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"Oh really.anything?" Merfair turns around to see evil incarnate herself.
"You said you'd give anything to have this?" Merfair looks confused at the Mistress of Satan. "How about your soul? I'm kinda running low."
"Hell no!"
"How dare you speak to me that way!"
"Oh f*** off you..you..ugly piece of pottery!" Kikyo gasped at Merfair's comment and left speechless with her creepy soul snatchers. "What is wrong with me.I got another chance to have it and I blew it! I didn't want that biotch helping me anyway!"
Chapter 9:
"I wonder when they will return? It's been three days."
"I know.I miss Kagome," whined the little kistune. The four of them were at Sango's abandoned village to put flowers on her father's and friends' graves. Miroku was saying prayers over them as well.
"Well we should go and wait for them at the well. They should be back soon."
"You're right Houshi-sama." Sango called for Kirara and they got on her back and flew back to the well.
"We're back! Huh.not here?" We'll just wait here then."
"They might be at Sango's village."
"Yeah she hasn't been there in awhile. Ahhh.it's so refreshing here. I never grow tired of this fresh clean air."
"Oh I never realized it before, but now that you mention it, it is a lot cleaner and not so many weird smells."
"Well Inuyasha, what are we gonna do now?"
"Go after Naruku!"
"Yeah let's kick his butt!" She laughed, "Ne, Inuyasha? You hungry?"
"Yeah I guess so."
"Here lemme make some of this then." His eyes lit up as she pulled out a cup of ramen. "Go get some wood and water." He left and quickly came back like a joyful puppy. She took a match and lit the wood for the water to boil.
"Oi! Kagome-sama, Inuyasha!" A familiar voice was heard.
"Kagome-chan, Inuyasha!"
"Look they're back. Just in time for lunch too." She waved as they landed.
"How are you feeling Kagome-chan?" Sango asked as she hugged her.
"I feel great!"
"That's good to hear."
"Miroku-sama nice to see you again!" She went up and hugged him and he hugged her back.about to grope her when he saw and evil glance from both Inuyasha and Sango. Oh yeah.she's off limits.hehe. He backed away. He walked over to Inuyasha.
"So how was your 'vacation'?"
"It was fine.she rested a lot." Miroku got closer to him and whispered in his ear.
"So did anything else happen?" Inuyasha grinned lightly and Miroku got the idea. "You're a sly dog." Miroku said in his ear, but as he pulled away he made a face. "What's that smell? Flowers?"
"What are you talking about Miroku?"
"Did you *ahem* take a bath?" Inuyasha choked on his ramen.
"Inuyasha is there something wrong with the ramen?" He was choking so she was patting his back laughing at the same time.
"Didn't you ever hear about chewing your food first?" Shippo commented and quickly got bopped on the head.
"Are you okay?"
"Stop worrying! I'm fine!"
"Everytime I try to help you you raise your voice at me, geez why do I even bother?"
"I didn't mean to raise my voice, sorry! Feh!" The other four gazed at the hanyou. They couldn't believe their ears, he said sorry! They all started cracking up. "Oi! What's so funny you guys!" he started to get up to attacked but was quickly restrained.
"Osuwari! Just leave them be Inuyasha." Kagome chuckled.
"You little."
"Now, now Inuyasha."
"Yes behave Inuyasha or Kagome will do it again!"
"I'm gonna." This is how it should be. Kagome thought as she looked at her friends. I hope and pray we will always be together.

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