Leo looked down at the newborn infant in his arms and marveled at the idea that the beautiful tiny being was actually his. His starry eyes and small grin grew wide into a 100 megawatt smile as Leo glanced over to the breathtaking woman who had given him the most precious gift of all.

"Darling, he is so perfect," he whispered, bending down to his lovely wife. He hugged her tightly and crushed his mouth to hers, bursting with happiness.

Suddenly, a loud noise interrupted the dreamy scene and Leo heard his name being called from far away.

"Leo! Leo! Wake up, son! It's time to head to the meeting!"

He slowly opened his eyes, disappointment coursed through his body as he looked at the face of his formidable uncle Mike. He rubbed his hand over his face as he tried to get up, and bring himself back to reality.

Leo Pold is every woman's fantasy and every man's envy, at least in the grand city of New York. With his chestnut hair and piercing brown eyes, Leo is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. He has taken over the modeling world at the age of 20, appearing in numerous magazines as the hottest new Calvin Klein model. Now at 30, he is the chief executive of Pold International Modeling Agency, a company he had built with the help of his scientist friend Steve Bart.

He has appointed his uncle Mike as chief advisor because of his admirable qualities: loyalty, honesty, and reliability. To their rivals, Uncle Mike was an intimidating opponent, but to Leo and the company, he was a father figure with a heart of gold. Granted, he would crush you like an enemy if you ever try to destroy his family and the business, but otherwise, he is easy to get along with.

Despite his success in the business, and the endless women throwing themselves at his feet, Leo was lonely. Only a few of his colleagues and workers would ever imagine that the notorious playboy longs to have a family to call his own. So far, there was no woman that he ever felt comfortable with to pursue a loving relationship after the second or third date. Admittedly, he was always searching for the beautiful woman with sun- kissed hair and aqua blue eyes that appeared in his dreams countless times.

So far, he has not been able to find her. Until, he hired a new secretary.