When Anzu had to clean her room

Warnings/notes : slightly weird, Seto/Joey, hints at Yami/Yugi and Ryou/Bakura, oocness, Anzu, Ryou being called Ryou and Yami Bakura being called Bakura.

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written at 23rd july 2003, by Misura.

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"Here we are." Kaiba said as he got out of the car.

Joey looked up at the mansion warily. "This is your house."

"Right at once. Had you expected me to have some other destination?"

"Well ... " A part of him had -foolishly- hoped Kaiba would simply drop him off at his own house.

"Follow me." Kaiba walked up to the door, after having opened the front-gate with some pass-key. Joey, reasoning Mokuba's presence would make this place reasonably safe for him, walked after him.

"Mokuba's staying over at a friend's house for a few days." Kaiba remarked nonchalantly, tossing his bookcase on some table. "Would you like something to drink?"

Joey wondered if Kaiba'd stoop as low as to spike it. Probably not, but perhaps he'd better take no risks. This was starting to smell like a set-up. "Not really."

"Something to eat then?" Kaiba sounded slightly peeked.

Before Joey could politely decline that too, his stomach answered the question for him by rumbling loudly. "Uhm ... "

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." Kaiba grinned and gestured for Joey to follow him again. "Let's see if we can find something to your liking in our kitchen. Mokuba's rather fond of snacking too, so we can expect a reasonable supply of unhealthy food."

"You only eat healthy stuff or something?" Joey flapped out. He didn't really thought about whether or not something was 'healthy' ; food just had to taste good. Besides, there were vegetables on a pizza too, and vegetables were good, weren't they?

"I have to lead a corporation *and* go to school." Kaiba shrugged. "I can't simply eat what I like."

Joey failed to see the connection, so he limited his answer to a groan.


"I *hate* to eat alone." Joey complained.

He and Kaiba had settled in the living-room of the mansion, with some bags of chips and marshmallows. The combination had made Kaiba shudder, though Joey had cheerfully declared he liked some change in his diet.

Joey's dislike to eating without company hadn't kept him from munching down half a bag of marshmallows already, or from starting on a bag of chips just now, so Kaiba hardly felt pressed to keep Joey from starving by amending his refusal to eat something too.

"I already told you I can't eat whatever I want." he replied stiffly.

Joey sighed. "Come on, indulging for one time can't hurt can it?" He threw in a puppy-look for effect. His wasn't as cute as Yugi's, but he was working on it.

"I ... suppose not." Kaiba reluctantly admitted.

"That's the spirit!" Joey grinned in triumph. "Now what do you want? I'll be generous and have you pick whatever you want." He gestured to the bags that were still unopened. That they were in fact all Kaiba's (or rather, Mokuba's, which made claiming them even more perilous) seemed to have slipped his mind for the moment. Kaiba didn't seem to notice either.

Instead, he was eyeing Joey pensively. "You will let me have a taste of whatever I want?"

There was something about that statement that made Joey blink and wonder what he was missing here. "As long as it's in this room." he added cautiously, slightly unsure whether or not that was the right thing to add.

Kaiba's almost predatory smirk told him it wasn't.

"Oh, what I want definitely is in this room." he purred.

Joey wasn't sure anymore whether he wanted to run as far away from this weird-acting Kaiba or wanted to start purring too and feed Kaiba some marshmallows, like he had done in one of his dreams. Or should he try chips?

A mistake at this point might mean the end of this dream-come-true. Joey wasn't willing to let that happen, not when things were finally starting to look up.

While Joey wrestled with this dilemma, Kaiba walked over to where he was sitting.

"Joey ... "

The blond turned his head to ask what Kaiba wanted ...

... just in time to feel the other's lips on his, while the bag of chips on his lap creaked in protest since Kaiba hadn't bothered to remove it and Joey hadn't had time.

He gazed wonderingly into sparkling, blue eyes. "What did you do *that* for?"

"I love you, you foolish puppy." Kaiba whispered, leaning in for another kiss, with a hint of uncertainty in his voice. Yami had assured him Joey felt the same, which was the only reason he was being so straighforward now, but what if the spirit had been wrong?

Or worse, what if it had all been a prank?

Joey giggled. "Not the kiss you silly. Though it's nice to know and I love you too."

"Then what are you talking about?" Kaiba demanded, a little offended his declaration had been brushed off so lightly. Perhaps he should have cut the puppy part. "Whatever it is, it's not important right now."

He was surprised as Joey pushed him away. Surprised, and a little bit hurt.

"Look at this!" Joey held up a rather crumpled bag of chips. According to its package it contained Cheese/Tomato-tasted potato chips. Kaiba failed to see its importance.

"What about that?"

Joey glared at him indignantly. "These are Original Golden Tomache Chips! And you just crushed them! Don't you know what you have done?!?"

Kaiba decided a kiss was probably the best way to stop Joey from ranting on. He was right.

~OWARI, or rather almost~

Some loose ends :

- Yami reached home in time to keep Yugi from picking up the phone. The two of them spent the weekend eating ice-cream and watching TV, amongst others, since Yugi's bookreport was already done on Friday night.

- Bakura was distracted on the way. As he arrived home, Ryou was already talking to Anzu, prompting his panicked yami to snatch the horn out of his hand and wreck the phone. Needless to say Ryou wasn't very happy about that, but Bakura managed to coax him into coming to his room to 'work on the book report'. They spent most of the weekend there, coming out for food and a certain anime-show Bakura would never admit to watch.

Ryou had finished his bookreport last week, when they first heard about the assignment.

- Anzu spent the weekend cleaning her house. She also baked her cookies, even if there was no one to share them with and ate them all herself, as some sort of comfort. Feeling guilty about not sharing them with her friends, she made another bunch which she took to school at Monday.

- Joey stayed over at Kaiba's. On Sunday evening, Kaiba picked a book-report for him from the Internet, thus earning Joey his first A-. Kaiba, like Ryou, had finished his own last week.

~OWARI, for real this time~