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40 Days and 40 Nights

Chapter 7


Sango's eyelids refused to close. Instead, they forced her chocolate-brown eyes to stare at the thick foliage above her head. She was having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, probably because of this mess with Miroku. Only a week after Kagome had originally given her the ingenious idea to pursue him, here they were, and the houshi was avoiding her as if she were a sickness. Of course, he had been a little off lately: not groping her, blushing profusely around her, not insinuating anything prolifically sexual…. Something is certainly wrong.

Sighing, she propped herself up on her elbows. She was trying everything she could think of. She was dressing scantily, she was putting herself in compromising situations with him, she was practically screaming for him to come after her… and to no avail! Sango bit her lower lip. This was taking a toll on her, too. She had loved him for some time, but now… now was she coming to desire him?

And he couldn't have been sweeter. Always courteous, polite, never imposing. He would talk to her calmly, inspiring conversation easily, before she would attempt to force herself on him. At least, that's how it felt. All was not well. She was growing more and more desperate, while he seemed to be eluding her at almost every chance.

A sudden rustling nearby startled her. She snapped her head toward the source.

Miroku turned in his sleep, fidgeting slightly. She smiled mirthlessly at her overactive imagination and relaxed. Then….

"Sango…," the houshi murmured.

Sango tensed. He was calling to her in his sleep? Silently, she turned to face him.

"I… oh, Sango…."

With bated breath, she listened.

"…be careful, those are sensitive… Sango, your touch…."

You've got to be joking.

"…oh, your kiss… I've waited so long, Sango…."


"Sango-chan? Is everything okay?" a sleepy female voice asked.

"Ah, Sango-sama, why are you awake? And why do you look so—"


Absolute silence filled the air. Sango was sure she could cut the shock with a knife. Frankly, though, she didn't care. She was too busy seeing red. "Houshi-sama, I knew you were a pervert, but if your perversion carries into your dreams, then there truly is no hope for you." She stalked back over to her side of the campfire and promptly turned her back to her companions, seething. How dare he dream of me like that? And what, may I ask, is so sensitive? He usually seems so eager for somebody to touch it all, she thought bitingly.

Usually you, the inner Sango whispered evilly. He's always seemed hell-bent on getting you in his bed. Did you ever consider that, maybe, you want it just as bad as he does?

Sango's face reddened significantly. No, she said to herself abruptly. He is nothing but… but a sex fiend. I am not. Simple.

The inner Sango snickered. Whatever you say.

With that, Sango promptly forced her eyes closed, determined to sleep.




"You know, that hurt, Sango-sama." Miroku rubbed the red handprint on his face gingerly. Sango merely glared at him and turned away. "And I don't see why it was necessary," he continued. "Imagine how I feel. I am suddenly awoken by the vision of loveliness that is you bellowing at me, and when I politely inquire as to what is the matter, I receive a slap. No indication of what is wrong, no wrong even done…."

Sango swiveled around to face him and hissed, "No wrong even done? When you were… practically moaning my name in your sleep!" Miroku backed away. This was the Sango he knew so well.

Inuyasha's face was nothing short of ecstatic. "He moaned your name? In his sleep? Feh, you little pervert, you had us going for a while!" He looked to Kagome, who was trying extremely hard to pretend like she didn't know what Inuyasha was rambling about. "Can we call him on that? Is that part of the deal?"

The hanyou found himself staring directly at an eerily calm Sango. "What deal, Inuyasha?" she asked serenely.

He stared insolently back. "None of your business!"

Not to be deterred, Sango turned on Kagome, who was attempting to maintain a look of shocked innocence at the mention of a "deal", in a flash. "Kagome-chan? Do you care to explain to me this… this deal?"

"Well, I would if I knew what Inuyasha was talking about," her friend replied in a tone of innocent curiosity. Under her breath, she hissed, "Osuwari!"

A faint thud and muffled cursing filled the air, but Sango could hardly be bothered with that. "Kagome-chan! Don't even try that with me! What are the three of you conspiring?"

Miroku cleared his throat, and the two girls turned to look at him—well, glare in Sango's case and desperately shake her head in Kagome's. "I believe that I will explain this one to Sango-sama," he said calmly. He held out his hand to the taiji-ya; a bit dazed, she took it and he led her away to somewhere more private.

Kagome instantly turned to Inuyasha, who was hoisting himself up from the faint imprint in the dust. "What was that?" she demanded. "Why did you have to open your big fat mouth, Inuyasha? Do you know how fun it was to watch them?"

He scowled. "Did you want watch and cook duty?"

"I cook all the time! Or are you forgetting that?" She let out a wordless scream of frustration. "Why…?"

"Look, winning is the important thing, right? You should be happy that we won. Stupid pervert." Inuyasha snorted.

Kagome glared daggers at him, and he recoiled. "You idiot! We haven't won! Unless he was doing something… physical… it doesn't count!" She added in a low growl, "All of that work for nothing. They were so close!"

"To losing?" Inuyasha asked hopefully.

Kagome closed her eyes and breathed deeply. "To be-ing to-ge-ther, Inuyasha," she enunciated. "And now… well, now I don't know what's going to happen."

Inuyasha snorted again. "Like it matters! We'll win. Of course we will. He's just a stupid perverted monk. He can't last forever."

The next thing the hanyou knew, Kagome was sidled up next to him. Well, not so much next to him as against him… pressing against very sensitive spots…. A deep scarlet hue suffused his face. "Wha- wha—" he stammered, suddenly losing his bravado and becoming inarticulate.

"Inuyasha," Kagome purred, pressing herself closer, "I think there's something that's… well, that just has to be said. Special, from me to you." She lightly touched the tip of his nose, and he shook his head to clear off the confusion. The bet, the bet, the bet… oh, the bet be damned.

"What, Kagome?"


"What the—"


Kagome looked down at him angrily. "You stupid idiot!" she yelled, stomping off and adding a few extra commands every few seconds, thus rendering Inuyasha a bit… incapacitated.




Miroku gently sat Sango down on a tree stump. "Now, Sango-sama, I think you'll actually appreciate this gesture, really, but…."

"Just tell me already, houshi-sama," she snapped, although her voice was definitely softer than it had been five seconds ago. She'd lost much of her anger at the gentle way he'd ushered her away from the now-bickering Kagome and Inuyasha. And no groping, either. Impressive, she thought.

He sat down on the ground before her, taking her hand. She could feel her face just heating up. "Sango-sama, I have to say that… well, I've taken a vow."

She looked at him in puzzlement.

"You see, Kagome-sama informed me of a ritual done in the future in certain places. A forty-day fast, of sorts. One must give up a vice of theirs for forty days and forty nights. I am a little fuzzy on the details, yes, but… I was challenged to give up sex and anything sexual for forty days and forty nights. Inuyasha turned it into a bet of sorts. And since I'm only a week in, I have thirty-three days left, and so I cannot reciprocate your…." He cleared his throat uncomfortably. He was not about to say this to the most attractive girl he had ever seen that had thrown herself at him so heedlessly…. "I cannot reciprocate your advances. I am sorry to disappoint you." He braved a glance at her face—and flinched.

She looked like she was about to kill someone very, very painfully. "You… you…" she sputtered wildly. "You… could have told me this days ago… and instead you let me make a fool of myself? You let me listen to Kagome-chan's advice about throwing myself at you to make this whole thing—" She cut herself off, speechless with rage.

"Wait," Miroku said suddenly, his mind sharpening. "You say Kagome-sama gave you that advice? But, Sango-sama, Kagome—"

"You watched as I made myself look like a prostitute or worse!" she shrieked. He winced. "You could have told me, Miroku! You could have… you could have…."

Desperately, he tried to cut in. "But Sango, listen. Kagome-sama—she's the one—"

"But you didn't!" she yelled. "No, you probably thought it was funny—funny that Sango the sexless was just throwing herself down at your feet! You probably thought that it was all worth it!"

"Sango, never!" he cried. "I did this for—"

She jumped up, startling him. "For what, Miroku?" she hissed. "For no cooking? For no watch duty? Well, too bad. I'm done. I'm going, and I'll fight Naraku on my own." She turned on her heel and stalked away, her fury emanating in almost-palpable waves.

Robbed of all his words, Miroku sat there, watching her go. A few minutes later, when the whole ugly scene finally registered, he groaned. Good going, Miroku, he berated himself. There's not a chance in hell that she'll fall in love with you after that. You'll be lucky if you even see her ever again. With that, he slowly rose and trudged towards where the fallen Inuyasha lay.




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