by Jess Angel

I am bound
…no more

The shackles of darkness

B r o k e n

By the radiance in her smile
The redemption in her eyes

The life I lack

She brings to me
She breathes in me

What I don't deserve
…but what I need

A longing
I dared not achieve

She brings to me

Light beyond the grave

Beyond the nightmare

…In her arms

…In her lips

It is her kiss.

All this she brings.

And I am purified
…By her tears

And I am burning
…At her touch

And I am living
…In her laughter

And I am…
loving it.
I am

…Loving her.

The life I lacked

She brought to me
She breathed in me

And I am bound
…No more.

Author's Note: A simple poem dealing with Vincent and his mysterious new love. She could be anyone. You may have even included yourself as the lucky lady. --wink-- I was inspired by the recent Vincent poetry pieces done by Kimmie3 and Darknightdestiny. They are both lovely works that you should go check out.

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