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Chapter 1:
It was a wet, cloudy day as the gang walked along the muddy paths. "Inuyasha shouldn't we find a shelter or something? Everyone is dreary and worn out because of this weather. Onegai *?"
"Geez, whatever. I don't care."
"What's wrong with you? You usually put up a fight when we want to stop, Inuyasha," inquired Miroku. Inuyasha leaned over and whispered:
"I just don't want to be told 'sit' in this mud," he mumbled almost inaudibly. Miroku just nodded his head.
"Houshi, what are you two muttering about?" Miroku walked over to her side.
"Oh nothing really, Lady Sango." He made a hentai* smile and went to reach her..Smack! "Oh I love the pain," he whimpered. Sango left his side flustered as she always did.
"Look ahead you guys there's a shelter!" Kagome rushed in front of everyone. "This will do nicely." She sighed.
"Hey, Kagome? Do you have anything to eat? I'm hungry." A little kitsune* whined.
"Here you go Shippo-chan." She handed him a lollipop and he thanked her. It was peaceful sitting around the cooking fire listening to the rain pound on the roof.
"Oi!" A grumpy hanyou* growled as a big drop of water plopped on his head.
"Seems we have a leak." Miroku said cracking a smile at Inuyasha.
"I wish this damn rain would stop so we can get moving again," he complained.
"What's the point Inuyasha? Naraku went missing again after we defeated the Shichinintai*. Let's rest a few days okay?" She asked him with puppy dog eyes.
"Aarrrggghhh," he said exasperated, "but after this we go, no more complaints."
"Arigato* Inuyasha," he blushed and didn't say anything more, "Well," Kagome yawned, "I'm going to bed."
"Me too," replied Sango. They all retreated to their places and fell quickly to sleep, all except one.
I can't tell them that tomorrow night is the first moon.they'll all worry and tense up. That's the only reason I stayed here. Hopefully everything will be just fine. He glanced over at Kagome. For some reason they had been getting closer after the whole Shichinintai ordeal. At one point and time he thought all of his friends were gone, after they had been poisoned by Mukotsu*. He thought to himself what would he have done if they didn't revive? Realizing that he almost lost Kagome gave his heart a shock and ever since then he hasn't tried to take her for granted. Inuyasha also realized that he held Kagome's heart and no one else.
"Inu-ya-sha?" yawned Kagome, "Why are you up? What's wrong?" she asked quietly as she crawled over to his side.
I can't make her worry. "Oh I'm fine," he sighed.
"I don't buy it Inuyasha," she gave him a quirky smile, "You can tell me anything okay?"
"I said I was fine."
"Demo*-" He put his finger to her lips.
"Shhhh.you don't wanna wake the others do you? I'm fine gosh, go back to sleep." She was surprised at how gentle he was with her. He gave her an aggravated look and she knew what he meant.
"Goodnight." She crawled silently back to her sleeping bag.
"Keh!" She quietly giggled and pulled the covers over herself. He watched her, without her noticing of course, until her eyes closed with a peaceful slumber. He leaned further against the wall and went to sleep as well.

Author's note: Onegai-please Hentai-pervert Kitsune-fox Hanyou-half demon Shichinintai- They are a group of 7 men who were brought back to life using 7 jewel shards by Naraku. They were men who hired themselves out to fight in wars. They appear in episode around 102 or so..I can't remember. It ends in like episode 121 about. Arigato-thank you Mukotsu- One of the Shichinintai that poisoned Miroku, Sango, Kagome, and Kirara..they almost died.they stopped breathing. But luckily Myouga sucked out the poison from their blood just in time. Episodes 106&107 Demo-but

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