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                                                               CSI: ASIA


            Jonathan Mark David – He is a Grissom look-a-like, as in attitude, not the hearing problem and the looks. He's smart and calculative and has this unpredictable analysis ability. Very different from the conservative attitude of his Reverend father and head nurse mother, those whom he got the patience and smarts from. He is much of a loner (surfing the net and gathering info on his favourite stuff) except while working on a case with his team members. His younger brother was kidnapped by a slightly demented man (Jonathan recognized him as one of the people in church who came to his father for confession) when he was about 14 years old and he was the only one to crack the case among the baffled police department. Being acknowledged of his analytic abilities, this homicide detective soon became the head of the crime lab within 2 years of entering the police force. During his free time, he loved to indulge himself in anime, especially Genzomaden Saiyuki and Gundam Wing. He can't seem to get enough of it. His team members loved him and hated him at the same time—love because he can produce a good, clean analysis on things but hate because during off-hours or at sudden moments, he would rave about his obsession on his favourite anime.

            Judith Lai Chi In – She used to be in the wrong side of the law, as in stealing, playing truant, signature forgery and stuff. Despite her rich and luxurious life earned by her land broker father and kindergarten Headmistress mother, she'd rather 'wallow in mud' than being 'spotless and clean'. She would be often seen happy and gay and all, but no one can ever see through her happy face what was she really feeling inside. Having witnessed her best friend Marina shot to death and finding out then that she was her half-sister, things began to change. With her outlaw skills and her unlimited patience, her talent in forensics was recognized and soon began to work under Jonathan Mark David. She's also a linguist, as in she could speak English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese, Hakka and a little bit of Hokkien (Chinese dialects) and some French, Japanese and German. Her ultimate dream is to become the world's greatest manga-ka (comic artist) and she could be often seen carrying a file around filled with her artworks. The only one who could tolerate Jonathan's anime obsession.

            Rachel Yee – A bookworm and a very, very studious girl. She can be considered the Human Library because any question shot at her, she can answer it precisely and clearly. The team members often search for her when they have some doubt about things in the case. Born and bred from a decent family, her lifestyle is practically independent and no-nonsense kind. She collects books and you wouldn't be surprised if you stumble upon the study room of her home. Though fully equipped with knowledge of forensics and topics related to this field, her first love would be literature. Books like Jane Ere, Romeo & Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, etc…You name it, she got it. The most practical of all the CSI team members and is sometimes the object of admiration and affection to other men in the forensics, though she rejects them all due to the reason that they are 'not intellectually enhanced' as she was. The reasons for her to choose forensics to a potential English professor will be revealed in this fic.

            Rebecca Liew Ee Tze – She is a cheery pie and has a knack of creating handicrafts during her free time. Since her father was a traveling businessman, she spend more time with her mother and her 3 sisters, and the frequent 'girl talk' between mother and daughters contributed to her cheerful and carefree attitude. She had always been fascinated with forensic science and she had high scores for all her science subjects. Her first love would be Physics, which is why she is mostly into the physics of weapons and bullets projecting and stuff. She has a red ribbon tied around her neck like a leash as a symbol of engagement with her boyfriend Cyril, who is working in Vancouver, that once he earned enough bucks, he'll come back to marry her. Her optimistic and cheerful attitude contributes to the team members in a good way, especially when they are in a tense moment.

            Elaine Majon – She didn't start out to become a science freak at first, although she took Science Stream during high school. She was more into music and a little bit of literature and could master any instrument within a few practices. You can say she is a child prodigy when it comes to music (the female version of Mozart). But when a mistaken identity caused her friend to receive a shot in the head which was meant for her by a jealous fellow orchestra colleague, her perspectives and interest towards music took a swift turn to forensics, despite the protests from her decent over-protective parents. She refused to let other people to experience the same thing as her friend did and she can make certain cases that involved killing of innocent people get personal. Science has been her way of burying and venting all her misery and guilt towards her past and only when she gets in touch with music via her piano, then she was able to escape that feeling of guilt. Judith was the only one who could understand her pain as they both were same in a way.

            Justin Chang – A private doctor at first before entering the forensics. Has high knowledge in medicine, first aid and anything to do with science, which fits his profession in the crime lab as a coroner. Has a cheerful nature but when it comes down to business, he portrays a very astonishing serious figure. His expertise in able to figure out in detail how, when, where and why the victim dies earned him high respects among his juniors in the coroner business. He was hired into the crime lab personally by the PD because of his expertise. Other times, he is a movie buff and knows almost every movie shown from past to present and often update himself with the latest or incoming movie. He has a passion for horror movies and the supernatural, so whether you ask him about the movie Urban Legend, Psycho, House on Haunted Hill, The Haunting or Sixth Sense, he can tell you precisely the whole story about it.

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