When Anzu had to clean her room

Warnings/notes : slightly weird, Seto/Joey, oocness, Anzu (Tea is something you drink I think ^^;), Ryou being called Ryou and Yami Bakura being called Bakura.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 20th july 2003, by Misura.

If you are allergic to even the slightest making fun of Anzu, you probably don't like this fic. If you can take a joke and have a normal sense of humor, you should be fine, I think.


"I love you, you foolish puppy." Kaiba whispered, leaning in for a kiss.

"Hmmm, love you too." Joey mumbled, fortunately for him in a soft enough voice not to be overheard by anyone else. He was in english class and they were supposed to read for themselves, so he had just made himself comfortable and dozed off.

Kaiba's mouth was soft and warm.

Joey smiled as he licked his lips. He wasn't completely asleep ; a part of his mind was very well aware he was just day-dreaming. Still, fantasies like this one were way better than reading some boring english literary 'masterpiece'. Besides, it wasn't as if he'd ever be able to do more than dream. Kaiba'd laugh in his face if Joey'd ever told him how he felt.

Or worse ; he might be disgusted with the blond and avoid him for the rest of his life. That would be impossible to bear! Joey involuntarily shivered at the thought of never seeing Kaiba again.

A soft sound made him open his eyes, to find a folded piece of paper lying on his desk and Yugi gesturing at him to read it. He wondered what was so urgent that it couldn't wait until after classes ; couldn't Yugi see he had been busy?

He opened the note.


stay away from Anzu today if you value your spare time ; it's cleaning-time at her home again. Want to come and watch movies at my place later? Ryou and Bakura come too. Still have to ask Tristan ; you know where he is? Haven't seen him yet today.


Joey gave Yugi a thumbs-up to thank him for the warning. Anzu's cleaning-times were near-legendary ; she always asked all her friends to come and help her. Well, it sounded like she was asking you anyway, but saying 'no' wasn't really an option.

Anzu was nice, most of the time, but she could get terribly annoying if you crossed her. Not by getting mean or anything ; Joey could have handled that. No, Anzu used a version of Yugi's puppy eyes that was fatal even to the likes of Bakura, Ryou's violent yami.

Which meant that if Joey wouldn't stay clear of her, he was doomed to at least one afternoon of shrubbing and cleaning, for friendship's sake, in return for a glass of water and, if he was lucky, one of the cookies Anzu baked herself.

Last year, something had gone wrong with the timer of the oven and they had been burnt. Personally, Joey suspected Bakura had had something to do with that, but Anzu had never said anything about it.

Today, neither Yami nor Bakura was anywhere to be seen ; probably last year's experience had scared them too much to risk getting caught again. Joey shook his head sadly. Some people were such cowards! You'd think an ex-tombrobber wouldn't be afraid of a little dust.

As he started to pen down his answer to Yugi's invitation, the teacher walked back in. He hastily re-opened his book, pretending he was reading it. He didn't feel like ending up in detention.

While his eyes stared blindly at the pages, his mind wandered off again.

Kaiba's eyes were of a sparkling blue as they gazed into his own, like ice on fire.

Joey smiled as his imagination provided him with snapshots of Kaiba laughing (with him, not at him), Kaiba kissing him, Kaiba buying him dinner ... His stomach grumbled at that last fantasy.

Someone behind him snickered.

"Class dismissed. Be sure to write a report about the book you read and turn it in coming Monday. Enjoy your weekend." The teacher managed to sound sincere, though it was beyond Joey how she could be ; he wouldn't have any time to 'enjoy his weekend' if he had to work on that stupid report now, would he?

Silently cursing all teachers and their assignments, he packed his bag and walked out of the classroom. To come face to face with a brown-haired, blue-eyed person he really didn't want to see, though his reason for that had slipped his mind at the moment.

"Hi, Joey!" Anzu beamed. "I was just looking for you!"

"Uh, oh? What for?"

"I'm going to clean our house this weekend! You can come and help me."

"But ... the report ... " Joey protested weakly.

"You can copy that from someone else." Anzu shrugged. "I have plenty, mostly because I *love* to write them. What book did you pick?"

"Uhm 'Jude the obscure'." At least, he thought that was it.

"Wow, Joey! That's one of my favorite books!" Anzu sounded very pleased. "So, you're coming?"

"Actually I have ... " Think, Joey, think! " ... an appointment. With a friend."

"With Yugi, you mean?" Anzu frowned for a moment, then cheered up again. "I was going to call him anyway, since I didn't catch him at school. So he'll probably cancel it."

Joey made a mental note to let Yugi know he might want to have his phone be out of work for the rest of the afternoon. *If* he managed to escape himself, that was.

"I didn't say it was Yugi." Like I don't have plenty of other friends ... okay so maybe I don't. But it was still rude to put my nose on that fact. "Actually, it's with ... with ... "

"With whom, Joey?" Anzu sounded suspicious. "You're not lying to me, are you?"

Joey wasted a few valuable seconds to wonder why she didn't have a problem with him copying her report, but did protest against him lying, while in fact he needed a name.

Honda and Ryou were off since they probably were on Anzu's recruitment list too. Mai was out of town, leaving ...

"Kaiba." he squeaked. "I was going to see Kaiba after school. I promised."

That he had actually promised himself an afternoon of daydreamng about his fantasy-Kaiba, rather than visiting the real one was just a detail.

Anzu's eyes widened. "Kaiba is your *friend*?! But Joey, I thought the two of you *despised* eachother. What happened? Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Well, I don't have to tell you *everything* now, do I? And we only became friends very recently ; it would be very bad if I didn't show up." Joey prayed fervently Kaiba had left the building already and wouldn't walk in on Joey declaring their friendship.

"Yes, I can see that." Anzu nodded. She thought for a moment.

"So I really have to - "

"He can come and help too!" Anzu offered generously. "Normally I only invite my *friends*, but if the two of you are befriended ... "

"Please, Anzu! The guy's the CEO of one of the biggest corporations in Japan! You can't - "

"Exactly. I bet he'd *love* to spend an afternoon on something as ordinary as cleaning! Remember how much Yami and Bakura enjoyed it last year? They had never done anything like it before too."

Joey remembered indeed ; the two yamis had gone near hysterical at the sight of a broom or a dust-cloth for weeks after the incident, driving their hikaris insane.

He wondered how bad Kaiba was going to kill him if the CEO ever found out he had Joey to thank for being invited to Anzu's 'cleaning-party'. Though perhaps he was lucky and Anzu would get just one of his bodyguards. Guys like that could surely brush her off, right?

~to be concluded in the second part~