Category: Pokemon

Title: Shelter in the Storm

Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo. The Triple Guardianship, Destiny, Hope, and all related fan creations belong to Shadow.

Prologue: Sacrifices

            Two cloaked figures sat in a dark room, talking in quiet voices. One was cloaked in dark red, completely obscuring its features, while the second was clad in ice blue. The voices were muffled, but they sounded young.

            "The time has come. Fire retreats, and grants her gift to lightning."

            "Ice rules the world, until thunder rises triumphant."

            "Yet… thunder itself may fall to fire."

            "Sacrifices must be made."

            "And you accept this responsibility?"

            "I do."

            "Very well." One of the figures vanished in a swirl of smoke. The second stood up and began resolutely walking towards a set of golden gates.

            Glowing purple light surrounded the figure as it stepped through the gates…

The Prophecy of the Triple Guardianship

"Disturb not the balance of fire, ice, and lightning, lest these Titans wreck destruction in the world in which they clash. For though the water's great guardian shall rise to quell the fighting, alone its song shall fail and thus the world shall turn to Ash."

However, that was not the entire prophecy… the rest was lost…in regards to the three guardians who, through time, protect the worlds.

Fire that consumes all, and fills the air with light,

Ice that freezes and endures, through long winter nights,

Lightning that brings with it both sunshine and storms,

Light and dark make shadow, the child of mists is born.

Fire's child is raven-black, ruby feathers glowing,

Ice's child is sunshine-gold, sapphire feathers snowing,

Lightning's child is neither, with feathers of stormy gold,

Three primary colors, unite to form as one,

Create the sword of elements, destroy the evil one.

Moltres with the flaming wings, Honou with the calming song, Entei with the earth's distress, guardian of the traveling halls.

Articuno with the winter's gaze, Lugia with the restoring rain, Suicune with the water's spirit, guardian of the dragon's pain.

Zapdos with the storm's alarm, Serebii with the mists of time, Raikou with the thunder's power, guardian of the island clines.

Fire's child has ocean's eyes, that see the coming danger,

Ice's child has silver eyes, that heal the burdened warrior,

Lighting's child has rainbow eyes, that can soothe or rage,

Red, Blue, and Yellow, together are the way.

Fire's child is fair of face, but water is her weakness, she cannot see the shadowed paths, loses her pretense of solace.

Fire is the eldest, but the weakest one as well.

Ice's child is handsome, with dragons by her side; she controls the weather, the wind and roaring tides.

 Ice is in the middle, yet her heart can make her fail.

Lightning's child has beauty, but in an earthly way, his power lies in kindness, and shadows are his prey.

Lightning is the youngest, but his power is most strong.

Fire is the seeker, she finds the hidden demons,

Ice purifies them, with water from the heavens,

Lightning destroys them, with thunder from the skies,

Together three are stronger, than shadow will abide.

Bright flame to call the phoenix, says the fire child,

Holy water to cleanse the presence, ice intones, mild,

Heaven's Fury to destroy this abomination, lightning's child continues,

And purify this earth, the spell is now consumed.

None can stand against them, united they are as one.

Yet divide and conquer, may extinguish glowing stars,

Bound by love and magic, three in one combine,

In this way the deadliest battle may be won.

Fire burns with anger, against the raging sea,

She destroys with light and flame,

And devours the twisted tree.

Ice defeats darkness, yet darkness is her soul,

She calls the dragon's fury,

Drives out the ghosts most foul.

Lightning cries with sadness, and golden hope's in sight,

He wields the crashing thunder,

Atones wrongs and makes right.

Red stands for fire, burning brightly as the sunlight wanes.

Blue stands for ice and dragon, water, three sides of a coin.

Yellow stands for lightning, and the flyers that haunt the sky.

Combine all three and separate, light, shadow, and dark, unite.

Red and blue make purple, poison and psychic too,

The sinister companions that follow the master group.

Blue and yellow make green, grass and earth is bright,

Are strong spirits and allies that fall before taking flight,

Yellow and red make orange, bugs and steel galore,

Ghosts, fighting, normal types, together they will soar.

The End of the prophecy…

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