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Mario Alvarado's Writer Notes:

DJ Rodriguez, a fellow fanfic writer and a good friend of mine, sent out a mini challenge in his Pokémon fanfic, A Test Of True Love, to any Pokémon fanfic writers to come up with romance fics that have Ash paired up with different girls in the Pokémon series, instead of having Ash and Misty get together, which is practically every fanfic out there on the Internet!!! Stop the madness!!!

DJ wanted any Pokémon fanfic writer out there to write an Ash/Melody, Ash/Duplica, Ash/Whitney, Ash/Casey, Ash/Sabrina, Ash/One of the Three Sensational Sisters, Ash/Jessie, Ash/Cassidy, Ash/Domino, Ash/Nurse Joy, or Ash/Officer Jenny fanfic. But no Ash/Misty fics or fics where Ash is with a guy.

As for me, if you have read my past two romance fics, they were both Ash/Duplica fics. I'm a man that likes to see new pairings, so I decided to test my luck and write the first EVER Ash/Officer Jenny romance fic on the Internet! I'm always a sucker for trying something new. Especially new pairings.

So, if you're reading this, DJ. Mario Alvarado is about to make your wish come true! Well, at least one of them.

Story wise, an 18-year-old Ash Ketchum returns home to Pallet after successfully defending his 2nd Hoenn League Championship, backing up his status as the greatest Pokémon Master ever. He just wants to kick back and have a vacation in his hometown before heading off on another Pokémon League trip. During his R & R, he meets up with a young lady his age in Celadon City. A young lady, who happens to be is an officer in training and is totally inept at the job. After meeting a few times unexpectedly, the two start to talk and get to know each other. And what happens when Team Rocket, who has been getting a butt kicking by Ash for years, becomes more powerful than before and has their eyes on a rare Hoenn Pokémon, being sent to Pallet?

An Officer And A Pokémon Master
Chapter 1

"If I have to read one more lousy gym leader report, I'm going to crack up." Ash Ketchum said to himself as he looked at the coming shoreline of Vermilion City and its skyline. It has been over 8 years since Ash started his Pokémon Journey in hopes he would one day, become a Pokémon Master. One year ago, Ash did achieve his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master. He then shocked everybody by beating Hoenn's and Indigo's Elite Four at the same time to truly become the greatest Pokémon Master of all time. And to do it at the age of 17 is crazy!!!! After Ash's victory, he has traveled the world, representing the Pokémon League and showing everybody why he's the best in many Pokémon battles.

Being the greatest Pokémon Master ever isn't all Pokémon battles, traveling the world and fun and games. Since Ash achieved his dream, he started literally running the whole show. This was the only thing Ash didn't like about being the greatest Pokémon Master ever. Everything from changing League rules, planning Interleague events with Johto, the Orange Islands and Hoenn, new Gym trainer and Leader applications, Pokémon League job applications, weekly Gym Leader reports, constant talks with the Elite Four, meetings with Lance and applications from new Pokémon trainers, Ash had to oversee and everything came to him for his very important final approval. It was a LOT of work, but Ash is just happy to have Gary helping him out in that department most of the time. After much hard work for many months, Ash is happy to finally have a month off. No papers to sign, no reports to read, no meetings, no nothing! Just some rest and relaxation! He left that to Gary and his business management team to captain the ship, so they say. The ship Ash was riding in arrived at Vermilion City and Ash was off to Pallet Town. But, before Ash got in his $100,000 American sports car he bought for his 18th birthday to drive off to Pallet, his cell phone started ringing.

"Probably Gary." Ash said to himself as he grabbed his phone, which was attached to his belt and answered it. "Ash here." He answered,

"Ash, before you start yelling at me about how you needed a break, I need you here in Celadon City to finalize a deal between the league and Silph Co. to allow them to sponsor the next Celadon City Pokémon Tournament." It was Gary Oak, Ash's former rival turned best friend and business partner on the line. Gary helped Ash with all of the work with the Pokémon League and is an invaluable ally.

"Gee, that was quick of them. I thought Silph needed a month of two to make their decision." Ash said,

"Well, they decided to go ahead with the plan. So, they can use the extra time to plan the tournament." Gary said,

"Okay. I'm on my way to Celadon City right now. After that, I'm going home! Got it?" Ash asked,

"Don't worry, Ash. I got it loud and clear. I want to get this done and over with also. I got a date later tonight." Gary answered,

"Oh. Who's the lucky girl, Gary?" Ash asked jokingly,

"That's for me to know and you to never find out, Ash. I'll see you here at the Silph Co. HQ within the hour." Gary said and hung up. Ash placed his cell phone back on his belt and got into his car.

"My work is never done." Ash said as he started up his sports car and drove off for Celadon City.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Celadon City is one of the biggest cities in all of Kanto and Johto with millions of people working, visiting or living in city of rainbow dreams. Today is like any normal day. But today will be different because there is a black van parked in a dark alley across the street from one of Celadon City's major banks, which is right next to the city's main attraction, Silph Co. And nobody even spotted it or the person wearing all black duck into the alley and into the van to drive away slowly. A few minutes later, Ash arrived at Silph Co. and got clearance to park his sports car in the V.I.P. parking area.

"Hello, Mr. Ketchum. Mr. Oak is currently busy with preparing everything for the meeting and the signing. He asked me to tell you that it would take around 10 minutes and he will call you." The parking attendant said as Ash got out of his sports car and smoothed out his sharp looking gray business suit,

"That's Gary for you. I think I'll get some fresh air. Can you watch my sports car?" Ash asked as he handed his car keys to the attendant,

"Sure thing! It's not everyday you see a Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport with racing modifications in Kanto. These things are rare even in the U.S. I'll be sure not to drool over the car very much." The attendant said, eyeing the blue car with the white racing stripe down the middle.

"I'll take your word for it." Ash joked as he exited the car garage and headed for the busy sidewalks of Celadon City. Most of the time, Gary gets there ahead of Ash to make sure everything is ready for the Pokémon Master's appearance. For giant companies like Silph, it's a giant honor to have a person of Ash's stature visit on business. And it didn't take long for the people to spot Ash and maul him for pictures and autographs. Ash was a people's champion and could never refuse a chance to talk to his fans. This time however, it would be short lived. A big explosion rocked the area and it was in the direction of the Celadon City bank.

"Huh? What was that explosion?" Ash asked himself as he spotted a lot of smoke come out of the biggest bank in the city. The people were worried about what happened and rushed to the scene. All of a sudden, these 4 guys ran out of the bank, all of them carrying giant bags of cash. It didn't take long for Ash to figure out who it was. It was Team Rocket!!!

The meeting can wait! I got to help the police and stop Team Rocket. Ash thought to himself and decided to take a shortcut in hopes that he would cut off the Rockets. Despite his title, Ash was always a man of action and the only one brave enough to step up against Team Rocket and send them blasting off again and again. The Rockets ran into the alley with the money, leaving the pursuing citizens behind.

"Man, I can't believe that this heist was so easy!! They didn't know we were inside just waiting for us to rob them!!!" Rocket #1 said,

"And those cops are probably still on their butts reading magazines!!" Rocket #2 said as the trio entered the alley and the 4th Rocket went a separate way to throw everybody off. Moments later, the sounds of sirens and screeching tires were heard from the street.

"Oh, wait. Guess we were wrong! The keystone cops are now here!!!" The #3 Rocket said. The trio expected the cops to let loose their Pokémon to give chase, but the 2nd Rocket turned around and saw one lone Officer Jenny running after them. This Jenny however, was younger than any other Jenny on the force.

"Stop right there! You three are under arrest for armed robbery!!" The young officer yelled out,

"Ha. That will be the day." The leader yelled out and continued running. The Rocket trio took many turns in the back alleys and side streets of Celadon City, but each time they look back, the young Officer Jenny was still right behind them. And she was getting tired of all of this running.

"Stop!!! Please?!! Can't you give us rookies a break?!!" The officer panted, tired from the marathon running through the Celadon back streets. Suddenly, the three Rockets came to a halt next to an abandoned building, causing her to skid to a stop.

"Afraid not, cop!! Time to teach you a lesson!!! Look up there." Rocket #1 said as he pointed to the roof of a building where the 4th Rocket was standing. He separated from the three after the robbery and now has a Poké Ball in his hand. With the officer distracted the three Rockets run, leaving their comrade behind to do the dirty work. With the young Jenny frozen in fear, Rocket #4 was about to let loose his Pokémon, but somebody had something else planned.

"What the?!!" The Rocket yelled out as he felt a hand grasp his arm. He turned around to see who it was and instantly regretted it. It was Team Rocket's most hated enemy, Ash Ketchum. Before the Rocket could attack him, Ash went on the offensive with a combination of kicks and punches, culminating with a kick that sent the rocket flying off of the roof and land smack dab into a giant pile of cardboard boxes. Officer Jenny still feared for her life when unknown to her, Ash arrived on the roof of the building and beat the living crap out of the rocket. She came back to reality when the rocket landed hard into the cardboard pile.

"Wha... what happened?!!" Jenny asked herself. Moments later, Ash used an old fire escape to get to the street and check on the officer.

"Hey, are you all right, officer?" Ash asked. He could tell she was still afraid of the encounter with the Rocket member. It took Jenny a few seconds to regain her composure because she just realized that she was just saved by the Greatest Pokémon Master Ever. And a cute Pokémon Master at that.

"I'm... fine, but they're getting away!!" Jenny said as she pointed down the street,

"I'll handle Team Rocket. Stay there." Ash said and used the old fire escape to climb up to the roof of the building. To Ash, he might have an easier time finding the Rockets from the rooftops instead of the street. As the young Officer Jenny saw Ash head for the rooftops again, it took her a while to realize who that person was.

Huh? I think that was Ash Ketchum, the Pokémon Master. Was I just saved by the greatest Pokémon Master ever? The young officer thought as she just stood still trying to figure out what just happened. Away from Jenny, the three Rockets were getting closer to their escape van, unaware that their comrade was beat up by Ash Ketchum and he was now hot on their trail.

"I knew this job would be simple. That rookie cop will let anybody get away. I'm just happy that we held up Celadon City's biggest bank!!!!" Rocket #2 said as they were closing in on their escape vehicle,

"This is too good to be true! Giovanni will pay us handsomely." Rocket #3 said as they rounded one last corner when all of a sudden, Ash Ketchum leapt off a nearby rooftop and blocked their path to freedom. Seems like he beat the rockets to their escape and was now looking for justice.

"Um, excuse me, Team Rocket. But, I'm here to stop you." Ash said as he pointed at the three,

"Ash Ketchum, the Pokémon Master?!!!! Argh, you have been a thorn in our side forever!!!! Have at you!!!" The leader yelled out as he tossed a Poké Ball and out came a very tough looking Aggron, A Steel/Rock Pokémon from Hoenn. Unfazed, Ash countered by reaching into his suit's pocket and throwing out a Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting Pokémon also from Hoenn. Ash got a Torchic from his best friend Brock, who was one of the top Pokémon Breeders in the world. A trainer handed Brock a small Torchic during one of his trips and he took care of it for a while before letting Ash have it. Since then, Torchic fully evolved and has become one of Ash's best Pokémon.

"Giovanni should allow you lackeys to train your Pokémon better every so often. You can't defeat me. And he'll never defeat me." Ash said confidently. Ash should be confident in his Pokémon. All of the Pokémon that have been in his possession have grown to really high levels. And Ash's knowledge of Pokémon has grown a lot also during his journey. Most of the time, Ash's Pokémon can defeat another's with just one hit!

"Shut up, punk!!! Aggron, use Metal Sound and lower that Pokémon's defense!!" The leader ordered. Aggron started making this high-pitched sound from its steel armor and Ash's Blaziken backed away slightly. Metal sound lowers a Pokémon defense by 1 level, but Ash wasn't concerned about that.

"I warned you. Blaziken, attack with Sky Uppercut and knock that Pokémon out with one hit. We have the type advantage." Ash ordered. Without any hesitation, Blaziken charged at Aggron and with its powerful fist, sent the Steel/Rock Pokémon right into the sky. Moments later, Aggron crashed to the ground and like what Ash said, it was knocked out. Since Sky Uppercut was a Fighting move, Steel Pokémon are weak to Fighting moves add the fact that Aggron is also a Rock Pokémon and they are also weak to Fighting moves, it was all she wrote. Right after Rocket #1 recalled his fallen Aggron, the Celadon City police surrounded the three Rockets.

"We got you now!! Drop that Poké Ball and put your hands in the air!!!" One of the officers ordered as the force pointed their guns at the three. That was Ash's cue to recall Blaziken back into its Poké Ball as the Rockets surrendered. Everything was now over.

"Did you get the 4th guy back there?" Ash asked one of the officers who was retrieving the stolen money,

"Sure did. He was coming to when we slapped the cuffs on him. Then, we heard Metal Sound from this area and rushed here. Looks like we didn't need to use our Pokémon this time around." The officer answered as the three Rockets were cuffed and taken away. The scene was being cleared out when Ash was approached by Officer Jenny, who was busy giving orders to all of the other officers around her. This Officer Jenny was older than the younger officer Ash met a few minutes ago.

"Thank you so much for your assistance in capturing these misfits and recovering the stolen money. I guess we can expect that from the greatest Pokémon Master ever." Officer Jenny said,

"There is no need to thank me, Officer. I have been a constant thorn in Team Rocket's side since I was 10. As long as Team Rocket is still in operation, I will always be two steps ahead, waiting for them." Ash answered,

"Did you happen to see a young Jenny nearby, much younger any the others?" The officer asked,

"Yeah. Last time I saw her, she was right next to where I clocked the Rocket guy." Ash answered. The older Jenny let out a frustrated sigh as she placed her hand on her shaking head.

"Not again. I'm now regretting placing her on the force. The guy was there, but she wasn't. Oh, I'm going to let her have it when she gets back. I don't have time to baby-sit her." The older Jenny said to herself and she left the area to head back to the Celadon City Police Station, leaving Ash wondering what she meant by regretting placing a young officer on the force. Knowing that everything here was under control, Ash decided to find his way out of the alleys and back to the main streets of Celadon City.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

As for the younger Officer Jenny Ash saved minutes ago, well she was trying to find her way back to the main streets, but she wasn't having any luck trying to get back. In fact, she walked for a few minutes and made a lot of turns, only to end up at the place where Ash Ketchum saved her. By now, she was depressed about this whole deal of being a police officer.

"Ohh... some cop I am! My cousins never get scared when they face Team Rocket." The young Officer Jenny said sadly to herself. She continued to walk in the alleys alone until she finally found her way out and onto the big city streets, only to see that all of the other officers she arrived with were now gone. Jenny let out a groan of frustration as Ash appeared from the alleys. He dusted off and smoothed out his suit after the chase and short battle. It didn't take her long enough to see her savoir exit the alley.

"Um... thank you very much for helping me back there." The young Officer Jenny said shyly to the Pokémon Master, making sure he didn't see her blushing face. Jenny kept eyeing Ash's handsome and mature face, his trademark messy black hair and his stylish business suit that hid Ash's well-sculpted upper body. The only thing missing was Ash's trademark official Pokémon League Cap that made him famous. She could tell that he was 6 inches taller than her. Overall, she thought Ash Ketchum was perfect.

"That's all right. I have a knack of saving people when they are in danger from Team Rocket. I've been like that for years. Say, I didn't ask you your name back there." Ash said,

"My name is Jenny. I just moved to Celadon 3 weeks ago." Jenny answered. Ash looked at her for a few seconds and realized something.

"Jenny? You look like the other Officer Jennys, but... you're much younger than them." Ash noticed,

"That's because I'm new to the force. I finished learning at the academy and I just started last week. I'm practically the youngest officer in the field. I beat the old record for the youngest Jenny by 2 years. So, I'm much younger than the other Jennys on the force." The young officer explained. Ash looked at Jenny more closely. She was much younger than the other Officer Jennys he has met. He thought that she and him were around the same age. This Jenny had a very petite body than her older counterparts, she wore her blue hair in the same style and wore the same police uniform, short skirt and heels as her other cousins do. Suddenly, Ash's beeper went off and he knew who it was and he was late for a big meeting.

"Oh, crap!! I forgot about the meeting!! Nice meeting you, Officer!! Gary'll kill me!" Ash said to himself as he ran to the Silph building to get to his now late meeting. Officer Jenny watched Ash's retreating form as he ran inside the main entrance of Silph Co., jumping over the security desk, yelling out that he's late.

Oh, wow... that IS Ash Ketchum, the Pokémon Master. He's so cute... wow, what a man. He stood up to Team Rocket like they were nothing. No wonder he's the best Pokémon Trainer in the world. Jenny thought to herself, almost daydreaming about seeing him again. He was probably the same age as her. That didn't last long as reality set in. Once she gets back to the police station, the captain is going to let her have it big time.

"Now how am I going to get back to the station? Just walk, I guess. Maybe I'll take my time getting there. Mother is going to kill me for this. My life sucks ass." Jenny said to herself and started her walk to the Celadon City police station, which was across town. A long trip for anybody walking.

End of Chapter 1

This is just the first chapter in this story. I have a gut feeling it's going to be long, but if you want to find out what happens to the Greatest Pokémon Master EVER and the young police officer later on, join me and please enjoy the ride.

Lastly, to DJ Rodriguez... if you're out there, DJ. I bet you're going to love me for doing this. I have finally found my lost motivation!!! And I'm glad I have it for this fic!!! Full speed ahead!!!

Mario Alvarado