This story takes place about two or three months after the Digidestined and Tamers defeated Diaboromon in the fourth movie and Locomon in the sixth movie, and about the time where the Frontiers defeated Cherubimon and Lucemon.

Tai was walking to the park to meet the other Digidestined at a picnic. Agumon was walking alongside him.

"We are so late, Tai," Agumon said.

"I know that, Agumon, but how do you expect me to be on time when I couldn't find my Digivice?" Tai asked.

"You don't need it. What, you think we might get attacked while walking to the park?" Agumon asked.

"I'm just trying to set a good example of being a good leader," Tai said. "Good leaders are always prepared!"

"That's not what you said four years ago when you were leader," joked Agumon.

"Shut up," Tai said.

Meanwhile in West Shinjuku...

"Takato, hurry up!" his mother yelled. "Henry is waiting!"

"I can't find my D-power!" Takato yelled.

"Guilmon hungry!" yelled Guilmon.

"Found it!" Takato cheered.

"You really need to keep track of that thing," Henry said.

"Momentie!" Terriermon laughed.

In Sibuya...

"Takuya, hurry up!" yelled Koji angrily. "I don't know why we're going on a stupid picnic anyway."

"My D-tector, where is it?!" Takuya screamed. "Oh, here it is!"

"We don't want to keep J.P, Zoe, Tommy, and Kouichi waiting, do we?" Koji said as he folded his arms.

Back at Odaiba...

"Tai, where were you?" Davis asked.

"Looking for my Digivice..." Tai said.

"Did you find it?" Matt asked.

"Yeah," said Tai.

"Where was it?" Ken asked.

" my underwear drawer," Tai said, embarrassed.

The Digidestined all laughed.

"Well, you should see where Davis keeps his D-3!" Veemon laughed.

"Shut up, Veemon!" Davis knocked Veemon on the head.

"Ow!" yelled Veemon.

"Is everyone here?" T.K. asked.

"WAIT!!!!!" Davis yelled in a panic. "Where's Kari?!"

"I'm right here, Davis," Kari said, behind Davis.

"Oh," said an embarrassed Davis. "I was just, uh... making sure you were here, Kari."

In West Shinjuku...

"Thanks for making us wait, goggle head," Rika angrily said.

"Well, sorry, Rika," said Takato.

"Guilmon hungry!!" Guilmon cried.

"Don't have a cow, Guilmon," Renamon said.

"Fine, let's eat," Rika said.

"Hey, chumly, why ya so quiet all of a sudden?" asked Kazu.

"What's wrong, Takato?" Jeri asked.

"I don't feel so good," Takato replied. "I feel dizzy."

All of a sudden, Takato and Guilmon disappeared right before the Tamers' eyes!

"Takato!" Henry yelled.

"Guilmon!" yelled Terriermon.

In Sibuya...

"What's wrong, Takuya?" Koji asked. "You don't look so good."

"My head is spinny," replied Takuya.

"Spinny?" J.P. asked. "Don't you mean dizzy, Taky?"

Takuya looked at his hands. They weren't there! He was disappearing!

"Takuya!" Zoe yelled. Then he disappeared completely.

"What is going on?!" Koji yelled.

In Odaiba...

"Tai? Davis?" Kari called for them. "Where are they?"

"Kari!!" Veemon and Agumon yelled.

"Tai and Davis disappeared before our very eyes!" Veemon said.

"Yeah! They--" before Agumon could finish, he and Veemon disappeared!

"Agumon! Veemon!" Kari yelled. ""

When Takato woke up, he was floating in a dark universe.

"Takatomon!" Guilmon said as floated up to him. "You're awake!"

"What's going on here?" said a voice.

"Who's there?!" Guilmon growled. It was Takuya.

"Who are you?" Takato asked as he pointed to Takuya.

"Who am I? Who are you?" asked Takuya.

"I think the question is, 'who are all of you?'" asked a voice. It was Tai and Davis.

"Tai, Davis, you're okay!" Agumon and Veemon ran up to them.

"Whoever you guys are, I think we better get out of this creepy world," Takuya said.

"You're right. There will be plenty of time for introductions later,"
Takato agreed.

"Right," Tai and Davis agreed.

"But how? We're floating in the middle of nowhere!" Takuya looked around the Darkness. Then they heard a voice.

"Hello, children."

"W-who's there?!" yelled Takuya.

"Welcome, Takuya Kanbara, Takato Matsuki, Tai Kamiya, and Davis Motomiya!"

"How did you know my name?" Davis asked.

"I know all about you, Digimon leaders..."

"Digimon leaders?" Tai asked. "What do you mean?"

"Tai, Tai. You are always asking questions."

"Whoever you are, listen up!" Agumon said. "You harm one hair on Tai's head, I'll let you have it!"

"That goes for Davis, too!" Veemon yelled.

"As well as Takatomon!" Guilmon growled.

"Takatomon?" Tai asked as he looked nervously over at Takato.

"Guilmon, for the last time, I'm not a 'mon'!" Takato said.

"But what about that kid?" Davis asked as he looked at Takuya.

"I can take care of myself!" Takuya said.

"You're nuts," Takato replied.

"Nuts? Where?" Guilmon glanced around eagerly.

"It's an expression, Guilmon," Takato explained.

"Aw, nuts!" cried Guilmon.

"You're the one who's nuts," Takuya said. "I can Spirit Evolve!"

"Spirit Evolve?" Davis asked. "What??"

"Enough of this pointless chatter!"

"What do you want?" Tai asked.

"I want you to serve me! You are the strongest of your groups; well, maybe Beowulfmon is the strongest in Takuya's group."

"I know that voice!" Takuya gasped.

"What do you mean?" Guilmon asked.

"Cherubimon! You coward!" Takuya yelled.

"Coward?" Cherubimon said "You're the coward, Spirit of Fire!"

"Spirit of Fire?" Agumon asked.

"With your combined forces, we can rule the Digital World and the Real World," Cherubimon said gleefully.

"And what makes you think we are going to serve you?!" Davis asked.

"The Darkness..." Cherubimon said.

"Darkness?" Takato asked.

Cherubimon then laughed and left them in the darkened universe.

"I know one things for sure," Tai said.

"What?" Takuya asked.

"We're never getting out of here," Tai replied.

"Ohhh!! You sound like you're giving up without even trying!" Takato

"He's right!" Takuya said. "We need to keep our heads high."

"I agree," Davis said as he nodded his head.

"You're right, kid," Tai smiled.

"Call me Takato," Takato replied.

"Hi, Takato, I'm Davis," said Davis.

"I'm Takuya," Takuya introduced himself.

"Name's Tai," Tai said. "Nice to meet you."

"I'm Agumon and this is Veemon," said Agumon.

"I Guilmon," Guilmon said as he pointed to himself.

"Now that we know each other," Takuya said. "we should try to get out of this place."

"Yeah," Takato said. "Tai, Davis, can your Digimon Digivolve?"

"Of course they can," Davis said, then he looked over to his partner. "Veemon, do your stuff."

"Wait," Tai looked around. "Where's Takuya's Digimon?"

"I'm my own Digimon! I'll show you!" Takuya held up his D-tector. "Spirit Evolution! Agunimon!"

"He turned into a Digimon!" Guilmon said in amazement.

"Not just any Digimon, but a Legendary Warrior!" Agumon said.

"Legendary Warrior?" Tai asked.

"I'll explain everything later," Agunimon said. "Right now, we have to get out of here!"

"He's right! Digimodify! Digivolution, activate!" Takato slashed a card though his D-power.

"Guilmon digivovle to... Growlmon!" He Digivolved.

"Digi-what?" Tai asked.

"Explanations later?" Takato said.

"Yeah," Tai said. "Agumon!"

"Agumon digivolve to... Greymon!"

"Veemon digivolve to... Exveemon! Now what?"

"Attack the Darkness!" Agunimon said. "Maybe that's our ticket out of

"Good idea!" Greymon said. "I'll start! Nova Blast!"

"Pyro Blaster!" Growlmon yelled as he shot a red-hot flame ball.

"Pyro Tornado!" Agunimon said as a tornado of fire appeared.

"Vee Laser!" Exveemon shot a X-like laser into the Darkness.

There was a huge explosion. Where all the Digimon attacked was a huge

"We did it!" Agunimon said. Then he turned back into Takuya.

All the other Digimon returned to their rookie forms. The children and their Digimon walked out of the hole to find themselves in the Digital World desert.

"How do we get home?" Takato asked.

"Hey, Tai," Agumon said as he looked at his partner.

"Yeah?" asked Tai.

"It's a good thing you found your Digivice, huh?" Agumon smiled.

"Yeah," Tai said.

"Maybe Azulongmon can help us..." said Takato.

"Azulongmon?" Davis asked. "You mean one of the four guardings Azulongmon?"

"Yeah, have you met him?" asked Takato.

"Have I met him? We freed him. 'We' as in my friends and I," Davis said.

Tai looked at Takuya fooling around with his D-tector. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to get a hold of my friends," replied Takuya.

"Hey, that gives me an idea!" Davis said with a big grin on his face. "I can email Kari and the others!"

"Good thinking," Takuya replied as he looked at Davis who was chuckling to himself. "but with what? I don't have a computer."

"With my D-terminal," Davis explained as his grin grew even bigger. "Now you've lost me..." said Takuya as just smiled nervously.

"Just watch," Davis replied as he took out his D-terminal and emailed Kari. She emailed back.

The email said, "Where in the world did you guys go? We were so worried!"

Davis wrote, "We went to the Digital World. Some jerk transported us here. And we met two new Digidestined."

She replied, "Okay, stay where you are. We're coming."

"Now, how am I gonna get a hold of Zoe and the others?" Takuya asked himself.

"Who's Zoe?" Tai asked, then a big smile grew on his face. "Your girlfriend?"

"No," Takuya blushed. "Just a friend."

"Then why are you blushing?" Davis asked, also with a smile.

"C'mon, guys," Takato said. "Leave him alone."

"I owe you one, buddy," replied Takuya.

"Takato, I'm hungry," complained Guilmon.

"You're always hungry," said Takato.

"You know, I'm kinda hungry, too, Tai," Agumon said.

"Well, you have been through a lot," Tai said. "I mean, digivolving and fighting..."

"Tai, our Digimon get weak when they're hungry," said Davis.

"But we can't leave until your friends get here," Takuya said.

Takato was quiet. Veemon noticed this. "Hey, Takato, what's wrong?"

"Listen..." Takato replied.

They all stopped and listened. They could hear faint yelling. "Tai! Davis! Where are you?!"

"It's Ken!" Davis yelled. "Over here!!"

"There you are!" Ken ran up to them. "Is everyone okay?"

"I've been better," Takuya joked.

"Are they the new Digidestined?" asked Ken.

"I'm not a Digidestined," Takato replied.

"I thought we were gonna explain everything later," Takuya said.

"Where is everyone else, Ken?" Tai asked.

"Scattered throughout the Digiworld, "Ken explained. "Davis forgot to tell us exactly where you guys were."

"Oops, sorry," laughed Davis.

"Come on, let's go," Ken said.

"Hold it right there, children!" yelled a voice.

"Not Cherubimon again!" Takato yelled.

"I guess you don't care for your friends, Takuya," said Cherubimon.

"What do you mean?!" yelled Takuya.

"The Spirit of Light is on his way," Cherubimon said.

"Listen, pal," Takuya yelled. "you hurt my friends and I'll hurt you, you jerk!"

"And the poor little Spirit of Ice. He's hurt," said Cherubimon.

"Hurt?" Takuya gasped. "Tommy!" Then Cherubimon's voice disappeared. "Come back here, you dirty coward!"

"Takuya!" yelled a familiar voice.

Takuya saw Koji running up to them. "Koji! What happened?"

"We were attacked while we were looking for you!" Koji said. "Kouichi and I are all that's left. That stupid Cherubimon kidnapped the others!"

"How's Tommy?!" Takuya yelled. "Was he okay?!"

"He wasn't doing so well," replied Koji sadly.

"Poor Tommy," said Takuya. "He's only a little kid, for Pete's sake."

"What's going on here?" Ken asked. "I deserve some answers!"

"Watch your mouth, kid!" Koji yelled at Ken.

"What did you say to me, brat?!" yelled Ken.

"You heard me, nerd!" Koji said.

"Nobody calls Ken names!" Wormmon yelled.

"You keep out of this, bug," said Koji coldly.

"C'mon, guys," smiled Takato. "Can't we all just be friends?"

"Can it!!" Ken and Koji snapped.

"Well, I tried," Takato sighed.

"Um, Koji?" said Takuya as he tapped Koji on the shoulder. "Don't mean to butt into your little argument, but where's Kouichi?"

"He went off looking for our friends," Koji replied.

"And you didn't try to stop him?!" Takuya yelled.

"Hey, I can't control his actions," replied Koji. "Besides, you forget he's older than me."

"Why don't we try and get a hold the others, Ken?" Tai asked.

Then a giant purple bunny rabbit appeared in front of them. It was Cherubimon. "Why don't we not try to get a hold of them," he chuckled.

"What is that?!" Davis yelled as he pointed to the clown rabbit.

"It's Cherubimon!" Takuya replied.

"Koji," Cherubimon looked at him. "Join me."

"Fat chance!" Koji yelled.

"Fine, then," Cherubimon laughed. "I won't spare your brother's life."

"Brother?" Koji gasped. "What have you done to Kouichi, you scumbag?!"

"He's around," Cherubimon said. "Evolve! Fight me!"

"If you want a fight, you'll get a fight!" Koji held up his D-tector.

"Don't, Koji!" yelled Takuya. "We didn't stand a chance last time without Hyper Spirit Evolving!"

But Koji didn't listen. "Spirit Evolution! Lobomon!"

"That's it..." Cherubimon said.

"Lobo Kendo!" yelled Lobomon as he tried to stab Cherubimon with his beam sabers.

"Heaven's Judgment!" Cherubimon struck Lobomon with a bolt of lightning.

"Ahhhh!!!" Lobomon cried in pain.

"Lobomon!" Takuya felt so helpless. He was too tired to Spirit Evolve and help his best friend.

"Stop him," Ken looked at Wormmon. "Wormmon."

"Wormmon digivolve to... Stingmon! Spiking Strike!!" Stingmon flew at Cherubimon with his stings ready to attack him.

Cherubimon saw him out of the corner of his eye. "Fool." He hit Stingmon with his hand.

"Stingmon! No!" Ken yelled.

"I can't digivolve..." said a helpless Veemon.

"We're just too weak," said Agumon.

Lobomon was still caught in Cherubimon's Heaven's Judgment, yelling in pain.

Takuya closed his eyes. He couldn't bear the thought of losing his best friend. He couldn't do anything. "No... Koji..."

"Gargo Laser!!"

"Howling Blaster!!"

Takuya opened his eyes. He saw two Digimon help Lobomon break free of Cherubimon's Heaven's Judgment attack.

"Gargomon!" Takato cheered happily.

"Garurumon!" Tai said.

Running towards them was Henry and Matt.

"You guys know each other?" Ken asked.

"No, we met each other when we where looking for you," Matt explained.

"We trust each other," Henry said. "After all, we're all on the same team, right?"

"I thank you," Lobomon looked at Gargomon who was standing beside him to see if he was alright. "but I don't need your help."

"Are you kidding me?" Gargomon said. "You can't even help yourself."

"I will be back..." Cherubimon disappeared.

The Digimon returned to their rookie forms and Lobomon went back to Koji. Koji was kneeled down, gasping for breath.

Henry ran up to him. "Are you okay?"

"I don't need your help!!" snapped Koji as he got up.

"Koji!" Takuya looked at him.

"Stay out of this, Takuya," Koji folded his arms. "Can I help it that they're not up to MY level?"

"Level of what," Matt said rudely. "losing?"

This set Koji off. He was furious. "You asked for it, blonde boy!" He punched Matt in the face.

"That's it!" said Matt, hitting back.

Then Takuya grabbed Koji by his ponytail.

"Let go!" yelled Koji.

"Stop this!" Takuya said. "You're being childish!"

Koji broke free from Takuya's grip and started fighting with Takuya.

"Can't we all just get along?" Takato asked.

"No!!" yelled Koji and Takuya.

"Why is everyone yelling at me?" asked Takato.

"Because you're annoying," Ken replied.

"Hey! Don't call Takato annoying," Henry said. "He's the nicest person I know."

"Then you need to get your head checked," Ken said.

Henry just gave Ken a nasty look.

Takato walked up Koji and Takuya who were still fighting. "We should be fighting Cherubimon, not each other."

Koji stopped fighting with Takuya. "He's right. Cherubimon is our main problem."

Then the giant clown rabbit returned. He looked at Koji. "Dost thou not care for thy brethren?"

"What do you mean?" Koji looked at him.

"Wait," Matt said. "In Shakespeare's time, brethren meant brother. So he said, 'Do you not care for your brother?' You have a brother, Koji?"

"None of you business," Koji replied rudely.

"And you, holder of the Crest of Friendship," Cherubimon said as he looked down at Matt. "Dost thou not care for his?" Cherubimon held out a dark bubble and inside it was T.K. and Patamon.

"Matt!" T.K. yelled.

"You monster!" Matt yelled. "You hurt T.K. and I'll hunt you down till the day I die! Let him go!!"

"Koji!" yelled a faint voice.

"Why are you calling out your own name, Koji?" Tai asked. "That was your voice."

"It's not me!" Koji said. Then he gasped. "Kouichi!"

"Yes, thy Spirit of Darkness is near," Cherubimon said. "Thy brethren is weak and so are you, Light!! Heaven's Judgment!" He struck Koji with a lightning bolt.

"Ahhhh!!!!" He cried.

"Koji!!" Takuya yelled. The others gasped.

"Beast Spirit Evolution! Kaiserleomon!"

A big black lion grabbed Koji out of Cherubimon's attack and drug him to safety. Then he jumped up at Cherubimon's hand and broke the bubble. He carried T.K. and left him with Matt.

"Who is that?" Matt asked. "Whoever he is, I owe him for saving T.K."

"Next time you won't be so lucky!" Cherubimon said angrily as he disappeared.

"Why does he always do that?" asked Davis.

"Who is that?" asked Patamon.

"Patamon, why didn't you help T.K.?" Matt asked.

"I couldn't digivolve," replied Patamon sadly.

Then Kaiserleomon turned into a boy. The boy had his back towards the group.

"Thank you," Matt said. "If there is anything you need, I'll help you. I owe you for saving my little brother."

"The one thing you could have done for me was to even try to save my brother," replied the boy. Then he turned around.

"K-Koji?!" Ken was shocked. "But how?!"

"I'm not Koji," the boy explained. "I'm his twin brother Kouichi."

"Kouichi!" Takuya was holding Koji. "He's bleeding from his head pretty badly!"

"Ohhh! Koji!" he ran up to his brother.

"We got to get him to a doctor!" Tai said.