Forever Young

It is a sad thing to be immortal. To be forced to stand apart and watch loved ones die, living things poisoned and beautiful ones sullied. Forever wishing you could give them your revered ever after, your never changing youth.

Men, in their continuing blindness, have always wished to live forever, never having to face the unknown realm of death. With all their knowledge and self-proclaimed wisdom, they still cannot see how we suffer.

You do not have to live forever to live a full life. Death is simply another friend met along the way. But I suppose it is easier for me to say so as I do not have to meet him.

I did once, detest death. Not so much due to my own fate as to that of my dearest friend. He was not cursed with everlasting youth. I raged against it for weeks while he slowly faded away. The injustice, taking someone so deserving of life. But this friend himself, as he lay on his deathbed, said that he did not want life eternal. He had lived a beautiful life, seen all the world, beyond what any of his race has ever seen before. He had no regrets. He had no wish to be tied to this world any longer. He would miss it, miss me, but he would look back on it, if indeed he could, with love. Of course, he said to me, it is always worse for those left behind.

And oh how it is. I live in the most beautiful land in all the worlds, undying and forever young. But outside of this paradise, somewhere, I know daughters, sons, mothers, fathers are dying, precious things are being lost beyond all hope of recovery. And the ones left behind are slowly being torn apart by the grief. Like I was and ever would be. At least one day they will die as well, fade away, leaving all their sorrows behind them. But I, I would bear all my memories, beautiful and terrible alike for eternity. So how I envy them. And envy, as always, like sorrow and despair, sours my days and steals sleep, my one escape, from me.

But now, here I stand, looking far away across the ocean. From my place on the cliffs I fancy I can see my old home. I will let all my grief go, I will not have to bear it forever. For though I am immortal, I am not indestructible. I have lived my life without regrets and refuse to sully it with wretchedness. I will see my dear friend again soon enough.