Four- It is now up to four babies" the doctor commented.

~Breakfast the Next Morning~

"Four" Lucy said.

"THAT'S GREAT!!!" exclaimed Annie.

~The Following Week~

"Five- you are having octuplets" the doctor said.

~Breakfast the Next Morning~

"Five", Lucy said.

"What is going on here?" Eric asked. "Are the people in those labs ignorant or what?"

"We aren't sure. I have another appointment in six days, I'll ask then", Lucy said. Although she knew, she didn't want to tell her parents just yet.

~The Next Appointment~

"Six" the doctor informed them.

~The 7th Appointment~

"Seven" the doctor said.

~The 8th Appointment~

Lucy was now three and a half months along and beginning to show- a lot. Her belly was getting gradually more and more round, but that was to be expected when you had seven babies developing inside you.

Lucy and Kevin were, once again, sitting in the patient's room awaiting the results from the lab.

The doctor bustled in and apologized for the wait. She informed them that it appeared as though she would not develop yet another baby, so they would most likely be having only seven. Lucy and Kevin both looked relieved, although seven infants at once was going to be a huge challenge.

"Mary is lucky- she's only having one," Lucy told Kevin as they walked out of the patients room and into the main lobby.

"I wouldn't say that." Kevin said, giving Lucy a quick kiss. "We may be having seven babies, but each one is a bundle of joy."

"I know, what I meant was that she only had to deliver one. I will be going through seven times the pain that she is."

"When is your due date?"

"July . . . 27th," Lucy said.

"And when is Mary's?"

"July 29th"

By this time, Lucy and Kevin had reached their car, and drove home talking about how they would afford this.

They drove past a convenient store, which had an advertisement for the LottoLuck Jackpot. It was a dollar a ticket, and the pot was up to 690 million dollars.

Lucy told Kevin to turn around and they went back to the store to buy a ticket. It was a tradition of Lucy's to buy two tickets every time the jackpot got that high. She would always choose her own numbers and then hope to win, but she never had.

"If we won," Lucy thought, "then we would never have to worry about money ever again."

Although Lucy knew that she wouldn't win, she made Kevin go into the store for her and buy the tickets. Kevin was apparently thinking the same as Lucy, so instead of only buying two tickets, he bought four.

As Kevin got back into the car, he showed Lucy the four tickets that he had bought.

"Drawing's tomorrow night." Kevin informed her.

"Yeah. We won't win, but wouldn't it be awesome if we did?"

"You bet."

"We could buy a huge house- a mansion. And give money to our families. And charity. And we'd never have to worry about it again."

"That would be nice."

"Yeah..." Lucy said, still thinking about the possibilities.

Just then, her cell phone rang.

"Hello", Lucy answered.

"Hi. Mrs. Kinkirk?"


"This is Dr. Carlson, from the gynecologist's office."

"Is there something wrong?"

"Well, it seems as though our lab technicians made a mistake."

"What kind of mistake?"

"It seems as though you will be having eight babies."


"Our technicians overlooked the 8th fetus because it was under number five."


"Yes, our office fully apologizes for this mistake."

"Is there any possibility of a ninth at all?"

"Only a 2% chance. Very unlikely."

"Okay, thanks."



Lucy hung up. How was she going to tell everyone?


"Yea?" he responded, his eyes on the road.

"That was Dr. Carlson. It's 8."

"Oh god... but then again, what's one more?"

"You're right. I think we really need to win that lottery drawing, even though we won't."


They drove the rest of the way home in silence.

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