AN: Hello again. I know I have left this story for ages but I got to thinking how I wanted this story to go recently and got an idea for how to procede. It's not how I originally thought it would go when I started this story but I realized quickly that that idea wasn't going to work and that's largely why I had stopped the story. But now with a new outlook on the plot I'm ready to revist. Now this prologue is exactly like the beginning of the original so thats why its so darn familiar lol. I am going to post this seperate from the original story because I didn't want to get rid of all those nice reviews that everyone sent me from before.

Just like before, this story starts off the summer after Harry's first year at Hogwarts. I will more than likely use information given to use in later books but largely this story will be AU after book 1. Hope everyone enjoys!


Harry Potter was sitting on his bed in the smallest bedroom of Number Four, Privet Drive. His summer, he decided, had reached an all time low. After the incident with Dobby the House Elf, his relatives placed large iron bars on his window so that nothing could get in and nothing could get out and placed several locks on the outside of the door and a flap on the bottom of the door so his meals could be pushed through a few times a day.

'At least,' he thought to himself. 'They didn't put me back into the cupboard.' The much too small for an almost 12 year old boy stood up and walked over to the window and stared through the bars. He watched as a few of the neighborhood children played in one of the yards and it saddened him that he couldn't go out there as well. What he wouldn't give to be able to go outside and play Quidditch with his best friend Ron.

Sighing, he walked over to his bed and plopped down. Covering himself with the thin blanket the Dursleys had allowed him to have, he fell into a dreamless sleep. He was awoken hours later by a loud alarm sounding. It took him a moment to realize that he could smell smoke and that the noise was the fire alarm. Getting up, he went over to the door hoping that the Dursleys would be merciful and unlock the door. Turning the knob and pushing he quickly answered his own question. No, they hadn't. Banging on the door, he yelled out.

"Aunt Petunia! Help! Open the door!" He waited a few more minutes but all he heard was the sound of his uncle running around trying to grab all he could before leaving the house. He assumed his aunt and cousin were doing the same. Dudley was probably trying to stuff his computer into his bag again. Figuring they hadn't heard him, he tried again.

"Aunt Petunia! Uncle Vernon! Help!" The only sound he heard was that of running and then the front door slamming shut. Panicking, Harry went to the window and used all the muscles he could manage to open it and call out for help. He could see the Dursleys moving to stand just in front of the street looking up at their house. He noticed that his aunt was staring up at his window. 'Yes, if I can get her attention maybe she will remember that I'm still locked in here.'

Harry frantically waved his hand out the partially open window and called out to his aunt. "Aunt Petunia!" When she looked up and met his gaze his heart gave a jump. 'She'll surely come and get me.' But his joy was short lived when his aunt gave that puckered face that she used when she's disgusted and turned to comfort Dudley. Harry's heart began beating faster when he realized that they were just going to leave him there to die.

He walked over to the door and in another desperate attempt at getting out, he kicked as hard as he could at the door. "OW!" he cried out as he grabbed his now sore foot. "Now what am I going to do?" Panic once again clutched his heart. For a fleeting moment he considered using his wand to blast it open but then remembered that his wand was locked in his trunk under the stairs.

The boy began to pace, stopping in front of his owl, Hedwig's cage. "Hey girl. I'm not sure how to get out of this one. The opening for the window is too small for you to fit through," he said sadly as he stroked her feathers. Hedwig gave a small hoot of understanding and nipped his fingers lightly.

He looked up suddenly when he heard the faint sound of a fire truck in the distance. 'They called the fire department. Maybe they will be able to hear me and can get me out,' he thought to himself. He sniffed and realized that the smoke was getting closer. He looked toward the door and saw the smoke coming in through the cracks and through the flap. It was then that he also noticed that he could see small flames beginning to attack the wall that he shared with Dudley's room. Panicking, hr grabbed Hedwig's cage and moved against the wall farthest from the flames and smoke. Huddled as small as he could get, Harry strained his ears for the sound of the fire truck. He was relieved some to hear the siren getting closer.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the smoke began to fill the room and was making it harder for him to breath. He kept coughing every few seconds. He remembered from his Muggle education that it was best to get as close to the floor as possible since heat and smoke tended to rise, so he laid himself as flat as possible.

The flames had begun to spread throughout the room and he could feel the heat radiating off of them. He knew within a few minutes they would reach him and he didn't know what he would do.

A few more minutes past, though they felt like years to Harry, before he could hear commotion from outside. Hoping it was the firemen, Harry began to scream as loud as he could, hoping that someone would hear him. The smokehad completely filled the room by this point and the heat from the smoke alone was beginning to burn his skin. He didn't know why, but the flames had yet to reach him though he could see them right in front of him when he dared to open his already stinging eyes. He called out to Hedwig to make sure was alright since he couldn't see her anymore. He was relieved to hear a weak hoot. "Hang on Hedwig, I think the firemen are here now," he whispered through coughs.

Just then he heard loud footsteps and muffled talking. 'They're here!' he thought to himself. He could hear the water shooting out as they tried to beat the flames down. He knew he was getting weaker, could feel the energy leaving his body. He knew he had one chance to call out for help one last time before he passed out. Taking a deep breath he shouted as loud as he could before his world went black.